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There’s been some talk about the amount of lines every character in RWBY has had over each volume, so I thought it’d be nice to put it into something visual for ease of use. The last chart is just the top 20 characters with the most lines, obviously there are more characters than that.

Some observations:

  • Volume 4 is the first volume where male characters have collectively had more lines than female characters. This has been an overall trend across the series however the swing was dramatic come vol 4
  • Ruby had the lion’s share of lines in volume 1 and 2 but tends get the same as other characters come volume 3 and 4.
  • Ruby, Weiss and Yang have had less lines every volume whilst other characters fluctuate depending on the plot.
  • Had it not been for Ruby’s monologue in the final episode of volume 4 she would have been in 3rd place for that volume.
  • Volume 2 is the only time that team RWBY has held all 4 top spots.
  • Father figures such as Qrow, Taiyang, Li and Ghira tend to speak more and have bigger roles than mothers like Kali, Raven and An.

A bit of background behind how these numbers came to be under the cut.

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Particular Taste

The boys of Hawthorne academy take a field trip to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, Michael gets a little too infatuated with one of the witches.

Pairing: Michael Langdon x Y/N

Warnings: fluff, sarcasm, reader playing hard-to-get 🤪, Young!Michael, Pre-smut? maybe? Sexual tension

Word Count: 1.2k

She’ll take your name and number,

 then hit erase and walk away.

“Cordelia, is this really necessary?” You inquired, pacing after the blonde supreme whilst sending a confused eyebrow raise towards Zoe who stood in the living room mentoring another generation of witches, who were incredibly rare to come by in this day and age.

“It will be a nice change of scenery for the warlocks,” She stated, as almost if she was trying to convince herself into the whole ordeal leaving you even more baffled in the process.

“And when have you become lenient towards this idea?” You exclaimed, your voice raising as it seemed to do when you were offended, proving a point, or questioning one’s logic it seemed to be the latter in this situation. 

“They say one of them is rival to me as supreme,” She reiterated while turning on her pristine white heels to face you, her expressionless face almost intimidating, but you had grown to see through the facade she held up to protect her girls including you.

“But there is no way, there has never been-,” You began to attempt to muster up an excuse for it to be cancelled, gesturing with your hands to emphasise your point. 

“I know Y/N, now get back to preparing for your classes I have matters to deal with,” Cordelia explained, shutting you down abruptly. She was hiding something you could tell but you decided not to press any further. 

You felt like you were being scolded by your mother, as the best in the class you took offence to Cordelia’s words holding a back a snarl of disrespect. Hasn’t she realised that you might be in line for the next supreme?

“I want to meet this rival,” You spoke bitterly, mumbling to yourself while standing in the hallway clenching your fists almost painfully.

The next few days you anticipated were full of pressing anxiety about meeting the young warlocks, unsure of how to approach them without showing your distaste and impulsiveness. The two traits that almost defined you as a witch.

“They’ve arrived,” Coco called out signalling the rest of the coven to get in line to greet their male equivalents, hopefully, they would adjust easily and not cause too much of a ruckus.

“Girls,” Zoe scolded, coordinating the witches into the line whilst sending you a reassuring smile which seemed to calm you down slightly, it was like you were radiating steam as you stood poised on the staircase.

As the warlocks began to enter, you stepped elegantly down the stairs in the small black dress you wore on ‘special’ occasions. Catching the needy eyes of the warlocks you let out a scoff, lips upturning into a smile when you reached the bottom, your heels clicking against the floor satisfyingly. 

“Miss Cordelia will be down soon,” You explained cordially, with the help of your sisters you began to usher the warlocks into the living room.

Your eyes locked with a strawberry blonde-haired boy noticing the way he was gawking, you gave him a playful wink. The power you had over the male species gave you surges of energy that nothing else could. 

Their uniforms were very cute, the small buttoned on tie and black and white ensemble was a proper gentleman’s outfit.

They had no issue sitting in their assigned seats, however, the one that had caught your eye before sat next to you regardless of the name placements on the table. 

“What’s your name?” You asked him, fixing your gaze on tapping the blue ballpoint pen repeatedly against the table trying your hardest to be polite.

