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i'm trying to clean out and restock my wardrobe so that i have all cloyhes that i actually like and can feel confident in my outfits, but im on a tight budget (college student tight). any tips?


1. Thrift Stores. Unfortunately there’s no guarantee that they’ll have what you’re looking for, and you often have to search through fifty over-sized pants to find the right pair. I either leave Goodwill with twenty five things or leave with nothing. But still! Super cheap, reliable clothes, and a wide if not bizarre variety.

2. Amazon. Ya’ll. I order so much of my wardrobe from Amazon. You’ll need to be confident about your size, and I highly recommend you spend a little bit of time searching for the best deals. But if you’re looking for something specific at a reasonable price, look no further.

3. H&M. I know what you’re thinking. But I have purchased some unbelievably cheap and gorgeous dresses from H&M’s sale racks. I got a gorgeous dress several months ago for $3. $3!! Eschew their displays and make your way directly to their sales racks. I guarantee great deals.

4. Target. Target is very hit or miss for me, but I love their lingerie/underwear selection. So cheap and comfortable. Cruise around for discounted items and deals!

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The Lothbroks had lived on the other side of the streets since you were a little kid. Your parents quickly became friends and somehow you ended up in between the mess that was their sons. 

All of them meant trouble, each a different kind but they grew on you over the years. Ubbe was like a real big brother, always kind and understanding, never failing to listen to your problems. Ivar once beat the shit out of a boy who dared to make you cry. Hvitserk and Sigurd had made you laugh again afterwards. 

You wouldn’t want to miss them for the world, though today was one of these days you’d rather smack one over the head than anything else.  

“You don’t need to buy a costume. Your horrible personality is terrifying enough.”

 "Don’t be jealous because I’ll be looking better than you tonight. This Halloween party calls for the perfect outfit.“ 

“Hvitserk we’ve been in here for hours!" 

"Because you’re not much help and only whine the whole time. You’re a girl, shouldn’t you love this? I could easily have taken Ivar along, even he wouldn’t have been that bad." 

"Oh you didn’t just say that!" 

His eyes wander off, suddenly focused on something else. A huge grin spreads across his features as he heads into the direction of his newfound goal. 

"How about matching outfits?” He smirks, looking at you while pointing to a pile of clothes. 

You had no complaint about the male version. A proper costume consisting of a robe and a hat. Yours was a crystal ball together with something that looked like cheap lingerie. 

You pick up the ball, holding it to your ear, “Oh my god, I think the crystal ball is working! The spirits are telling me you’re a dumbass.”

The Light: Ch. 3

TW: Violence, gunshots, blood

The plan was simple. Nothing you haven’t done before, nothing you wouldn’t do again for money, protection or to get rid of the weirdo who kidnapped you and turned your… crew against you.

And that’s exactly why you wouldn’t follow his plan. Who this asshole thinks he is? Showing up out of nowhere, threatening you, suggesting you killed one of the few people you actually cared about, and for what? For a stupid flashdrive?


“What the fuck are you doing here, Bon-hwa?” you yell, entering your apartment and noticing a silhouette in the dark.

“Hey, watch your tone with me, you bitch!” he lights the lamp in the living room

“Or what?” you defy him, tossing your keys to the coffee table and standing in front of him. “You’re gonna tell daddy I’ve been mean to you again?”

“Very funny.” He mutters, adjusting his weight to fold his arms over his knees. “Even though I shouldn’t, I’m checking on you to see if you’re okay.”

“Are you trying to say you’re worried?” coking an eyebrow, you allow yourself to relax. “Cute. But there’s no need to.”

“Yeah, I know. Where were you?”


“Baldie didn’t like you were working at that shithole.”

“Well, Baldie is dead, okay? You saw the body, I saw the body, it didn’t look like someone in the position to tell me what to do with my life. He… couldn’t even when he was alive.”

“He wanted to get you out of there, M… Kitty.” He says the name with a light scoff.

“I know.” You sigh. “Anyway… hope you’re not here to get sentimental and remember our happy memories with the dead.”

“No.” he stands up and stands in front of you taking something out of his pocket. A… necklace? “Just handing a gift to a lovely lady…”


“I was just going through his stuff and thought you would like to have it.” he grabs your hand and makes you hold the necklace with a thick silver cross pendant, embezzled with small delicate rhinestones.

“Why didn’t you just sell it?”

“I wanted to give you.”

“So I will sell it?”

