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I Want You [Jay Park]

Warning: Contains heavy smut. Do not read if you are underage. 

A/N: Thank you to @admincl for the input and helping me decide on how I wanted this to end. 

The first package had arrived just before a meeting on a Monday morning, the stark red of the large bow against the tanned box the only reason your secretary had called out to you as you left the office, her voice enunciating the curled white letters with a thick french accent.

‘Louboutin’s… Jay won’t be pleased when he sees the credit card bill this month.’ She’d winked slyly, sharing a knowingly smug smile with you.

‘Honey, I know you don’t think I use a man’s money to buy my shoes… They’re probably a gift from him to apologise for canceling on me tonight. Leave them on my desk, I’ll return them later. I don’t take bribes.’ You’d said with a laugh, swishing the thickness of your hair over your shoulders before leaving, loud heels clicking with authority on the tiles as you departed.

If it hadn’t been for the rush you’d been in, you would have checked them a lot sooner. You would have noted the blank card, gold script scrawling anonymous across it. You would have understood that the lack of sender was an indication the shoes weren’t for the reason you’d thought. But you hadn’t. With the stress of your day, they’d fallen completely from your mind. It wasn’t until you’d sauntered back from your meeting that you’d spied them, perched dutifully on your desk and patiently awaiting your return.

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MONSTA X REACTION : Turning them on

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Turning you on (here)

Warning: Smut - I originally wanted to make it soft smut-ish but I got carried away after kihyun so uhm yeah lol sorry not sorry. I also decided to go with a small scenario rather than being like only their reactions, hope you like it! 

Shownu would totally hide the fact he’s loving it, just to make you get even naughtier. Shownu would be doing something in the kitchen when you’d hug him from behind and start to run your hands under his shirt to feel his toned chest. He would turn around, trying to hide his smile and the make out session would start. While kissing you, he’d run his hands along your back, touch every inch of your body. After the both of you broke the kiss to get some air, you’d whisper in his ear “Should we move to the bedroom?” and you would lead him to the room before he’d even answer. You would then push him down on the bed and get on top of him, starting to undress and only keeping your lingerie on, and that’s at that moment he’d crack his signature smile. You would remove his shirt and kiss and suck on his collarbones, kissing your way down. He would then unclasp your bra and turn you around, being the one on top of you, “I can’t hold it anymore, I want you, y/n”. 

Wonho would be the one to want to touch you all over. It had been awhile since you saw Wonho because of his busy schedule, he was coming over to your house tonight so you wanted to make it a bit special. A couple minutes before his arrival, you had sent him a text saying “Go straight to the bedroom” to start to tease him. A few minutes later, he entered the house, left his bag near the door, removed his jacket and shoes and hastily walked towards the room. You were laying on the bed with your brand-new lingerie and a smirk appeared on Wonho’s face. He walked towards you, got on top of you, as he was about to start to touch and kiss you, you grabbed his hands and shook your hands “No hands until I allow you.” He smiled, he liked it when you were being a tease. You would then make him sit on the bed, remove his shirt, sit on his laps and kiss his neck and collarbone, he would pull you closer and he’d try to take off your bra but you would stop him right away, “I didn’t give you the permission yet” you’d wink at him and he’d tilt his head back and laugh in frustration. You would lay him down and take off his bottoms, to then start playing with his member. Knowing he couldn’t take it anymore you’d then take off your bra, take his hand and place it on your boob. He’d would right away sit up, pull you closer and suck on it. “I have been craving you so bad these past weeks, babe.” 

Kihyun would just sit back and enjoy you teasing him. You’d let him know that you were horny and he’d whisper “Make me crave you.” You’d start by sitting him down on the couch and get on top of him to take off his shirt. You would kiss his lips, his jawline, his neck, his collarbone and suck on his sweet spot on the crook of his neck, making him moan a little. You perfectly knew how to turn him on. It was now your turn to take off your shirt and by his surprise, you weren’t wearing anything under it, his eyes were looking at every inch of your chest. You’d lift his chin up to look at him straight in the eyes and kiss him passionately. He’d pull you closer to feel your skin against his. He’d start kissing your neck, your cleavage, licking and softly biting your nipple while playing with your other boob. You’d push him down, take off your pants and panty, take of his sit on him, making the both of you moan in pleasure.

Minhyuk would love it to bits. He would be the kind of person to usually wake up before you, so he would get in the shower to then come back to do a morning cuddle. But you had decided that this morning’s cuddle would be.. different. You opened your eyes as you saw Minhyuk getting out of bed and heading to the shower, and you waited a few minutes until you heard the water running. You also got out of bed and quietly opened the door, undress from your sleeping clothes and got in the shower with him. He would turn around right away once he felt your touch on his bare skin, looking at you from head to toes, smiling like a fool. You would get closer to him, and start making out under the warm water. Minhyuk would be the kind of person to easily get turned on by your scent, the touch of your bare skin, or just the feeling of your mouths and tongues dancing together. Breaking from the kiss, you would push him against the shower wall and start kissing his neck and collarbones while one of your hand made its way down there and started touching his hardening member, which made him tilt his head backwards, giving you more space to kiss him on his neck and giving him hickeys. He would then look at you, “Let’s finish this shower fast and have more fun, babe” while having the biggest smirk ever.

Hyungwon would also get easily turned on, just like during your makeout sessions. You had decided to tease him a little by giving small pecks, which would frustrate him because he wanted all of you and you’d find his pouts so adorable. The both of you sitting next to each other on the couch, you’d sit on his laps, grab his face and start the real make out, the heated one. You would tilt your head, licking his lower lip and let the both of your tongues dance together. His hand would be all over you ; he’d caress the back of your neck, then grab your butt and then run his hands on your bare skin under your shirt. You loved how he touched you. His sweet spot his his ear lobe, you would break from the kiss and softly bite his ear lobe, making him whine and push you down the couch, taking the lead because he couldn’t take it anymore and undress you after undressing from his clothes as well. Pulling your body closer to his, he’d leave trays of kisses all over your body, craving you even more. 