“Michael, Langdon,” His name rolled from his tongue like pure honey, making you almost tingle with how unexpectedly deep his voice was. After a long almost awkward silence, he spoke up again gaining your attention.

“And yours?” He pursed his lips, as if he was holding his breath which almost made you let out a small laugh his persona was cute, you’d have to admit.

“Oh, you’re going to have to work a lot harder for it than that,” You sincerely replied, tilting your head at him almost observingly as your silk-like hair fell in front of your face.

The sound of Cordelia’s iconic heels clicking against the ground caught your undivided attention, staring at your supreme your lips upturned into an ignorant smirk. 

“Welcome, to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for gifted women,” Cordelia introduced, gathering a few scoffs from the audience which prompted you to send the few death stares.

“Today, you will be split into the levels of your magic ability, each group will be assigned an instructor,” She went on, pacing around the room unnervingly she seemed to have that effect on males.

As soon as those words left her mouth, You, Zoe, Coco and Mallory raised your hands signalling that it was them. 

“Level one’s with Coco, level two’s with Mallory, Level three’s with Zoe, Level fours and fives with Y/N,” After stating the instructions, she quickly exited the room leaving the girls to handle the warlocks.

Slowly but surely each level left the room, you scorned as you realised Michael was stuck with you, how coincidental.

“So you’re the warlock who is rivalling the supreme?” You asked, removing yourself from the dining table waiting for him to follow after your actions. 

“It seems that way Miss Y/N, do you have a problem with that?” He fired a question back at you, his tongue was going to get him in trouble one day if it hadn’t already.

“Depends,” You whispered into his ear, leaning into his figure noticing how his breath hitched you kissed your teeth in response as if you were debating something before pulling away, leaving the poor boy flustered as a faint blush dusted across his cheeks.

“Well that explains a lot,” You giggled, tucking a piece of stray hair behind your ear, acting like a typical school-girl. Turning to walk away, he clasped his nimble fingers around your fragile wrist refraining you from doing so.

“I’d be careful If I was you, Y/N,” He warned, his face just uncomfortably inches away from your face as your hand pressed against his chest.

“Oh, I’m shaking in my boots,” you exclaimed overdramatically rolling your eyes as you tried to awkwardly tug your arm away from him.

“Michael, I’ll ask you once, kindly let go of me,” You growled through gritted teeth, seeing the excitement flare in his eyes, he was asking for it. 

He shook his head a smirk forming on his perfect lips, making your jaw clench out of instinct. 

“Rursus,” You muttered under your breath, barely lifting a finger as his body went flying back onto the cold hard ground in the living room, the force enough was nearly enough to knock him out.

“You’re more powerful than I thought, I’m impressed,” He coughed out regaining the air in his lungs as he stood up fixing his tie, his prince charming like hair was now dishevelled.

“My effort wasn’t half bad, but you should see me in bed,” You remarked, hearing another loud unexpected cough from your comment probably taking him by surprise with your confidence.

“Now are you coming or not warlock?” You bit your red-stained bottom lip a mischievous smile evident on your face, facing the hall waiting to feel his presence behind you.

He shook his head almost in disbelief as he began to trail after you, pinning his own hands behind himself and comfortably almost contently listening to your sultry voice.

‘—until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old—’

as i see it, arthur and a lot of people may have naturally looked to alfred—his eldest son, the heir, the industrial colossus—for deliverance. but it’s matthew who is by his side from the start. matt’s the second prince; the one at times overlooked and taken for granted by arthur. but it’s matt who steps into the breach in 1940; sending men and women and food and weaponry, so disaster doesn’t turn into annihilation. matt, reliable and grimly prepared to do the crucial job of holding the line, whilst america’s interventionists contended with its isolationists. in my headcanon, he’s quieter and cuts a seemingly less bold figure than his brother—but when the time calls for it, he’s icily steadfast and ruthless. the new world stepping forth to the rescue and liberation of the old? yes, but in more ways than one. 