“Do whatever you want, bitch, it belonged to your mom, now it’s yours.” He shrugs.


Bullshit. It didn’t belong to mom, it was just a random, ugly pendant, that would work as a disguise to a flashdrive. How could you be so stupid not to notice? Bon-hwa would never give you something from his mom just like that, he never saw you as his sister for real. Idiot! You should have sold that thing, now you would be away of this trouble with thugs and… agents, apparently… but your half-brother, knowing the trouble this would bring, transferred the problem to you. And you let him, convinced that Baldie’s death made him soft for a while, just like it did to you.

But… the redhead down there and the shooter in your apartment don’t know any of that. For the first time, you had the upper hand on this. All you had to do was grabbing that necklace and hand it to the cops, and you would be free.

Getting rid of a really dangerous guy and a potential dangerous guy was just a detail. Because in the end, they’re just guys… and you deal with them all the time.

“Ice? Ice… it’s… it’s me.” The shaking in your voice is surprisingly involuntary. “It’s Kitty, Ice.”

“Kitty? What happened to you? Where are you calling from?”

“It’s okay… it’s the guy’s phone, I stole it after I stabbed him.”

“You stabbed the motherfucker?”

“Right in the guts when I was giving him a blowjob.”

“He had a happy death. Good job, Kitty! For one second I thought I would have to kill you too to get the guy. Wouldn’t be a shame? A fine ass like yours shouldn’t go to waste like this…”

“Yeah, never send a man to do a woman’s job.” He laughs, probably thinking about the other word with job on it you mentioned before. “So… tell the shooter in my place to stop, it’s taken care of.”

“Okay. It’s Digger, you know him, right? Go meet him and drag your ass back here, your shift isn’t over.”

“Will do. See you soon, Ice.” The purring in your voice, however, is intentional. And you hang up. “It’s done.”

“Nice acting.” Seven grabs his phone back. “The blowjob thing was a nice touch.”

“Stabbing your guts was nicer.” You grin, he grins back as accepting the teasing.

“Alright, now let’s move on to phase two. Get in there, I’ll be waiting for the signal. Good luck and don’t do anything stupid, at least not until I get my flashdrive.”

“I would never, if this means getting rid of you.” You get out of the car, hitting the door with much more strength than needed. It doesn’t matter, it will be your car in a few moments, anyway…

You go to your building, looking at your figure in the elevator’s mirror. The flickering lights of the old elevator make you appear and disappear in front of your pathetic self. Cheap lingerie, a stranger’s jacket and the feeling that if this elevator fell right now and crashed, things would be much easier… but you haven’t came this far to die in an elevator. Life is hell, and surviving through hell would satisfy you in a weird, though fulfilling way.

“Digger? It’s me, Kitty.”

“Yeah, Ice called me. Tsk… wasting a Mossberg on a job a whore with a razor could solve.”

“Guess he overestimated that guy, huh?”

“Yeah, maybe he wasn’t that much trouble, just a newbie biting much more that he could chew. Anyway, may his soul rotten in hell. Let’s go.” He takes the gun’s strap out of his shoulders and motions to head towards the door.

“Wait! Don’t you wanna drink something?” you grab his wrist, tilting your head in the most innocent way you can. “You must be thirsty.”

“Ice… is waiting for us.” His eyes roam through your body.

“That’s why it will be a quick drink, won’t it?” you smile. He nods in a foolish smile, sitting on the couch. “Wait just a second, I should change before going back there.” Swaying your hips, you go to the bedroom.

“I gotta say, this isn’t a bad apartment. Do you live by yourself?” you just hum a yes, where the fuck did you put that hideous necklace? “Most girls that work for Ice live together in some shitty condo in the suburbs.”

“That’s because half of them are stupid and spend all the money they get in clothes or jewelry, the other half spend their money trying to raise their kids, those poor bitches…”

“And neither of them are under some mafia’s head wing like you are.”

“Used to be.” Found it! The hideous pendant shines against the moonlight, these rhinestones here are cut differently than the rest, which means…

You add a little pressure to the base of the cross, which happens to be a lid. A lid to the flashdrive. You make a mental note of, before going to the police, dropping by Bon Hwa’s place and kicking his balls till his voice gets as high a yours.

“But it’s all in the past now… so a toast to the present.” You walk over the living room again, placing a glass of scotch in his hands. You didn’t change, all you done was taking off the redhead’s hoodie. Not that Digger noticed, as he shamelessly watched your half naked figure slipping to beside him in the couch.

