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I was tagged by: youcouldcallmeathief thanks girl ur the bomb
Time and Date: 2:06 AM, April 8th
Average Hours Of Sleep At Night: ha ha ha ha ha like 5??? im horrible to myself
Last Thing I Googled: jon m. chu, to find out what else he has directed besides cinematic masterpieces such as two of the step up films and both justin bieber documentaries
Nickname: marls, mar, mars, mars bar, muk, marlsboro, missy moo, tangerine
Birthday: december 30
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: donald glover and skinny hipster white boys with dark hair
Height: 5′4"
Favourite Colour: forest green
Last Book You Read: Yes Please by Amy Poehler
What I Last Said To A Family Member: “YA DUKE” - a text I sent my dad after duke beat wisconsin monday night
How Many Blankets Do I Sleep Under: a sheet and a comforter, while usually holding my lavender blankie
Favorite movie: juno, but I’m a real sucker for inception or any of the original bourne trilogy
What I’m Wearing Right Now: leggings, sneakers, and my class of 2014 t-shirt from my high school
Most Used Phrase(s): yo chill, bless, time is an illusion, and dude
First Word That Comes To Mind: fickle
What Is Family?: loving someone unconditionally and learning not to judge them based on their past mistake
Favourite Beverage: I can get down with some mango jamba juice lemme tell you
Favourite Food: tofu pad thai/avocado sushi/cheese pizza with black olives and mushrooms
Last Movie I Watched In Theaters: Selma
Wedding: I want a morning wedding with a brunch reception, preferably in duke gardens when the wisteria is in bloom, max of 150 people, and the color scheme to either be yellow, lavender and light blue, or yellow, orange, and red. The yellow is due to how I want sunflowers to be involved somehow. The reception would be at the umstead.
Dream Pet: I want to own so many dogs haha, but like an english bulldog or a schnauzer
Dream Job: After I dance professionally for a couple of years, I want to go back to school and get a degree in public relations, so I could do PR work for either a dance company or become a publicist
I choose artpow, vicariuos, oldmoneyed, beekeeperdannydevito, endlessdevotions, phrenologies, ps-itsdevinne, bittersweetboredom, linfinityx, divexo

I drove all the way down to Morgan Hill and all the way up Lindz’s hill to have a sleepover with her yesterday and it was filled with fun stuff like Tumblr and watching America’s Next Top Model while she played guitar and I laid in her bed. 

Earlier we hung out with Ash (One of Lindz’s friends) too and we went on an XTREME Calorie fest and basically ate everything sweet that was available in the MH area. Was cool.