Minhyun does not do crying…

Minhyun is a resilient, brave and motivated individual who always strives to be the best version of himself that he can be. Minhyun is a champion who works hard to overcome stigmas, replacing comments like ‘worst dancer’ to 'he dances really well!!’ He is diligent, diplomatic and most of all pure at heart; Minhyun’s kindness knows no bounds.

There’s a reason he gained so many fans whilst on Produce 101 and it’s not just because of his visuals but because he overcame adversity and he fought and he showcased his talents elegantly. Even when he falters and he stumbles, Minhyun gets back up again and carries on. It’s what he always has done. Minhyun knows how to handle difficult situations tactfully so that there is the best outcome for everyone, not just himself.

Minhyun thinks about others a lot and his selfless nature is what the other NU'EST members have always appreciated. He gives to others more of him than he even realises. He’s thoughtful and considerate but most importantly-Minhyun is always positive. When things get hard, he goes headfirst with a positive attitude. In NU'EST, he is the 'happy virus’. He is a beacon of light and he shines radiantly, whatever he does.

When Minhyun is upset, when something is bothering him, it’s not always obvious but sometimes there are tell tale signs. He might go quieter or he might come across a little reserved…but he doesn’t bottle things up because he knows he’s loved and he knows he has people he can turn to. Minhyun understands himself well. He can keep himself together even when he’s having a hard time. It’s not that he doesn’t want to show weakness, it’s more like he doesn’t want to burden others by showing an unhappy side, so he channels it healthily into exercise and hobbies. When he is alone, he can unravel himself and simply 'be’ and that’s why he likes going to movies alone or reading novels quietly in his room.

Every so often though, he will seek the company of a friend and that’s when he turns to the other members. Minhyun likes playing games with the other NU'EST members and watching movies with them and learning more about musical composition with them and joking around with them and eating ramen with them and going on spontaneous adventures with them and learning new languages with them and-

Minhyun needs all of NU'EST.
Even though he initially became a part of NU'EST, somewhere down the line NU'EST became a part of him. Knowing that promoting in 'Wanna One’ means being away from the other NU'EST members isn’t just sad because he’s being away from his brothers, but he’s going to be away from those people he has leaned on for support for the past 6-8 years. Ever since they were trainees, Pledis Boys worked hard together at a young age and formed a strong, honest bond of love and compassion for one another. Promoting without the NU'EST members, being apart from them for 2 years will be like losing a huge part of himself…and to be the leader of another group? It’s inconceivable especially when Minhyun has only followed JR diligently since the start.

The only other time Minhyun cried so openly is when JR wrote a letter during a Japanese live about how sorry he was that he hadn’t done enough for NU'EST and ㄴㅇㅅㅌs. Minhyun cried then because JR was vulnerable, upset and feeling shameful about his lack of leadership when Minhyun knew all too well how hard JR works for everyone. Minhyun doesn’t cry for himself, he cries for others. Seeing the people he cares for and loves deeply suffer hurts him most.

Minhyun cried today, not for himself but for his fellow NU'EST members.

Today, we saw Jonghyun, Minki and Dongho eliminated from the final Produce 101 season 2 line up whilst Minhyun achieved 9th place. Minhyun cried not for his own achievement but because he had to stand there, alone, whilst his fellow members cheered his success on whilst hurting inside. He was miserable because he felt like he had cheated them by succeeding even though we all know how hard he worked and how well he has done to gain more recognition. He felt like he didn’t deserve to be there without the other NU'EST members. He was vulnerable today, the most vulnerable we’ve ever seen him.

Minhyun doesn’t do crying…not unless someone he loves is suffering.

If you’ve supported NU'EST and Minhyun so far, I hope you’ll continue to support them all, whatever the uncertain future holds. Let’s continue to help ALL of NU'EST rise. Purchase and stream their songs on places like Mel0n and Genie, buy physical copies from places that contribute to the Hanteo chart, watch their music videos, share their music with others, share your experiences with NU'EST with others-just use this opportunity to spread as much love about NU'EST as you possibly can because during this fragile period, this is the best thing we can do.

Let’s prevent Minhyun from suffering and crying again…let’s not let any of NU'EST have a reason to cry again…


“You fucked the dairy goat?”