He’s just another guy who thinks he’s better with his tongue than he actually is, how dull. The way he presses your thighs, however, is a little promising, but you have no time for that, he was just stupid enough to place the gun next to the couch, probably to intimidate you and impress you, like Ice’s men always do when they bring guns to the club.

Seven groans in boredom and frustration, what is taking you so long to give him the signal? All you have to do is turn the lights on after sugar-coating the guy, making him lose his Mossberg just enough so the agent will barge in to your apartment. Could it be… that you are sugar-coating the shooter too much? Or… could it be that the guy figured the plan out and already killed you?

None of the above as he walks into the apartment and sees you pointing the Mossberg to Digger. Jesus Christ!

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Stay back, asshole!” you point the gun to Seven, clearly not knowing how to use it properly, but knowing the basics, like loading it.

“MC… calm down… remember we had a plan…”

“Fuck! You’re working with the agency too, bitch?” You frown a little, oh… so apparently you didn’t believe him when he explained about the agency… because you don’t trust him either.

“Shut the fuck up, you both! I’m not working with anybody! Now you dickheads listen, I’m taking your gun and your car to get the fuck away from here! I know shit about flashdrives and…agencies and whatever, all I want is to leave this shit behind, do you get me?”

“MC… if you leave, they will send guys after you. Not only Puma, but… the place I work for.”

“I don’t have the flashdrive!”

“I know you don’t! But they will chase you, anyway… and… I’ll be forced to move on with my plan of incriminating you for Baldie’s death. Come on, don’t be stupid, I know you don’t want this, you loved him, right? You don’t want to go to jail for killing your father, since you didn’t even do it, right?” How does he…?

“Baldie was your father? What the fuck?” Digger asks.

“Shut up! Hey, how do you know that?”

“I already told you dealing with information is my job, I know all I have to know about you. Baldie was married to the daughter of a head mafia before he met your mother, his father-in-law killed her and sent you to Angel’s Haven Orphanage, until you grew up and your father, already having his father-in-law’s job, found you working at that club, right?”

You feel the gun shuddering in your own hands as your sight gets blurry, Tears? Right now? You didn’t cry not even in his funeral, not even when he showed up and introduced him as your father, promising he would get you out of there and give you a princess’s life like you never got to have. Too bad he didn’t live enough to realize you’re no princess, you’re a just criminal’s bastard caught up in the wrong place and the wrong time.

“You know so much…” you mutter “So I’ll have to kill you first.” Now you point directly to Seven.

He gulps, raising his hands. Shit, he shouldn’t have mentioned all that to an armed girl, it gust gave the opposite effect. This is bad, his time is running, Vanderwood will call soon asking him to report his status and Lord knows how much he hates him having other agents meddling in his missions. Then he sees it, the cross in your chest, were you wearing before? No… yes?

“Do you believe in God, MC?” he notices you flinching to the question. Yes, just like Baldie said in that audio record he got, the one that led Seven into you. It could feel like manipulation, but he’s actually a little curious, you didn’t seem that much of a religious person in that stage, and now you’re wearing a cross… just like him.

“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, BITCH!” Digger takes advantage of you being lowering your guards and jumps towards you.

A shot, and the thud of a body hitting the floor. He whimpers, curling himself as a pool of blood grows underneath him.

“I… I…” you look at the scene, horrified. Did you shoot him in the stomach or…? Oh…

“Ohhhh…” Seven widens his eyes. “You shot him in the dick.”

“I… Digger, why did you…? Fuck!” you drop the gun, which Seven promptly manages to grab and unload it. “Shit, shit, shit! I should… what are you waiting to call an ambulance?” you yell at him.

“The only thing we can do now is get the hell away from here, your neighbors will call the police and what do you think it happens when they find him like this and us with this gun? Come on.”

“The… the police?” Oh, he can almost read your mind.

A few minutes ago, it would just take you to go to the police and make the deal valid, but now… there would be no deal to someone who attempted a murder. And he could try to calm you down and remind you it was self-defense, but now… Seven knew that you weren’t rationalizing anything, and this would work immensely in his favor.

So he dragged you out of there, placing his hoodie on you again. During the ride, he noticd you holding the cross necklace firmly. Were you praying? For what? For getting away with this or for the guy to live?

Well, as long as he had you, he would have a chance to get the flashdrive, which made him untouchable by Puma’s people, the cops, and even the agency. That cross in your chest was your amulet, and you would be his. At least for now.

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