Day of the Dads (Starter for linesofsanzu)

Franken knocked on the door to Kid’s room, he was not dressed up, not really, still wearing that oversized lab coat that, while stitched together, still seemed to fit all wrong over his ever-changing physic. “Kid, it’s Dr. Stein…” it was weird to call himself that to his own step son, but they were not what one would call close. 

A cigarette dangled from his lips, a clear sign he was either stressed, mad, or just annoyed as hell at some sort of circumstance beyond his control. The ember gleamed in the dim light of the hall illuminating a clearly frowning, stitched-up face. 

“I got bad news…” he sighed glaring up toward the bedroom. “Your father had work in Czechoslovakia tonight, it’ll just be the two of us at dinner…. well… and my dad…" 

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Oops, Matt was drunk. 


He wasn’t super drunk. Just drunk enough that he’d decided it was a fantastic idea to wander around the streets, laughing at whatever it was he found funny. Which was everything, really.

Eventually, he flopped down in a field and decided to stargaze. Footsteps sounded behind him and he tried to tilt his head back far enough to look at the newcomer, which didn’t work, needless to say. 

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“Gisme, pees.” Whatever they were holding in their hand, the two year old wanted it very badly. Enough to go over to the stranger and gently tug on the fabric of their pants, so that they take notice of him.

Libraries Are Fun (Closed Rp @linesofsanzu)

Emerald eyes scanned the area before the female heaved a heavy sigh. Soul was at Blackstar’s playing videogames, Liz and Patty had taken Tsubaki to the mall saying something about fashion tips, and Maka had no clue was Kid was doing. So, that left her with one place to go, She walked up to the library, a smile lighting her features. The library always had a calming effect on her and always had a tendency to make her happy. It wasn’t the one in the academy though, it was the one closest to the market. She immediately walked in, greeted the librarian then picked out one of her favorite novels and plopped down on the library sofa before she began reading, all of her focus on the book like a movie in her head.

I STOLE THIS FROM beach-city-residence
1. Why did you choose your URL?
it’s her codename. demise. cause she’s been dead
2. What is your middle name?
emory/emery i haven’t decided how to spell it
3. If you could own a fairytale / fictional pet, what would it be?
mermaid idk
4. Favourite colours?
red and pink
5. Favourite song?
seven nation army by the white stripes
6. What are your top five fandoms?
tokyo ghoul, hxh, Steven universe, Scott Pilgrim, and gangsta
7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
i dont please save me from this hell
8. Tag your Tumblr crushes:
zapdex linesofsanzu that’s it ness is my only tumblr crush (jk but i don’t want my crush to know so)

Suspicions * RP w/ linesofsanzu

Levi yawned as his day started a little later than usual. He actually allowed himself to sleep in, something he rarely did since his days were usually full of stealing, murdering, smoking, the occasional meal.

You know, the usual.

He decided to start his day with boiling water. Even a criminal liked to keep his shit as pristine as he possibly could, despite his shitty circumstances. With a bucket in one hand, and a pan and tinder box in the other, he headed down to the only place in the Underground with decent water.

It was a type of stony clearing with a single body of water that flooded each and every time it rained, so it was the most reliable source of freshwater down here. He looked up to see just how the weather would be– and noticed a type of large bird hovering just above. He covered his eyes to the sun to observe the bird further. Very strange, he’d never seen something like that before.

But he lived in a world with giant cannibals, so he couldn’t say he was knowledgeable about every fucking creature on this Earth.

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Oh, look it’s a giant spider mech stomping down a street. And on a car. And smashing a mailbox. Hey. At least the thing isn’t destroying houses yet. But the boy piloting it is frowning.

No, small scale vandalism didn’t work. It never does. But it was worth a shot. And for the moment, he’ll continue on it. Pokey is on his beat regardless of his feelings. However, unlike his usual, cruel self, he’s a little more… dour.

This was rubbish. Was he patrolling? Patrolling what? More like ‘walking around in the cold’ is more like it. Honestly, the time-dimensional traveler didn’t have anything better to do. Leaning back in his seat with his arms crossed and glowering, he called out to anybody that might’ve bothered to listen.

This is it. I can feel the surge of un-tapped power flowing throughout my body. It feels almost like when I first connected my Sanzu Lines whilst fighting Asura, except this time it is far more powerful. One hit should suffice. Say your Goodbyes, Shaula, for this God of Death will not show you any mercy, now or in the afterlife.
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