DeCarrington Dressing Guide Part Two

As promised, it’s part two of the DCDG! Want to look more like an elegant lady and less like a dumpster fire? Then read on.

In part one, I talked about some basics between male and female shapes, which I’m going to go into a bit more detail on today.

Shoulders to Hip Ratio 

Take a look at these two below. I’ve used ‘lines’ on a ‘computer’ to draw a line down from where the edge of the shoulder would be, more or less in line with the clavicle. (Apologies for the shutterstockness, I am too poor to spend money on stockphotos for the purpose like this)

As we can see, on the male figure there is a clear space between the line and the hips, whilst the wider hips of the female character do not have this. What we need to do is either make the shoulders appear smaller, or the hips bigger, or ideally, both. So lets look at options.

Making shoulders appear smaller.

If we think of the male torso as being an “inverted v” shape, this is what leads to top heaviness in looks i.e. too much going on up top, not enough below the waist (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID) So to neutralise, this, we use the opposite shape with clothes. That is, less towards the shoulders, and more towards the waist and below.

Of course I don’t mean literally, or we’d end up looking like this:


Remember that bit from part one about dark colours receding? Well, that’s what we’re going to use here. Using dark colours on the top half will create the illusion of them being smaller, especially if you are wearing a lighter coloured skirt for example. One thing I do often is to wear a black skinny jacket, to hide arms and shrink my top half.

Certain necklines will work better to minimise chunky shoulders- V necks make the torso appear longer, as do most plunging necklines. Halter tops are great too (90s revival is in at the moment) and scoop necks soften necklines. Just make sure you shave your chest though! 

There are definitely shapes to avoid though- bardot tops are everywhere at the moment, and sadly these are a no no if you have broad shoulders, the visible skin will make your shoulders look broad. Same with wide boat necks. Strapless dresses will also make you look broad, which can make finding prom dresses a pain! (You can hide them with a bolero or shrug though.)

Look for these things:

  • V necks
  • Halter Tops
  • Wide straps
  • Diagonal sleeves
  • Kimono sleeves
  • Narrow lapels and collars
  • Long necklaces

Avoid these:

  • Bardot tops
  • Strapless tops
  • Wide necklines
  • Thin straps
  • Ruffled/detailed/embellished shoulders
  • Shoulder pads
  • Wide collars/lapels

Strapless dress? Use a bolero to hide them shoulders. 

Making the hips appear wider.

Once, again we can use optical illusions to alter our silhouettes. Have you heard that a short person should never wear horizontal stripes? Well, that’s cos the’ll make things appear wider, which is ideal for us. Horizontal striped skirts have this effect. Perfect!

Certain skirt shapes will be better too, skirts with a bit of volume are much easier to style then pencil skirts. This is another article in itself! 

There is another weapon though:


To push the shoulder to hip ratio to a slightly more workable one, what you can do is use padding. I usually wear padded boyshorts, as they help give me a bit more hip and bum. If I’m wearing a pencil skirt I’ll often put a little bit of extra foam padding in them too to create curves.

There’s also stick on silicon hip pads you can get, but they’re pretty pricey so I’ve not tried them yet. (Maybe I should get an amazon wishlist and put some on it!) 

Using a combination of the above, plus if you are lucky with genetics, you may be able to break some of the above rules, but generally I stick to the above.

Next time I think I’ll look at creating a waist, and proportions. 

Keep it Regal


Ok so imagine college!ethan being extremely successful when it comes to getting girls. He’s super high up in frat hierarchy and is always the centre of attention at parties, so much so that he’s essentially infamous on campus. But Ethan feels as though he always has to play dumb whilst talking to girls, afraid he’ll scare them off with his intelligence and his fierce passion for literature / philosophy / sci-fi movies that go beyond the stereotypical alien invasion plot line.
So whilst he’s basking in the spotlight on a Friday night, fireball coursing through his veins, he keeps conversation to a minimum. He slings an arm around one of the girls that constantly gravitates towards him whenever he’s somewhat intoxicated and pretends it doesn’t bother him that she’s fixated on the curve of his jaw and not his plethora of theories about War and Peace.