When it came to having sex, Jooheon would prefer to keep it as gentle as he is since he adored you so much, and so did you. And you would turn him on by being very touchy, turning small pecks into passionate kisses. You would then take him to the bedroom, undress him while still having your mouth on his and push him on the bed, climbing on top of him. You would get down on him, kissing his collarbones, his chest, stomach and then get to his member. You would look up to see if he was okay with continuing, and seeing the craving look in his eyes you’d kiss the tip of it and start sucking on it. His moans would get louder and louder, panting even more and he’d grab your hair. Assuming you did enough down there, you would climb on top of him and slide his hardened cock inside of you, making the both of you moan in pleasure. He would lift himself up, to pull your naked body onto his, and start thrusting in you, saying ‘I love you’ between moans. 

I.M would understand you’re horny right away with the way your kisses differ. You wouldn’t start of with small kisses, you’d attack his mouth right away which put him in the mood and he’d grab the back of your neck to deepened the kiss even more. You would feel his member hardening on your leg, which would make you smile during the kiss. His turn on spot would be his lips, when you’d softly bite on him he’d let out a small moan, giving you the go to continue. You loved to make him feel good, his moans were music to your ears. You would unbuckle his pants, pull them down and start rubbing his throbbing member threw his underwear, making him moan even more. He would suck on your skin, leaving hickeys as a signature and play with your boobs after undressing you. You would then undress him fully, push him to the bed and insert his member inside of you, his moans were getting louder and louder as you thrusted on him. His hands would curl into the bed sheets from the pleasure, and he would, from times to times, grab your butt, making you thrust even deeper. 

one good turn (deserves another) | m

◇ Namjoon is feeling generous, and in more ways than one.

◇ Namjoon x reader

◇ sugardaddy!au

◇ words: 3.9k

◇ requested by anon; Sugardaddy! Namjoon please?

◇ thank you to @sylvandreams for editing this for me!! 💕💕💕💕


Carine Gilson or Agent Provocateur?” You muse, swirling the wine in your glass leisurely. “I don’t know. It’s for your eyes, why don’t you pick?”

You hear Namjoon’s laugh crackle over the speaker, and you can almost imagine the dimpled grin that settles onto his features. “Both, then.”

“May I ask, what’s the occasion?” You question, inspecting your newly-manicured nails. “A trip to the spa, chocolate strawberries and wine – even new sheets? And now new lingerie? I’m sure my birthday was months ago.”

“Do I need a reason to spoil my baby?” His voice is full of fake incredulity and teasing, and it draws a roll of your eyes from you. As if the foundation of your relationship wasn’t purely constructed on Namjoon spoiling you – he liked to joke, though, and tease, too. “I’m feeling generous.”

“You’re always generous,” you remind him, mind going back to the Chanel bag you received just a week into your relationship, or the Moschino dress that appeared on your bed last week. “I’m just curious, is all.”

“I’m sure you are,” he purrs. “Olive green or fuchsia?”

“Olive green,” you say immediately, swapping your wine glass for some fashion catalogue you had left sitting out. With a soft huff, you fall onto the large, white couch that sat against one wall of Namjoon’s penthouse apartment. The ceiling-to-floor windows show the city in all its bright and lively glory, but your brain is preoccupied with thinking about how good these clothes would look on you – or more importantly, on the floor. “Complements my skin tone.”

You roll your eyes at the scoff that follows – something about how every colour suited you or whatever, but you’d grown used to Namjoon’s ability to sugarcoat. “Yeah, yeah. I know, daddy.

“I’m halfway across the world,” he exhales at your antics. Your mind paints a picture of how he must look: in his office, thousands of miles from you, phone pressed to his ear and bottom lip between his teeth. A suit on, most likely (they were practically all he owned), his hair combed perfectly— “Now is not the time.”

“But it’s the right time to buy me lingerie, huh?” You retort, grinning at the annoyed groan that comes just seconds later. “Hey, you dug your own grave. Your hypocrisy is appalling.

“Maybe so.” It always takes you off guard when you focus closely on Namjoon’s voice. The deepness, the underlying gravel – even his breathing sounded sexy, and it was most definitely not fair. “I’m just trying to build the anticipation for when I come home. Brand new lingerie, some sheets to break in… A whole week. Just you and me.”

“Can’t wait,” you sigh, reaching for your glass again with a soft pout. “This whole ‘no touching’ thing is driving me crazy. I haven’t had an orgasm in a whole month, Namjoon.”

“It’ll be worth it.” You can hear the uppity humour in his voice, and it makes you huff. What type of sadist does he have to be to refuse you any orgasms on his two month trip? A huge one, that’s what. “I’ll fuck you so hard into those cashmere fuckin’ sheets that these two months won’t matter—”

You release a breath you didn’t know you were holding, thighs unconsciously rubbing together at his strong words. Fuck, what you wouldn’t give…

“Don’t do that,” you breathe, screwing your eyes shut as you desperately down your remaining alcohol. “Shit, Namjoon, I swear to God—”

“Right, sorry,” he apologizes, a composing cough filling the receiver. “You drive me crazy, I hope you know that.”

“The feeling’s mutual,” you drawl, muffling your own breath of annoyance when the pulsing between your legs eventually fades into nothingness. “Anyways, I’m sure you have to go home or sleep or whatever soon. I’ll leave you to it?”

“Yeah, yeah,” he finishes reluctantly, most likely nodding his head. A second of silence passes and you bite your cheek because you really don’t wanna hang up and be without him. “Wait, there’s one more surprise.”

