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          LI-HUA ZHOU.     EIGHTEEN.     ALIVE.

          LI-HUA is mei-ling`s younger sister  &&  middle child to the zhou family.  she was born around the time mei-ling was in college and involved with the lucheng interstellar projects.  she frequently spent her time alone,  her mother gradually growing distant and her father busy working within lijiang tower.  she liked the time alone,  however,  and became a social butterfly amongst the friends she made at school.  she often spent time with their grandparents,  ( who favoured her over mei-ling, )  and generally lived a very simple life.  when her sister was recruited into overwatch,  she was ecstatic.  yet,  she was also hit the hardest when mei-ling went missing and was presumed to be deceased.

          SHE ADMIRED mei-ling during this time and continued to once she was awoken from cryostasis.  she was one of the first to reach in contact with her sister and was the only,  ( aside from their youngest brother,  guang-li, )  person within the family to forgive her for losing contact with them.  every day and every night,  li-hua frequently writes letters and emails to mei-ling.  her older sister has become more than just an inspiration,  mei-ling became her goals.  so,  as li-hua starts university,  she is looking to go into science just like her sister did.  ( even if she excels in poetry and writing more than she does sciences and mathematics. )  

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It turns out that Mei’s full name is Mei-Ling Zhou (though some sources say Mei-Lin) and is 31 years old.

My name is Mei-Li Zhou. My sister is Mei-Lin Zhou.

I just never thought I’d have a similar name to any character in western media, let alone this adorable woman!!

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I love your Lingfan Miraculous and I wonder if you can draw more about them if it doesn't bother you,thanks a lot

Ling has some serious #SiblingProblems. 

Here you go @paulapuertonavarro! Thank you for the request!! I hope you enjoy more of my Miraculous!LingFan crossover. =D

(I don’t actually remember the exact number of sisters Ling has. Wikia says there are 41 children in all, but they don’t have the breakdown.)


Ryoichi: “Also, why you suddenly call me ‘Ryoichi-san’…call me ‘Ryoichi’ as usual.”

The newest SR high school Ryoichi from Love Scramble is based on his CG in the SITSC sub story “Urban Casino & Resort -Anniversary-”.

In this sub story you’ve got to know Ryoichi’s past, such as:
- He played a role as Romeo in 'Romeo & Juliet’ on the school play, and was scouted but he refused the offer.
- He has befriended Charles Olsen, son of the chairman of all boys school in Switzerland, and Ling from the sister school of theirs. Ryoichi and Charles were classmates as well as roommates.
- He wrote story that made his teacher feel proud of his talents.
- He’s afraid of the ghosts lol.

Shame that Voltage overseas don’t continue to translate SITSC in English :p So here I’m thinking about writing a summary of this sub story, maybe in my future posts but not soon. :)