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Let It Snow: Tom Holland x POC Actress

I got requests awhile ago to have reader spend Christmas at Tom’s residence and another to have Read with Tom and his ex comes over…This is a part of my Christmas related mini series which can be found here

Warnings: Fluff, Cursing, Terrible singing, and other stuff

You woke up with Tom’s strong arms wrapped around you. You carefully turned around to admire your sleeping love, who was lightly snoring in your ear. You kissed his cheek and loosened his grip. You jumped out of his bed and peaked out the window. Snow was slowly falling from the sky and creating a thick blanket on the ground. 

You got dressed and left Tom asleep in his room. You saw Mrs. Holland putting up the finishing touches of the Christmas decorations. 

“Good Morning Mrs. Holland.” You said giving her a hug. “Good Morning Sweetie. And how many times do I have to tell you, call me Nikki.” She smiled kissing you on the cheek. 

You helped her finish setting up the decorations. “I figured Tom would want to put the decorations on the tree with you.” She said. You two had girl talk until the younger Holland brothers came in. “Hey Y/N!” Sam said sitting beside you. Harry sat on the other side of you and smiled. “What now?” You sighed. 

Tom’s brothers all had some sort of little crush on you, why you didn’t know. They always picked with you or invaded your personal space. There was no in between and Tom hated it. He told them numerous times to leave you alone but they never listened to their older brother. 

“Nothing, we just wanted to know how you were doing on this fine morning?” Harry asked. “I’m doing fine. Thanks for asking.” You said. 

“Leave Y/N alone!” Mrs. Holland said, grabbing her twin sons by the ears. “Ow mum!”

Tom finally woke up and walked into the kitchen. “Good morning mum.” He kissed her on the cheek. He pushed through his brothers and walked over to you. “Good morning love.” He kissed you on the lips. “Disgusting.” Paddy said leaving the table. 

“What’s his deal?” Tom asked. “Who knows. They’re your brothers.” You said. 

With Christmas music blasted you and Tom decorated the tree. He poured some spiked eggnog in your cup you two were sort of wasted while decorating the tree! You were screaming “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey at the top of your lungs! Tom was in tears laughing at you as you hung up a few ornaments. 

“You sound terrible!” He said wiping his face. “But you are all I want.” You giggled. “Really? So I can just take back all of those gifts?” He asked. 

“Of course not!” You said. He hugged you and kissed your cheek, “I love you so much.” He said while lightly squeezing you. “I love you more.” 

The playlist switched, “I love this song!” He laughed at your enthusiasm, “Of course you do.”

“We need to wrap these presents for Pads.” He said handing you gift wrap. “I’m kinda drunk so who knows how this is going to turn out.”

You sat between his legs and rested your head on his chest. You two worked to together to wrap up the gifts for Tom’s brothers. “So did you wrap up my gift up yet?” Tom asked. “You are really pressed about this gift!” You laughed. “Yeah because I’m really excited to see what you got me.”

Haz came over to wrap up some gifts for his family. “So Y/N, what you get Tom?” He asked while Tom was using the bathroom. “Are you his spy or something>? Christmas is like 2 days away he can wait!” Haz shrugged, “So what’d you get me?”

Oh shit, You were so worried about getting Tom the perfect gift that you literally forgot about Haz. You played it cool and smiled, “You’ll have to wait like Tom.”

Tessa ran in the living room and plopped on your lap,”Hey honey.” You scratched her head and continued to wrap gifts. 

“My fingers hurt.” You said stretching out your hands. “Hey, I’ll be back. My sister wants to come over. Is that okay?” Haz asked. “Sure man.” Tom said resting his chin on your shoulder. 

You watched as Haz left and as soon as Haz left you turned around to Tom. “I forgot to get Haz a gift.”

“That’s not good, because I know for certain he got you a gift.” 

“Don’t make me feel any worse. We still have time right?”

“Yeah, we can go to a store tomorrow.” He smiled. “Okay great more drunk eggnog please!”

He laughed and went back to the kitchen, “You know I usually despise eggnog but it tastes amazing with alcohol in it.”

“That’s because you’re a borderline alcoholic.” He joked. “Haha, that’s not funny.” He handed you a cup and sat next to you. 

You sat back between his legs and watched as the snow fell to the ground. “It’s so beautiful!” You sighed. “I hate the snow” He said honestly. “Buzzkill!” 

Haz and his sister came back with more gifts to wrap. “Do you want some?” You asked waving your cup to Haz’s little sister. “She’s underaged Y/N.”

“I thought you guys could drink young over here.” You said. “Yeah 18.” Tom said. “Oh sorry.”

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WHAT’S SEXY NOW: A Lingerie Retrospective at FIT

“The design of lingerie enhances its allure: it strategically reveals, conceals, and highlights the wearer’s form. As French lingerie designer Chantal Thomass observed, ‘The essence and attitude of lingerie is all in suggestion.“

–Colleen Hill, MFIT curator

Believe it or not, Victoria’s Secret didn’t invent lingerie (shocking, right?). The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) unlocks the mystery of intimate apparel through the ages in EXPOSED: A History of Lingerie, the Museum at FIT’s latest exhibit.

Starting with the whaleboned corsets & bustles of European royal courts, the well-edited retrospective takes us on a whirlwind tour of lingerie history: from modest-but-elaborate early-20th century dressing gowns to the modern, unstructured “camiknickers” of the Jazz Age; to the 1950s-Dior petticoats and structured undergarments (very Betty Draper) through the mod/minimalist aesthetic of the 60s, all the way to today’s super-provocative styles. With this exhibit, lingerie proves its enduring power to thrill. (And be sure to keep an eye out for a sexy appearance by yours truly!)

You can experience the exhibit for yourself at The Museum At FIT through November 15.

A Music Affair - Chapter 5

Here it is, guys! Again, thank you so much for your feedback, it makes writing this fic way more enjoyable. This is a huge chapter and filled with smut and fluff, so I hope you like it :)

Link to Chapter 4

For both Owen and Amelia, sex felt different this time. After four months of missing each other and desiring each other’s bodies, they were finally together again and now as a couple, starting something new.

Owen smiled and looked into Amelia’s eyes after kissing her whilst slowly unzipping her dress, Amelia’s skin shivering a bit at the feeling of Owen’s touch. She arched her back, helping him take off the tight dress and laid back when she was just in her red lingerie, observing Owen look at her up and down with his mouth open.

“You are… Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever told you how beautiful you are.”

“The way you look at me is enough.” She gave him a half smile. Amelia had never seen anyone look at her the way Owen did. It made her feel so loved. She had never felt that way, since all of the men she’s been with were mostly for a one-night stand, no emotional feelings attached.

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