“Really?” You perk up, waiting patiently for him to reveal its whereabouts. “Where is it?”

“I know we had this whole ‘no touching’ thing in place,” he murmurs, your excitement only growing with every word, “but I’m not that cruel. Check the box on the top shelf of my closet. Do what you will – but only for today, understand?”

A shiver runs down your spine at the mere thought of what he could have stowed away. You slip off the couch, phone in hand, and make your way to Namjoon’s bedroom. It’s clean and orderly, just how he liked it, despite the fact that you’ve been sleeping there for the past month. You open the door to his dark mahogany closet with one hand, eyes flitting over everything and anything until they reach the top shelf, where a white box clearly sits.

With bated breath you stand on your tiptoes and pull it down, setting it on Namjoon’s bed. He’s still on the line, though he hasn’t said anything. Only his breathing can be heard, but he fades into the background as you open the box and place the lid on the bed.

Oh, wow. The box is completely and utterly filled to the brim with… Well, toys, to put it simply. Toys upon toys upon toys. You pull out a string of purple anal beads, a pale pink butt plug and a vibrating dildo that’s at least 11 inches before you speak.

“Fuck.” Your voice is shaky and he can hear it, you guess, from how his chuckle carries over the receiver and flows through your ear. “When did you have time to buy a whole box of sex toys?”

He hums a response (something about having multiple assistants at his beck and call), but you’re too busy exploring the rest of what lay in the box. A rabbit vibrator, nipple clamps, a ball gag, a fucking Magic Wand… Even some cock rings, both normal and vibrating. There was a variety of lubes, from flavoured to warming and everything in between, and piles of condoms.

“I’m allowed to do anything with these?” You confirm breathily, running your hand over a ribbed dildo. Another hum of approval for him, and you’re tugging your bottom lip between your teeth excitedly.

“All for you.”

“And you’re sure you don’t wanna… Listen?” You begin uncertainly, before your voice takes on a more teasing and mischievous tone. “I mean, you did say earlier that it was quite late – and Mr. Big Bad CEO must be tired after his hard day’s work—”

“I have no problem with losing a few hours sleep to hear you cum in real time,” he shoots back smoothly. “Besides – we both know you cum hardest when you hear my voice.”

“Awfully cocky,” you murmur coyly, leaning over his bed to plug in the Magic Wand because you were not missing out on the chance to use it. “I could hang up right now and I assure you that I’d cum just as good.”

“Let’s see,” he proposes immediately, much to your chagrin, because you’re well aware that Namjoon’s voice is one of the few non-physical things that can get you wet and ready in minutes. “Keep me on the line, but I won’t speak at all. You tell me what you’re doin’, and we’ll see if you can cum, baby girl, without needing me to finish you off.”

“Let’s see,” you agree stubbornly, throwing your phone to the bed and instantly working on removing your clothes, from your Ralph Lauren pyjamas to your Calvin Klein underwear. It’s unnerving, slightly, to have him on the line but completely silent. He can hear everything – every breath, every shift of material – but you’re left with utter stillness. Still, the idea of him imagining your naked, writhing body made you bite back a moan. “What are we betting?”

“If you win,” he begins, “the ban is lifted. Try out your new toys, do whatever you want. If I win, though…”

“The ban stays,” you finish expectantly.

“The ban stays.” The grin in his voice is unmistakable, prompting a roll of your eyes. He really did have a thing for orgasm control. You knew that if you truly wanted the ban lifted you simply had to ask, but maybe you had a thing for it too. “Well, come on. Tell me what you’re doin’.”

“I’m on your bed,” you begin, collapsing onto your knees on his sheets. Your eyes narrow decisively as they trail over the toys. The Magic Wand was a definite choice; the butt plug, you’d save for when Namjoon came home. The real decision was between the three dildos – in the end, you settle for the vibrating one, just because you didn’t want to be bothered to move one manually while holding the Magic Wand too.

“Come on,” he urges, “You have to tell me. What are you wearing, baby girl?”

You sigh as the pet name falls passed his lips, rolling onto your back. Your bare nipples pebble as the cold air hits them, and you can’t help but frown when you remember that Namjoon is thousands of miles away. God, looks like you’ll have to do everything yourself. You pluck the nipple clamps from the box and fiddle with them for a second.

“N-nothing,” you murmur, voice breaking when shocks of pain resonate through your breasts. They quickly dim to a dull pain, though, and that easily translates to pleasure. “I’m wearing nothing. I just—” You break off with a breathy moan when you tug on the clamp— “Just put on the clamps.”

“Tell me how it feels.”

“I thought you weren’t supposed to be talking?” You provoke, giving the clamps another gasp-inducing pull. “You’re – ngh – not doing a good job, are you?”

“Maybe if you told me what you were doing…” Namjoon trails off, a roll of his eyes surely underway. You throw your own eyes up to the sky as well, but say nothing of it.

“It feels good,” you comment breathlessly, “Holy – fuck, the nipple clamps get my approval. I… I keep pulling on them. They hurt, but it’s so – so good.”

His breathing is louder now, tense and uneven, but he says nothing. You grapple senselessly for the vibrating dildo and a bottle of – you take a second look – strawberry flavoured lube, unconsciously holding your breath as a low buzzing fills the room.

“I turned on the vibrating dildo,” you begin shakily, biting back moans as you run the tip over your clit and down to your slit. You shudder when you begin to press it into yourself, the lube making for easy access. “It… It…”

“Use your words, baby girl.” The deep growl that his voice has become has you screwing your eyes shut. Jesus, you’d do anything to have him here right now – licking up the arousal trickling from you, squeezing your breasts… Anything would do at this point.

