I honestly can’t thank you all enough for joining me through the adventure of this blog!! I know I’m gonna sound really cheesy since this is just a blog and it’s only 200 followers, but this blog has honestly made me feel a lot better about my characterization, writing, and has truthfully just made me a little happier in life. I know the past week has been shit for me, but I still come on here to try to do one silly thing a day because that truthfully helps. You all allow me to do that, and I’m always ecstatic to see how into this blog you guys are with your paparazzi anons and starters left and right. I just love it, and I love you all. 

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Oops, Matt was drunk. 


He wasn’t super drunk. Just drunk enough that he’d decided it was a fantastic idea to wander around the streets, laughing at whatever it was he found funny. Which was everything, really.

Eventually, he flopped down in a field and decided to stargaze. Footsteps sounded behind him and he tried to tilt his head back far enough to look at the newcomer, which didn’t work, needless to say. 

Libraries Are Fun (Closed Rp @linesofsanzu)

Emerald eyes scanned the area before the female heaved a heavy sigh. Soul was at Blackstar’s playing videogames, Liz and Patty had taken Tsubaki to the mall saying something about fashion tips, and Maka had no clue was Kid was doing. So, that left her with one place to go, She walked up to the library, a smile lighting her features. The library always had a calming effect on her and always had a tendency to make her happy. It wasn’t the one in the academy though, it was the one closest to the market. She immediately walked in, greeted the librarian then picked out one of her favorite novels and plopped down on the library sofa before she began reading, all of her focus on the book like a movie in her head.


Another day of exploration, the psychic boy not caring that his surroundings weren’t familiar in the slightest. After all, Ness was perfectly capable of defending himself if the shadows of this world held trouble. He had saved his own world from a great evil, so surely he could handle anything this place threw at him.

As something caught his eye he stopped, his hummed tune dying down as he stared. Was that a person? Well seeing as they weren’t attacking they had to be friendly. The Eaglelander gave a wave, offering a friendly smile.

“Hi there!”

Suspicions * RP w/ linesofsanzu

Levi yawned as his day started a little later than usual. He actually allowed himself to sleep in, something he rarely did since his days were usually full of stealing, murdering, smoking, the occasional meal.

You know, the usual.

He decided to start his day with boiling water. Even a criminal liked to keep his shit as pristine as he possibly could, despite his shitty circumstances. With a bucket in one hand, and a pan and tinder box in the other, he headed down to the only place in the Underground with decent water.

It was a type of stony clearing with a single body of water that flooded each and every time it rained, so it was the most reliable source of freshwater down here. He looked up to see just how the weather would be– and noticed a type of large bird hovering just above. He covered his eyes to the sun to observe the bird further. Very strange, he’d never seen something like that before.

But he lived in a world with giant cannibals, so he couldn’t say he was knowledgeable about every fucking creature on this Earth.

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||{ ϟ }—||

The Green Thunder was currently heading home, his hands slipped into his pockets. Grey eyes slipped closed, as he walked, and sighed. A calm night… It was something he could get used to, that’s for sure. But it seemed tonight wasn’t that night. The next thing he knew, he was running right into someone, a shocked expression crossing his features, before an annoyed one took its place. Really? “Watch it.”


 Was that some sort of skateboard that kid was riding? It looked kind of cool really. Though… it didn’t seem to have any wheels? How was that even possible? One way to find out, he supposed. Swerving onto the road when he had the chance, he crossed it and pedaled a bit harder to catch up to the other. Naturally, it didn’t take him much time at all. Naruko slowed his pace to match the others and give him a grin. “Hey! How does that thing even work? It’s awesome!” He chirped, referencing the skateboard type thing the kid was riding. And what was up with his hair? Was that intentional? Ah, but he liked it. Made him stand out!

Remember. Deep breath in, deep breath out. You will have someone else on this mission, do not mess up. You wouldn’t hear the end of it from Tenshi…

Great. The thought of her twin not being happy with how this mission would turn out snapped her out of the peaceful trance. Why did she have to have such an annoying brother? Or weapon. Whatever you wanted to refer to him as the bottom line was still the same - he was downright annoying. Half the time, the female meister couldn’t stand to keep him around.

But at the same time, she couldn’t fathom this life without him. Even if he was a giant pain in her ass at times.

“Tenshi! Hurry!” Black and white eyes blinked as she looked to her brother, to try and gather herself together. “We have to meet the other in a bit! Come on!”

The male groaned, but got himself ready to be with his sister. He wasn’t excited that this was a two meister mission, but it was better than being alone all day.

“Come on, Dai. Let’s just go.” He yawned. “I wanna get this over with.”

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[ oh my go d i was expecting to see a gif of luigi looking angry in mk8 in the gif meme and i am surprised ]

“Don’t-a get too comfy there, mio amico. I’ll be waiting, always watching… ”

“̢̧̱̬͎͡͝Į̢͘͏̮̝͔̘̜̮̼̩͖̘̝ͅ’̛͏̢̯͇͙͚͙m͟͏͏̪͇͚̰͕͓̩̳͚-̸̖̱̫̭̫͢a͕̥̜͕̰̲͉̦͝ ̡̨̟̗̫̜̯̜͚̭͖̗̗͖̤͘͠ṱ̷̷̝̜̘͕̮͔̕͠h̵̷͢͏̝͎̠̭̬̠͇͈̬̭ę̸̟̼̥̳̪͉͓̲̟̼͍͕͍̩ͅ ̵͟҉̶̣̱̺̰̤̩͔̭̙͟B̨̨̳͕̪̟̩̠̩̝̠͎̞̮̦͝͞i͠҉͏̠͚͇͖̹̬͖̺̞̙̯̻̥̭͘͘g̨̬͕̯͚̳̳͖̩̘͉̀ ͢҉̮͎̺͎͇̤̖̳͍͓͔͈̥̟̠̫ͅB̷̴̡̙̮̗̬̣͕̖̬̼ͅr̜͎͕̹̗̮̺͜͞o̡҉̞͕̺͉̖̞̱͓̲͎t̛͙̜͎̣̫̠̠͖͇̘̗͍̰͙̦͟ͅḩ̷̵̥̟͚̘̭̗e̶̴̗̫͈̣̭̗r̵̨̨̲̼͈̱̞̘͓̦̦͔̲͈̟̯̀͟ͅ ̷͙̻̙̙̫̭̥̼̗̙̝͉̯͓̙̺̖͘͢͠ͅn̴̨̙͈̖͎̳̖͚̙͍̩̖ͅo̴̖̼̬̣̮̘̩̪̪̪̗̜͍ẃ̡͢͠͏̖̖͔̹̺̤̬̦̺̥̹̭̰͍̯̙ͅ.̢̡̳̞̠̲̻̤̫͎̳"̢̫̪̖̙̞̦͕̙̭͢