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Sugar zaddy HC for Allen, Luciano, Canada and China w/fem! Sugar babe please!

2p America

  • He’s the fun daddy
  • He doesn’t care what his sugar baby wears as long as he can tear it off of them with no problem tbh 
  • Unless it’s like. Really nice clothes and then he won’t ruin them but like. If it’s cheap lingerie or some shit, it’s going to break
  • Going back to fun daddy he likes to take them places, even if they aren’t in a Super Serious relationship  

2p China

  • He’s the funner daddy
  • Like while he loves the sex he also loves taking his sugar baby out to do cool shit like go to the amusement park or lazer tag he’s an actual child 
  • But back to sex he is usually really quick with them; until he starts to get attached
  • Like really attached
  • Once he’s completely attached to his sugar baby he’s going to make the sex sessions last as long as possible 

2p Canada

  • He’s the emotionless daddy
  • Honestly isn’t one to spoil them with gifts but he tries
  • They might have dates but mostly it’s just them coming to his house and they have a ‘’romantic’’ night in which results in Boning
  • But he’s nice about it and will at least rub where they’re sore (which is like. everywhere) afterwards 

2p Italy

  • Expensive daddy
  • Spoils his sugar baby to no end 
  • Honestly the sex is classy as fuck not going to lie 
  • He practically has money to throw around his sugar baby is lucky wow 
  • I want Luciano to be my sugar daddy 
Fictional WOC beauty & style in film

A list of talented stars in their iconic roles with a general description of the aesthetic:

  • Dorothy Dandridge as Margot Seaton in Island In the Sun (1957)- Sweetheart necklines, sunset colored dresses, fluttering lashes, flushed cheeks, sun-kissed glow, romantic curls, white diamonds
  • Nancy Kwan as Linda Low in Flower Drum Song (1961)- Faux fur, pearls, silk ribbons, lace babydoll dresses, kitten heels, rosy cheeks, doll eyes
  • Zeenat Aman as Jasbir Jaiswal/Janice in Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971)- Hibiscus flowers in the hair, tangerine-tinted shades, blue bell bottom jeans, dreamy mod eyes, daisy-chain accessories, go-go boots
  • Stacey Dash as Dionne Davenport in Clueless (1995)- Pastel crop tops, vinyl mini skirts, jelly platforms, peachy lip gloss, pink hair accessories, thigh high socks, celestial eyeshadow
  • Rachel True as Rochelle in The Craft (1996)- Brown lipstick, velvet chokers, plaid tennis skirts, creepers, natural eyes, dark veils, black nail polish
  • Michelle Reis as Killer’s Agent in Fallen Angels (1995)- Fishnets, little black dresses, stilettos, red lips, tousled hair, cheap lingerie, always smoking a cigarette
  • Maria Montez as Queen Antinea in Siren of Atlantis (1949)- Gold jewelry, shiny hair, lamé gowns, sharp eyeliner, satin lips, long lashes, silk robes