“I feel so full,” you gasp unevenly. Your eyebrows furrow automatically at the sensation of the vibrator moving against your walls, simultaneously filling you and stimulating you. “So, so full… Ah, Namjoon!”

There’s a curse over the line but if there’s one thing that Kim Namjoon is, it’s stubborn. He says not one word except that single curse, and if it weren’t for his heavy breathing you couldn’t even be sure that he was still there. But he was, oh, he was. Every delicious whimper, moan, desperate plead or call of his name that flowed through the air painted a picture that had him licking his lips – one with you naked, laying on his bed with sweat beading your hairline and your brows knitted together—

“Bet you’re nervous, huh?” You manage to muse cheekily through your haze of foggy pleasure and damp ecstasy. You pull the dildo from you just to tease yourself, bumping it with little jolts against your clit before you insert it back in. “These – umh – toys are doing as much of a good job as you do.”

“You say that now.”

Well, damn him for being this confident. You make sure that the dildo is pushed in as far as you can take it and give the clamps another fond pull before you turn to what you were sure was gonna be your absolute favorite. Even the dull buzz that fills the room when you switch on the Magic Wand gives you goosebumps.

“I turned on the Magic Wand,” you inform him, biting your lip. Your cheeks are surely flushed and eyes hooded – it’s a shame that Namjoon isn’t there to see you. “It looks really powerful. You sure you aren’t the least bit worried?”

“I have faith in myself,” he retorts, and usually you would roll your eyes at his stubborn nature. You’re too preoccupied, though, with testing the waters with your new toy by gently pressing it against the slick bundle of nerves that was peeking out from under its hood.

“Shi…” You have no sanity to continue your sentence. All words and sentence formations and even your name is lost from your mind the second that bloody buzzing toy makes contact with your clit, sending what feels like sparks through your bloodstream and down to your rapidly curling toes. “O–oh, my…”

Your hips begin to desperately buck into the Magic Wand, eyes rolling into the back of your head with every explosion of pleasure. You raise a shaky hand to the clamps and just manage to yank one, short pants escaping you at the dull pained pleasure that resonates from the area.

“I have the Magic Wand on my clit,” you whimper, only remembering Namjoon’s presence in a fleeting thought. “Shit, shit – ah!”

To your ignorance, every disoriented sound that Namjoon heard only made him smile. He knew you quite possibly more than you knew yourself, and he was well aware of how desperate and weak-willed you became when you wanted to cum. And if he was right – and he was – you weren’t going to reach orgasm, or at least not a satisfying one, because you relied on him just as much as he did you.

“–’m gonna cum,” you gulp, wildly chasing the ever-tightening knot of lightning-hot pleasure in your lower stomach. Your eyebrows tilt deeper, your breaths becoming short, expectation filling your bones—

“No!” Before you realise it, the feeling of your rapidly growing orgasm is pulled from beneath you and you’re left floundering on the bed, desperately seeking some form of stimulation. You can even feel tears pricking at your eyes – if that doesn’t tell you how disappointed you are, then you don’t know what will.

You throw the Magic Wand onto the bed beside you and pull the dildo out of your pussy in utter anger, huffing to yourself as you regain your breath. When your breathing has levelled out and the room returned to complete silence, then Namjoon’s chuckle fills the room.

“I told you so,” he teases, only pushing you to fold your arms and pout to yourself. When you don’t reply, he clicks his tongue condescendingly. “C’mon, baby girl. We both knew that you weren’t gonna cum.”

“Shut up,” you murmur, frowning. Great, now the stupid ban was gonna stay in place. Hello, another month of no orgasms. “You rigged this somehow.”

“How could I have?” He says incredulously, the smile in his voice much too prominent. “Do you want to cum or not?”

You’re silent for a second. Your brain is loud, though, fighting between disagreeing with him and letting your stubbornness take root or agreeing with him and admitting you were wrong.

“I’m gonna need an answer.”


“Hm?” He was teasing you, of course he was. “I couldn’t hear you.”

“I said yes,” you groan indignantly, rolling your eyes at the laugh that follows after. “I’m desperate, shut up.”

“Okay, okay,” he agrees, drifting off into a comfortable silence for a few seconds. “Well, shall we get started, then? Pick up the dildo you were using, sweetheart.”

The sudden change in his voice makes your stomach turn (in a good way), and you’re quick to pick up the discarded dildo lest you make him mad. “I’ve got it.”

“Good,” he comments. His next action is a deep exhale that trails off into humming, one that makes your heart pound and your pussy clench needily. You really are wound up.

“I want you to run the tip down your body,” he murmurs, “Down your neck, past your nipples, past your stomach – when you get to your pussy, trail it up and down yourself.”

With bated breath you do as you’re told, goosebumps following the trail you make down the length of your body. When the tip of the dildo meets your clit you can only exhale, chest rising and falling with the movement.

“I bet you’re dripping, huh?” He muses, a certain darkness hidden within his tone of voice. “Ruining my sheets. Wish I was there to lick it up – good thing I got new ones, isn’t it?”

“O-of course,” you mumble back, dazed.

“Turn it on – don’t stop touching yourself.”

Your breathing becomes heavier, even heard over the dull buzzing that comes from the dildo. Every time you place it on your clit your nerves go into overdrive, rendering you speechless for just a few seconds. You give a soft moan of confirmation when Namjoon asks if you’re doing as he instructed.

“You’re doing well,” he says, as if he was surprised that you could behave. “Good. Now, you’re gonna spread your legs as wide as they can go, and you’re gonna push that toy into your pussy, okay?”

A groan of approval is all he gets. You spread your legs out, biting your lip at the thought of just being on display, before you do exactly as he told you to and push the vibrating toy deep into your pussy. You clench tightly around it, licking your lips. It feels so good, better than earlier, and you know (but won’t admit) that it’s because of Namjoon’s deep voice in your ear.

