Agent Provocateur /  Soiree Fleurs du Mal Campaign 2011.

anonymous asked:

what does jemma sleep in? does she like boobs/butts/legs? what kind of clothes does she think are sexy on someone else? how would she discribe her ideal gf? is she quiet/a moaner/a screamer? does she shave her pubes? top/bottom? biting? bondage? fave lingarie/sexy outfit? star sign? birth stone? any peircings?

whew! okay, here goes:

-Jemma actually really likes pajamas, though sometimes she is lazy and will wear a t-shirt, tank, or camisole with some jogging pants. She’s all about being comfy.

-Jemma really digs boobs. I mean she likes everything, but boobs have a slight edge. You want to catch her eyes, a little cleavage does the trick.

-Anything that shows off the boobs, of course, but she also has a thing for bare legs. Shorts. She thinks shorts are sexy. Because of course she would.

-Honestly, and I know this is probably going to sound like a cop-out, but her ideal characteristics in a girlfriend aren’t physical. She likes kindness, compassion, humour and introversion. Her ideal girlfriend is someone she can sit on the couch in her underwear playing video games with. Someone who will laugh at her dumb jokes. Someone who has their own hobbies and interests and is okay with quiet or “me time”. She wants a friend first and foremost, and anything other than that is just icing on the cake.

-It depends. In bed? She’s quiet. Jemma’s very self conscious and is constantly worried she is going to make a weird noise, or snort, or something equally embarrassing. If you’re gaming with her? She will trash talk you like a mofo, at length and at volume.

-Hells to the no. She’ll trim the hedges a little; no one wants to make their way through the Ginger Jungle; but shaving is a no-go.

-Jemma tends to be fairly passive in bed. To be honest it’s partly because she’s a bit lazy, but a lot of it has to do with her self consciousness. If she’s lying down, the potential for embarrassing mishaps is minimized.

-Biting is right out. Pretty much anything involving pain, even mildly (biting, scratching, pinching, etc) is a big turn-off for her.

-Bondage is also out. Jemma has control issues, and putting herself in such a vulnerable position is terrifying to her. And I mean phobia-level terrifying.

-Lingerie…sigh. This is an area where Jemma needs serious help. Again with the self-consciousness, to a degree, and also her desire for comfort over style. She’s not really good at the whole seductive thing. She doesn’t really think she can ‘work’ lingerie. That’s for sexy girls, and she doesn’t see herself that way.

-Jemma’s star sign is Virgo.

-Her birth stone is confusing as fuck. From the Googs: “The Zodiac sign of Virgo includes five stones: carnelian, jade, jasper, moss agate, and blue sapphire. In addition to the Zodiac stones, citrine is listed as the Planetary stone for Virgo…” I’ve also seen peridot pretty commonly. She likes all of those, but especially the green ones.

-Jemma has her ears pierced, once in the right and three times in the left. She has 0 gauge tunnels in her lobes; the other two on her left ear just have plain studs.