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Preference: Lingerie they like on you

Requested by anon. Thank you! <3

Seokjin: I think he’d be a pretty traditional kind of guy? So he wouldn’t like anything particularly complicated and/or detailed. He’d just want you to feel comfortable above anything else.

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Namjoon: The frillier the better. He’d love for you to look as sexy as possible. Definitely a fan of sheer stuff.

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Yoongi: Something simple but elegant. He’d definitely like something that is easy to take off, he ain’t a fan of wasting precious time.

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Hoseok: He doesn’t strike me as the type to really care about that kind of stuff? Of course he’d appreciate it, but he wouldn’t have a preference about what kind he likes you to wear. As long as you feel sexy in it.

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Jimin: Another one I see as pretty traditional, though I reckon he’d prefer dark, decorative lingerie.

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Taehyung: Complicated, sexy lingerie. Makes it more fun for him to take off. Loves red.

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Jungkook: Anything, literally anything would get him worked up. Could be simple, could be complicated, expect him to lose his mind.

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Figure Skating Meets Fashion from theyoungprinceandprincess (in partnership with 9ri)

(Maia Shibutani, 2016-2017 Short Dance, v. 2) x (Beyonce @ “I Am…” World Tour in Thierry Mugler | Beyonce @ Budweiser’s “Made in America” Festival in Agent Provocateur)

This almost turned into a Beyonce post (with like, ten pictures of Queen Bey), so I had to split it. Dedicated to @lipnitskaya.

The Failed Attempt

Viktor: so, Yuuri…. how would you feel about this costume for your free program?

Yuuri: …this…..this is a picture from a women’s lingerie catalogue.

Viktor: ………but is that, like, a no, or??