“Feel good?”

“So good.” You nod weakly, although he can’t see you. “I wish it was you inside me… I haven’t felt you in weeks…”

He gives a pained groan. In the back of your mind you feel slightly victorious at his reaction but in the moment you can fully say that you honestly don’t care. It’s true, anyway, that you wish he was there. There was something about Namjoon that toys couldn’t give you – his warmth, his possessiveness? And quite obviously, toys didn’t do aftercare. You had to do that by yourself.

“Trust me, I wish I was there too…” He inhales in discontent. “I’d fuck you hard – harder than all those toys combined… First, though, I’d taste you. Suck your clit in my mouth and dip my tongue into your pussy—”

A loud moan (yours) cuts off his flurry of words but he continues through it. “—make you cum so hard in my mouth that you scream—”

“I think you’re on the verge of that already,” you heave, chest rising shakily as you wet your dry lips. “Ungh - please, Namjoon…

” “Turn on the Magic Wand, baby girl, and hold it to your clit.”

There are actual tears welling in your eyes when you do exactly that and press the buzzing massager against you — truth be told, you have to actively fight to suppress a scream, because this feeling bubbling in your lower stomach is more powerful that the last one a million times over.

“I’m so close,” you cry desperately, throwing your head back as you slowly succumb to the pleasure. “I – I—”

“Now take it off.”

Fuck – why in the name of God are you listening to him? He’s not here, he can’t stop you – yet, you find yourself lifting the Magic Wand from yourself, almost sobbing at the feeling of your orgasm ripping itself from your body. You take the phone in your other hand, breathing so heavily that it mustn’t be healthy.

“Why did you do that?” You demand tearfully, wiping away the tear of frustration that slips down your cheek a second after. “Fuck you, Kim Namjoon—”

“Not a good way to speak to your daddy, sweetie. If you want to cum, you can beg,” he says, as if scolding a child. “That’s the only way you’re gonna get what you want.”

You mull over it dully for a second. Are you really about to lower yourself and beg for something that is actually yours in the first place?


Yes. Yes, you are.

“You can do better than that, sweetheart,” Namjoon coos irritatingly.

Please!” You cry, wriggling uncomfortably at the dildo still inside you that keeps you on a permanent edge. “I’ve been alone for weeks, just thinking about you and wanting you home and I need you and I need this, so please!”

“Fuck, put it back, baby girl.”

You do so, happily. The apartment trembles with every choked gasp and whimper that you produce. Your limbs are rendered limp and sensitive but even so you press the toy against yourself harder, relief filling you as your orgasm rushes towards you, so close, so near—

“Fu — Oh, my —” You’ve never squealed so high in your life, but that’s what the feeling that rushes through you makes you do. You think you may have screamed, too, or that your vision went white (or black), but you can’t remember anything except the molten pleasure that replaces your blood for a second. The phone in your hand uncaringly topples to the bed, leaving you writhing and riding out your orgasm alone.

It feels like forever has passed when your limbs finally stop jolting with the aftershocks of your orgasm, and your breath is recaptured by your lungs. Your hair is plastered to your forehead and your skin is covered in sweat, and the only thing your sore throat can muster is a hoarse moan.

“Fuck, Namjoon,” you whine, rubbing at your eyes. “Ngh… Shit…”

“Good, huh?” He sounds wrecked. You don’t blame him – he just listened to you cum over the phone and didn’t rub one out. He must be harder than rock right now. “I told you.”

“You did,” you grumble sleepily, your eyes fluttering shut. “You… did…”

“What are you doing?” Namjoon’s voice is back again, right next to your ear where you dropped your phone in your throes of passion. “Still three hours until tomorrow, baby girl. Three hours to cum as many times as you can before your month of chastity.”

A tired moan exits your lips but you can’t stop yourself from grappling at the nearby vibrator, his orders music to your ears…

(You inevitably fall asleep in the early hours of the morning, body still sore and pulsing, and are surprised to be awoken early by a knocking on the door.

It’s a box. Or, two, actually. One is white, the other pink, and you can’t help but roll your eyes fondly when you read the cursive writing inscripted on the fronts: Agent Provocateur and Carine Gilson. Of course, he managed to get them delivered literally hours after mentioning them.

Like he had promised, one is a set of panties and a bra, olive green in colour and decorated with gold and glitter to draw attention. The other set is a classic white corset and panty duo, with a matching garter.

For my baby girl, a note attached reads in Kim Namjoon’s distinguishable handwriting. Why don’t you model these for me, and I’ll see about lifting that ban?


focus / jungkook

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summary: you test out jungkook’s patience (enough said)

warnings: smut

‘‘put both of your hands on the wheel you idiot!’‘ you spat at your boyfriend jungkook. he smirked, while his hand rested on your inner part of your thigh. 

you were driving back home as you two just spend the afternoon, shopping all day long. going through many different stores, looking at random things and most importantly buying stuff you don’t need. if you went to a clothing store, jungkook would just sit back and play games on his phone, minding his own business. however when you were trying a set of a brand new lingerie, that’s when he would pay full attention to you. but you would just close the door right in his face.

‘‘jeez y/n…we won’t crash, I’m an amazing driver.’‘ he proudly says back, his eyes focusing on the road. it was a long ride home but it was fun, spending some quality time with your boyfriend. he’s a k-pop star a very busy celebrity. with him gone for months, you of course miss him. so it made you happy when he agreed to go on this shopping spree with you. even if he did something else, as long as he was with you that’s all that mattered.

‘‘amazing driver huh?’‘ you repeat after him, he looks at you and cutely nods. his smile spreads wide, showing his white bunny teeth. an idea popped in your mind, a very dangerous one but you decided to risk it anyways.