This all changes when he walks into his philosophy lecture on a gloomy Tuesday afternoon to find a girl sat in his regular aisle seat. She has a laptop covered in stickers set out in front of her along with copious colour-coded notes and an adorable selection of pastel gel pens. Not wanting to disrupt her impressive feng shui, Ethan takes the seat across the aisle from her and studies her, unable to figure out how he’s never noticed her, before taking out his supplies. He’s become accustomed to looking at pretty people, he’s surrounded by them almost every waking minute, but Ethan can’t quite comprehend this girl’s beauty. She seems to transcend all he’s ever known when it comes to attractiveness and he couldn’t tell you exactly what it is about her that has him so transfixed, having only acknowledged her side-profile for mere seconds. Her hair is pinned away from her face so he examines the soft curve of her nose and the way her lips pout ever so subtly as she begins writing what he can only assume is the date in her notebook.

The lecture begins and Ethan feels himself drift into the familiarity of note-taking and highlighting and taking pictures of the presentation the academic has prepared for them. He enjoys learning, just absorbing information that challenges him to think and analyze and critique. His peace is disturbed by the sound of shuffling coming from his right, so he naturally turns to connect the noise to its maker. She’s waving her hand in the air innocently, gazing patiently towards their lecturer and Ethan’s brow can’t help but furrow. This is college, nobody raises their hands.
But she has something to say, something valid and blatantly well-considered as she draws a connection between hard determinism and the work of some lawyer that saved his clients from capital punishment.
Ethan can’t quite believe it.
She’s not being a smartass or a goody-two-shoes, just sharing some genuinely constructive information that he finds himself writing down underneath his most recent bulletpoint. This girl he’d never encountered before with an extensive stationery collection and adorable little star shaped earrings seems to be a gift from the gods. 

Ethan doesn’t muster up enough courage to talk to her for another three weeks, silently watching with sheer admiration as she takes his preferred aisle seat each lecture. Yet fate seems to work in mysterious ways, as one night as he’s unforgivably inebriated at one of the fraternities closest to his, he sees her. She’s wearing her cute star earrings, holding a red cup and gesticulating frantically with her free hand as she engages with one of Ethan’s frat brothers. A surge of what can only be deemed intense bravery washes over Ethan, he’s leaning on one of his friends watching her intently and then he isn’t.
He can feel himself weaving through clusters of students until he reaches the window seat she’s perched on and in a desperate struggle to appear sober, he wraps his arm around Josh’s middle. Her face lights up at the sight of him, instantly recognising him as the boy that sat opposite her in philosophy.
“Hi,” she smiles, giving him the tiniest of waves despite his close proximity. Ethan grins at her and returns the wave with a slightly slurred greeting. Josh, being acutely aware of Ethan as a human being, takes this as a sign to leave and makes his way towards a group of senior girls.

“I can’t believe I haven’t introduced myself to you yet!” She laughs and Ethan swears his heart hasn’t ever beat faster.
“I know,” he holds out his hand, “I’m Ethan.”
She takes it in her own and gives it a firm shake, “Y/n.”

The two spend the night sat on the window seat; Ethan conjuring enough confidence to tell her that her comment on Clarence Darrow helped him tremendously and y/n blushing furiously at his steady stream of praise for her. For the first time in years Ethan Dolan feels like he can talk without fear of judgement or lack of understanding. Y/n’s eyes widen with each sentence he strings together, utterly astounded by this beautiful boy’s intelligence and wit. She listens with the deepest admiration as he lists his War and Peace theories, far too enraptured in him to question or ask for elaboration.
Topic shifts naturally to sci-fi movies and as Ethan is on the very cusp of asking her which is her favourite, she delves into a perceptive analysis of a fairly recent one she’s watched.
“It’s just this perfect combination of classic sci-fi and this crazy philosophical questioning of humanity. I just sat there in awe, Ethan.”
“Tell me about it.” He rasps, turning into her slightly.
“So Amy Adams is the lead and she’s brilliant, completely brilliant. Basically she’s a linguist-”
“Wait, is this Arrival?”
“Oh my god! You’ve seen it?” She’s never felt so much excitement in one night.
“Of course I have! I took Josh to go watch it with me, it all went over his head but I loved every second.” 

