ling wu

well, at least watching all this nardo helped me modernize the xingese royal guard uniform and come up with masks for the guard charas

tidbits about the OCs:

  • Lei Chang: Ling’s son by his wife from the Chang clan. Bitter that the Chang clan was bested in the last competition for the throne.
  • Nuying Wu: Ling’s daughter by his wife from the Wu clan, who had the eldest prince in Ling’s generation. Charismatic and flamboyant.
  • Jia Elric: AlMei daughter. Haughty, pretty much considers herself a princess, especially since Nuying has taken her under wing.
  • Su Zhao: half-blood Xingese/Pagyrican (a country bordered by Creta and Aerugo). Jia’s lady-in-waiting and chief bodyguard. Alkahestrist. Tired.
  • Zhen Yao: LingFan son, just not by blood. Alkahestrist. Stoic. Works as one of Jia’s bodyguards while hiding from Lei, who wants him dead.

more thoughts on the chinese fma dub:

  • mustang’s voice goes up half an octave when he gets squished in the car
  • kimblee has the funniest voice and it’s way too high and I can’t stop laughing at it
  • more random japanese because someone forgot to dub a line???
  • envy also has a hilariously high voice
  • ishvalan is four syllables in chinese and i keep thinking its an idiom
  • riza sounds more like liza. rebecca sounds like lee-becca
  • greedling turned into gu-lin-lin
  • riza sounds a lot more teasing towards rebecca