‘‘well let’s test it out.’‘ you whisper to yourself, slowly unbuckling your seat belt. he heard the click and his eyes followed your actions and he gives you a questionable look. his hand goes back to the wheel but his eyes stay on you. 

‘‘what are you doing missy, buckle up!’‘ he shouts at you, eyes back on the road. you chuckle and find an elastic in your pocket, you put your hair up in a ponytail before slowly moving closer to him.

carefully you go to his belt and start to unbuckle it. jungkook looks down at your hands and tries to shove them away.

‘‘are you serious right now y/n? we will crash.’‘ he remarks

‘‘says the amazing driver.’‘ you slowly unzip his tight pants and without any hesitation you place your pointer finger on his cock, tracing a line up and down through his boxers. he shivers in place while his member kept twitching under your soft touch.

‘‘d-don’t do this now p-please…’‘ he croaks out and you could just feel his member getting harder and harder. you don’t listen to him and pull his length out from his boxers. he was hard as a rock, your touch worked like magic on him. 

you didn’t wait for him to moan out again and dipped your head towards his cock. you take his pink tip in your mouth, your other hand supporting yourself so that you could move your head.

at first you started slowly, just licking the tip, before precum traveled down his dick, you didn’t want for him to make a mess on his pants so your tongue caught all of his liquid in your mouth. you look up at him, to see him bite at his bottom lip, unable to contain the moans.

‘‘y-y/n…please…’‘ he pleads you to stop but he couldn’t do anything about it. his hands were stuck on the wheel, you two were about to drive on a highway. with the fast speed ahead of you, he had to pay attention to the road more then to you.

your hand grabbed his stone hard dick and stroked it up a few times, increasing the speed each time you went all the way down.

‘‘d-don’t y/n…’‘ he was trembling in your hand. you were driving him crazy, he wanted you to finish this as soon as possible, even if he was saying stop. he wanted more of you. 

‘‘focus baby.’‘ you smirked, lifting yourself up from his crotch and kissing him on the exposed neck. then going back down where you finally took his cock in your mouth. he hissed at your sudden movement, his moans started getting louder and louder.

‘‘I c-can’t…’‘ he manages to croak out. you push your mouth down to his balls, gagging on his dick and he loved when you did that. his hand went to his hair, where he pulled at them, not knowing if he should keep driving or pull over and teach you a lesson.

‘‘y-you are getting p-punished for this…’‘ he whispered but soon shut up as he peeked down at you, admiring his view. your eyes caught up with him and you shouted quickly

‘‘focus on the road jungkook!’‘ he giggles back and do as you said.

‘‘it’s not my fault you are chocking on my dick.’‘ you only roll your eyes to that statement and slide your mouth down again. this time using only your lips and tongue to suck and slurp, teasing him of course. his dick felt pleasant in your mouth, with him unable to do anything, to pull on your hair, push you down even more, you were enjoying this, every second of it.

‘‘i-i’m pulling over.’‘ you quickly glance up at him, to see him driving to a petrol station, with tons of people around you, you quickly sit back and wipe your mouth with your sleeve. jungkook’s hand suddenly pushes you back down, where you are met again with his hard member.

‘‘no,no finish what you have started.’‘ he joyfully says, looking around to park the car somewhere. once he did, he unbuckles his belt as well pulling you into his lap. he doesn’t stop and pulls your skirt down, within seconds your core was exposed. 

‘‘j-jungkook…there are people here…’‘ you whine but he only presses his lips to yours. kissing them, softly nipping at them, his hands resting at your hips. you moan into his mouth felling his hand travelling down your body, slowly tracing your neck, moving to your chest, grabbing and squeezing your boobs. you soon felt his hot breath on them, he kissed them all around through your shirt. teasing you, just like you teased him. 

your shirt started rolling up, exposing skin at your sides. his touch felt so warm, you got shivers all over your body. his hand starts going up your sides, to your boobs where he squeezed them again. his other hand pushing his cock in to you, before going back to your hips. in return he gained a scream from you.

‘‘don’t shout, they’ll see us.’‘ he says, softly smiling. you narrow your eyebrows and shout again this time the people standing a few meters away from your car turned their heads to your car. you see them in the back window but luckily jungkook’s car’s windows were dimmed so they couldn’t see inside.

‘‘are you crazy? move.’‘ he says and shows you to go into the backseat. he follows behind and lays you down on the seats. hovering over your body he pushes his cock back in, this time slowly. 

he leans into you, his lips ghosting over yours, he could see how much you wanted them to be back on yours. 

‘‘kiss me.’‘ you said out of breath and he attaches them again. the whole car was filled with your moans, trying to contain them but jungkook’s name kept coming out of your mouth. he was too good at pleasing you in the best possible way.

he kept slamming himself in you, gradually adding speed. his lips moved to your jawline, your hand went to his neck, pushing him down a bit more until your chests were crashed together. your boobs were on his toned body, sticking to him because of all the sweat. you could feel yourself getting closer so you helped yourself by rubbing your core. your body was going numb, jungkook kept going in and out of you faster and faster.

‘‘I-i’m so close…’‘ you moan into his neck, he doesn’t waste any time and starts pounding into you. you didn’t care if the people outside heard you, you were so focused on jungkook that all the other things didn’t matter. 

‘‘together.’‘ he moans out and you two count to three until you both came. jungkook pulled out right away, his cum spilling on your stomach making a huge mess on the seats. he doesn’t even care and crashes on top of you, his head resting at the croak of your neck.

‘‘let’s just stay like this for a moment.’‘ he whispers, his breath tickling you. you only hum in response your arms hug around his body, kissing the top of his head. 