From that point onwards, y/n didn’t sit in the aisle seat. She sat one seat in from Ethan who was more than happy to return to his rightful spot in the lecture hall. They shared notes, made jokes under their breath about spelling mistakes on the PowerPoint and cried with laughter at someone behind them’s weird sneeze. Philosophy was never boring, it just seemed to get progressively less tedious when they were together.
It took Ethan maybe a month or so to ask her out properly. He’d stumbled over his invitation with nerves and fear of being rejected by the first girl he genuinely liked. Of course she said yes, there was no reason for her not to. Y/n was all Ethan Dolan had wanted and he was more than she could have ever asked for in a study partner.
College was a rollercoater of intoxicated highs and sobering lows, but as long as each of his essay titles were underlined in pastel gel pen, Ethan Dolan was ridiculously content.

This is my first ever piece of writing posted here! I really do hope you enjoyed it, thank you so much for reading - K <3

Soulmate AU: You Can’t Lie to Your Soulmate (Mobster!Ben Organa-Solo x Reader)

A/N: Holy shit, it’s been half a year and I’m only just now posting a Kylo Ren fic.

Ben Organa-Solo and Kylo Ren were not the same person. Sure, they were both very tall, dark-haired young men who expressed an air of intelligence and aloofness, and they were never seen in the same place at the same time, but that was to be expected: Ben Organa-Solo was the well to-do son of an adored senator, a self-proclaimed arts dealer by trade on top of that. Kylo Ren was a mask-wearing gang leader who terrorized an entire city doing God acknowledges what under the shade of night. 

No, they certainly weren’t the same … Because Ben Organa-Solo had the sense and decency to hide that side of himself from everyone else.

Nobody needed to know that his friends (?) Armitage Hux or Phasma Silverman were more like his righthand man and woman in crime. Nobody needed to know that an abundance of his money was actually linked to his involvement in black-and-grey market sales or back alley dealings with the indebted. And nobody really needed to know that he had been out on this particular evening, inflicting a hit on some deplorable who couldn’t keep his mouth shut about a deal gone awry. 

That’s what made Ben’s sudden visit to the hospital for a cut running down his left temple to the bottom of his cheek both unexpected but easier to get away with: nobody knew who he moonlighted as, so he could just lie about it.

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Send in a symbol and I’ll start a new thread with a personal starter based on the symbol! 

💋 - for my muse to surprise yours with a kiss (could be anywhere) 

♥ - for my muse to use bad pick up lines on your muse (whilst possibly drunk) 

♪ - for my muse to be caught singing in the shower 

♫ - for my muse to catch your muse singing in the shower 

☼ - for my muse to be caught doing something illegal 

► - for my muse to be scolded by your muse 

♣ - for my muse being chased by something/someone 

♠ - for my muse to punch your muse 

◘ - for your muse to punch my muse 

○ - for my muse to accidentally end up in your muses’ universe 

◙ - for your muse to accidentally end up in my muses’ universe 

‼ - for my muse to get angry at your muse 

¶ - for my muse to be injured and your muse is patching them up 

§ - for your muse to be injured and my muse is patching them up 

↨ - for my muse to goof off with your muse 

↓ - for my muse to get drunk and emotional 

↔ - for our muses to fight one another 

! - for my muse to apologize to your muse 

✿ - for my muse to give yours a flower/bouquet

🍂 - for our muses to enjoy a walk together 

🎶 - for my muse to dance with your muse 

⊙‿⊙ - for my muse to see your muse in their fancy/formal wear 

♘ - for my muse to be caught crying 

☎ - my muse drunk dials your muse 

✛ - my muse trying to calm your muse down 

🍳 - my muse to cook yours a meal 

😇 - our muses to go about in disguises 

💘 - my muse to profess to loving yours (are they joking? who knows!)

typo : d.d

brief summary: being in a long distance relationship with david and no longer knowing if you can make it work

thank you for the request and I hope you like it. 
I found some old poetry and incorporated it into this and I quite liked the outcome. :) - it’s angsty so if you’re in that mood I’ve got you covered


Originally posted by atsueden

I missed waking up in the mornings knowing I’d be greeted by his sleepy smile or a mumbled sentence that wasn’t quite coherent just yet. I missed the way he’d reach out, bring his arms around me until I was resting against his chest, hearing him hum in complete content.

All of the touches, the gentle kisses and supportive hugs were mere ghosts against my skin now as we sit facing one another over pixelated screens. We’ve been trying long distance for six months now and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier to comprehend. 

When I was offered a job in Paris I couldn’t turn it down, David knew how much of a boost this would give me in my line of work. He threw a party when I got accepted, but that was when we anticipated me being there short term. That was when they told me there isn’t a current end date to my stay in Paris which strained the last few weeks of our relationship. 

“How’s Paris?” He asks nonchalantly. The excitement of being in one of the worlds most famous cities has become an afterthought and lacks the thrill it first had. 

Shrugging my shoulders I glance out of my window, seeing the street view below near the remains of the Notre Dame. “It’s okay, bit cold.” I respond blandly as I pull at the blanket around my shoulders. 

We’ve passed the idea of him ever being able to visit as he’d be stuck here with no way out. His career couldn’t last here without all of his friends, even if I were the one he would be stuck with. 

It wasn’t easy knowing there wasn’t a date we could work towards. There isn’t a time when I can take a trip back home to be with him, even for a short while. “LA is boiling as ever, remember when we went to that beach?” He asks as his lips are out of sync with his words, the joy of that memory fading with the reality of this poor connection. 

“Yeah, it was a good one.” I mumble as I lower my head, fighting back the tears once more but I know he can’t see them, no matter how good his internet may be over there. “You up to anything today?” Quietly asking I can hear the others in the background, the laughter spreading down the line whilst it remains ghostly on my end, the only sound being the cars outside of the city and my neighbours arguing about their stray cat.

Checking the time I knew it was early, he had his whole day ahead whilst mine was coming to an end. “Got some new bits to film and then hopefully going to record the podcast. How’d you feel if you joined in on a section of it? I’m sure Joe could make that work somehow.” I can’t ignore the hope in his voice, how it is dragging behind him as he raises his eyebrows slowly. 

“Okay, let me know, yeah?” I try to copy his tone, but it falls flat. “I guess I better let you go and get on with filming. Don’t want to hold you up.” I couldn’t help but feel like a nuisance, I was always preventing work from being done when he’d call. 

If I were there it’d be different as David knew I was there, even if I were asleep in his bed he could finish editing and come keep me company. But now, if he wants to see me he has to stop working, call me and have a conversation. 

Sometimes it’s too forced and others it feels like old times. The way things used to be. He was so eager to see the sights of Paris that I’d send his way and I would laugh at the photos he’d send of our friends. But now photos became infrequent, the laughter has officially died down. 

“I’ll speak to you soon,” He states as he glances behind his shoulders, holding his hand up to someone off of the screen. “love you, bye.” Before I can respond he’s gone as the words hover over my lips.


My fingertips hover over the keys, unsure which order my words would come out in. I struggle to control the shaking no matter how many times I tell myself it would be worthwhile, that after this the weight would be lifted from my shoulders and his too. Except now it felt like the weight was only increasing as if that all it will ever do and defeat me every time.

I knew the words, I knew each letter and its location. But I can’t bring myself to do it, all of the events play in my head like a broken record, scratched, damaged but still loved. They didn’t need to be on repeat, I need a new record, I need my escape.

Applying light pressure onto the keys I shut my eyes as I type the letters, they remain slow but swift in movement as I can feel a build-up of tears in my closed eyes. 

Opening them they remain glossy, causing the screen to be blurred. But as soon as I blink and scan the words typed on the page, the words I had written as my finger hovered the enter button I hit delete. 