‘‘you have failed your test.’‘ you giggle into his hair, he murmurs something back but you didn’t care to ask again, the victory was yours.

Whatever I want...

Words Count: +3000 (Sorry)

Warning: Teasing, Heavy Make out, smut.

/*It turns out becoming so lame, sorry.*/

As I walk through the front door, I feel excitement to see Henry, is been a few weeks since we spend proper time together. I called him early to inform the meeting was a success and he told me we were going to celebrate tonight.

“Henry, I’m home!” I call, looking for him.

He comes from the dinner room, smiling sweetly at me. “Congratulations, my love.” He says as he approaches me. He kisses deeply, holding my face. It takes my breath away, but I don’t want to part. I feel the weight of the past days been lifted of my shoulders. I want nothing more than stay in this man’s arms for as long as possible.

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Prompt, Lena wearing a superhero (batman or wonder woman) underwear/ boxers and see Kara's reaction.

“What are those!?”

Lena rolled her eyes and turned back to her best friend, who had a handful of popcorn halfway to her mouth, “Pyjamas?”

She scrunched her nose as Kara dropped the popcorn back into the bowl, “No… Those… Those are supporting the competition!”

Of course Kara’s eyes had been drawn to the bat symbol on her boxer shorts and camisole, “Kara, I’m sure Supergirl will survive me wearing batman merch…”

 “I don’t know!  What if she won’t?  She thinks you’re friends… She’ll be heartbroken.”  

Lena lifted a foot and pushed Kara across the couch slightly, “Well, imagined how she’d feel if she found out I own branded Supergirl lingerie?”

Kara choking on popcorn was enough of an answer to make Lena feel remarkably smug.

Jason Todd has missed out on a lot while he was… Dead?

Dick: Umm, Bruce wanted to give us these front row tickets. Of course don’t see me as a predator, I will not take Damian, but maybe you could come?

Jason : I have no fucking idea why you’re normally standing at my doorway for a reason not related to patrolling with tickets Bruce handed to you but go on… Is it a concert?

Dick: Umm hello? Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show???

Jason: Dude a what fashion show?

Dick: Oh my god, you don’t know? It’s the biggest lingerie brand of-

Jason: Yeah I know what that is, just didn’t know they had a show of their own. I just dont know why you think I’d want to be there.

Dick: Jason, you should have come to me after being back. You know nothing of pop culture. First, you’re questioning who the Kardashians are and second, you’re dismissing the most watched catwalk of the year and-.

Jason: Dick, I don’t want you to oppress me for dying. Since we all know your death was a fake one, but I’m not surprised.


On this day in music history: September 19, 1983 - “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” by Michael Jackson is released. Written by Quincy Jones and James Ingram, it is the sixth single released from the “Thriller” album. The song initially begins as a demo by Jackson and keyboardist Greg Phillinganes after producer Quincy Jones suggests the title to Michael. The song takes its title from a brand of lingerie worn by Jones’ then wife Peggy Lipton Jones. When the initial demo is not considered suitable to fashion into a finished studio track, it is completely re-written by Quincy Jones and James Ingram except for the title. Though a sizable hit at the time of its release, the record is in direct competition with “Say, Say, Say” (released on October 3, 1983), Jackson’s second duet with Paul McCartney. With the two singles released so closely together, results in a lower chart placement for “P.Y.T.” than any of the previous singles from “Thriller” (with radio favoring the superstar duet over the other single), and is on and off the radio in a relatively short time span. During the 2000’s, it becomes a huge recurrent airplay favorite on R&B oldies radio, receiving more spins than it did as a new release. “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” peaks at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #46 on the R&B singles chart. The original demo version of “P.Y.T.” surfaces on Jackson’s box set collection “The Ultimate Collection” in 2004.

BTS x Daddy Imagines

{While I’m finishing the Jimin x Reader x Yoongi smut I promised, here are some Daddy Imagines to say thank you for sticking with me during my illness - I’m back sweeties 😇🌈}


• The sweetest most protective and sensual Daddy, he wants to cuddle you all night, have your scent all around him and kiss your cheeks till they’re pink and hot.
• Stretches you so deep and wide, eats you so sweet, foreplay so long to prepare you for him.
• Needs you holding on and digging into his shoulders with your nails, moaning his name all hot and breathless, his goal is to see you in your most vulnerable state with him.
• “Does that feel good Jagi? Does it feel good when I hit it there?”


• The most romantic and thoughtful Daddy always surprising you with his extra time and cute gifts, giving you Eskimo kisses and making you laugh, even when he’s having the worst day you make his eyes light up with happiness.
• Expect relaxed dates in the prettiest places and passionate make outs when you return home, always asking if you enjoyed the evening as much as he did. Tucking you up in bed with him just so he can snuggle close to you, letting his gentle hands wonder beneath your pj’s, his soft lips against your neck, the slightest hint of his teeth grazing your flesh.
• Before you know it the pj’s are thrown off along with his gentlemanly ways as he’s all energy and unrestrained moans in your ears. Your voices echo from the walls as he slips inside…
• “Ohh Jagi, its so wet and slippery for me, you really like me this much?”  


• Intensely territorial and endlessly playful Daddy, he wants you all to himself and when you’re alone expect play fights ending in feverish neck kisses as he inhales your delicate scent till he elicits the wanton moaning sounds he needs to hear.
• Works you up till its too much, till the deep wet ache makes you beg, till he’s high on your screams as you feel his size.
• Needs you to challenge him just so he can show his control by beating you harder, pulling your hair, slapping your ass raw all while keeping intense eye contact.
• “Ooohh fuck Jagi. You’re taking every inch of me, look how deep your pussy is letting me go. Look how much you needed me.”  


• The gentlest and most romantic Daddy ever, looks after you like you’re a fucking Queen, with exquisite dinners and squishy relaxed evenings on the couch, he always makes sure to soften you up so well, always wanting you to be ready for him and the night he has planned.
• Expect brand new lingerie for Daddy’s pleasure just so he can watch the blush rise in your cheeks as he exposes you slowly, kissing every inch of your flesh. Orgasms are guaranteed with his patient and relentless tongue, causing your every nerve chills along with your moans of ecstasy as you arch against him.
• Needs your arms wrapped around his shoulders as he hits you slow and deep, waiting till after your 1st, 2nd, 3rd climax to really lose his control.
• “Jagi just hold on so tight to me, can you feel how wet you are?" 


• The ultimate kinky power Daddy, he’s a fireball of experimentalism swinging from chasing you around the house like a Labrador pup trying to tickle you till you squeal, to scorching make out sessions all deep tongue kisses and hair pulling.
• Toys with you like you’re his personal property with nothing off limits, kitten play, restraints, anal and oral training, but every second you feel his soft touches, his sweet kisses, his reassurance and safety cradling you.
• Wants you loud and shameless AF as you feel his veins pressing against your walls raw, expect to come undone too quick and be punished until you squirt.
• "Jagiya if you start gushing I’m going to beat it so hard. It feels so good on my cock when you squirt around me.”


• The OG Daddy dom who just happens to be the softest cuddle mon in existence, expect him always holding your hand in public proud AF that you’re his and constantly making you laugh by being unintentionally adorable.
• Don’t be fooled by his softness, he has an insatiable wild side and can often take his pent up frustrations out on you to the extremes of your pleasure, it can become brutal and erotic in ways you’ve never felt with another man.
• You’ll be pushed to your absolute limit and through it all he’ll be holding you and soothing you with kisses as you feel his size.
• “Baby… You’re so fucking tight, and there’s still only half of my cock inside." 


• A zero to one hundred real fast Daddy always acting reserved and sometimes cold around others, yet when he gets you home, holy fuck, expect him to become instantly squishy even without words.
• Don’t tease him unless you want to be dragged to the bedroom to give Daddy a lap-dance as he slowly strips you and rewards you with INSANE oral capabilities, expect multiple orgasms and deep tongue fucking as your hands pull in his hair.
• He wants to see you ride it like a pro and impale yourself on his throne like the fucking princess you are as his hands reach up softly for your breasts.
• "Fucking shit Jagiya, look how your pussy is swallowing my cock…" 

Hope you sweeties enjoyed these, please let me know if you’d like more ~ Admin Laura Cathrine 🎀

Dangerous Woman (Part 2) 🌙

A/N: I’ve finally uploaded the second part of DW after a trillion years so I apologize to everyone for the long wait! In this second part, there’s no smut but there is plenty of angst and drama and emotional turmoil (I promise more smut in future parts). Also, I added in Luhan’s POV to make the fic more interesting! Enjoy this, and remember to leave some feedback in the ask box at the end of it! x

Pairing(s): Luhan x Reader

Warnings: Some violence near the end (on the reader’s part) and just angst all the way

Genre: Angst

Requested: No

Summary: Luhan and call-girl! Reader battle with their own emotions when it comes to falling for each other.

Word Count: 5886

Soundtrack: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever // Zayn, Taylor Swift

Originally posted by exotic-alucinada


By the time I wander through the double doors of the brothel where all of this call-girl nonsense started years ago, the tears I’ve been trying to hold back for the past hour finally spill over, causing my ‘waterproof’ mascara to leak down my cheeks horribly.

Dragging my bag of discarded lingerie, cat ears and handcuffs behind me, I suck back a mournful gasp as I keep my head down, too humiliated to let any of the other lingering call-girls catch a glimpse of my beaten-down form. Thankfully, nobody takes notice of me as I speed-walk to where Sehun is comfortably seated behind the receptionist’s desk as always, his feet propped up on the table as he taps away at his phone enthusiastically.

Upon hearing the shuffling of my feet, my best friend lifts his head with that oh-so-comforting grin of his, parting his lips to say hi. But his cheery demeanour drops as soon as he catches sight of the state I’m in, with my tangled hair and teary eyes and ugly black lines of mascara running down my face.

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Quick Question To Ask!

Would people be interested in buying and wearing witch/wizard aesthetic inspired lingerie and loungewear? I have cabinet of curiosities coming up, a uni project in which I can make anything I want and I’d like to extend my witchcraft illustration project. I’d also eventually like to make it into a brand called Sorcellerie et Servitude. I’ve designed robes for sleeping and lounging with hoods and deep sleeves:

And fun cami knickers and bishop sleeve peignoirs:

And then the lingerie is part 1950s glamour, part constellations:

I think there could be a lot of scope and creativity within the venture, and was wondering if it possibly had a market. It would be an entirely internet based brand with great packaging and customer service. Everything would be made to order by hand by myself and be priced accordingly. I know how hard it can be to acquire witchy clothing and it feels such a shame that our lingerie collection doesn’t reflect our magical lives! So would anyone be interested?

anonymous asked:

All the lords preferred lingerie on femMC? And how they'd tell/ask her to wear it?

Hmmm, hm, thanks for the ask, anon!

This is especially fun! Ok, answers after the break for some naughty images yes? I picked all the lingerie from Agent Provocateur, which is my absolute favourite lingerie brand out there (which I can never justify buying from), because, in my modern HC, all these lords have money!


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I worked at a major brand lingerie store in the mall for 3 years... And almost every time we would have people still shopping past closing. We would close the gates to prevent more people from coming in, but sometimes people would sneak through the opening before we could get the gates closed! I became a little passive-aggressive... I would dim the lights and start vacuuming while they were in the store... Sometimes it worked. But some people are shameless!