Seeing the words, even for a split second was breaking my heart. I couldn’t do that to him, not like this. To know he could simply block me out, refuse to accept my calls because he had no other means of seeing me was tearing me apart. The painful reality of being long distance is finally settling in as the hope of making it work fades away. 

Closing the lid of my laptop I wrap my blanket around my shoulders tighter as I walk over to my bay window, watching as Paris remains illuminated whilst my final light, a hope finally dies out.

So the trailer showed us some available past-Pokemon but I wanna throw out a few more I hope appear in the region. Less about personal bias, and more to do with their origins and the region’s origins: 

  • Lapras - it’s inspired by plesiosaurs and the Loch Ness Monster 
  • Snubbull/Granbull - based on the British Bulldog as well as Cu Sith, a type of dog-like Fae from our folklore. 
  • Pidove line - Pigeons are EVERYWHERE here, and pheasants (like its evolutions) are common game birds in the UK. 
  • Mudbray/Mudsdale - okay so donkeys can be found in many countries but the Cyldesdale draft horse (which Mudsdale is based on) is a Scottish breed. 
  • Klefki - plays into British and Irish Fae folklore (Fae - specifically fairies - are often blamed for items such as keys going missing)
  • Houndour/Houndoom - based on Hellhounds BUT they work as representations of Black Shuck, a ghostly black dog from British folklore. 
  • Mareep line - aside from New Zealand, Wales has the highest ratio of sheep to people globally. Give us the sheep Pokemon. 
  • Wingull/Pelipper - Pelicans are typical rare vagrant visitors in the UK but seagulls? Oh my god, even inland you can’t escape them. They’re EVERYWHERE. 
  • Ponyta/Rapidash - Mostly for Rapidash and it being a unicorn, a creature in folklore as well as part of the royal court of arms. (it is also Scotland’s national animal)
  • Ducklett/Swanna - I mean… ducks everywhere here but more for Swanna, given ‘wild’ swans in the UK actually belong to the Queen (though she doesn’t enforce this beyond a certain stretch of the River Thames). 
  • Litleo/Pyroar - Obviously lions are not a native (or invasive) species, but there are the national animal of England and alongside the unicorn, part of the royal court of arms. 
  • Budew line - Whilst roses are found across the Northern Hemisphere in nature, they’re the nation flower of England and of course there is the classic ‘English Rose’ epithet. 
  • Bagon line - Salamence is as close to a typical western-style dragon as you can get. Also it’s partially red, which works as Wales’ national animal and flag symbol - the red dragon. 

Feel free to add on!

Okay everyone, HERE IT IS!! The Cockles Bridal Op. I want to start out by saying that I was not expecting any sort of recognition at all about this photo…but needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. Secondly, I want to say that @livebloggingmydescentintomadness handled the situation very well and she doesn’t deserve any hate due to the situation. Lastly, feel free to save/use this picture, but please give credit if you do ❤
As promised, the conversation:
So I know in my head what I wanted to do, I wanted Jensen to pick up Misha and then Misha to stretch out his legs and like do a ‘draw me like one of your French girls’ pose while I held his legs and Jensen held his top…well whilst in line for the OP, the girl in front of me told me that there was a sign saying saying they weren’t supposed to pick fans up. So I was like…crap. So when I got up to my op, I asked.
Me: So…I know you’re really not supposed to pick anyone up…but could you (Jensen) pick him (Misha) up?
Misha: Well actually he’s not strong enough…
Jensen: Well actually he’s a bit heavy right now…
*I look down, a bit disappointed but I say OK because I have another idea. Out of the corner of my eye I see a handler lady coming up, I assume to ask what was taking so long*
Handler lady: Nonononono!
*I look up to see Jensen had picked Misha up into his arms bridal style. Utterly shocked, I just got in and posed for the photo. Afterwards I gave them hugs and thanked them*

It was the best day of my life.

Thank you all for being so patient with me! 💖

Things are progressing fairly smoothly with my project, and I’m delighted to finally introduce Dormon and her line!
Whilst SnowBotamon is a bit of a cop-out, it fit in well enough with her line.
Her in-training, Mausmon, is based on the mouse that swam in the sea made from Alice’s tears in the book.
Dormon is, of course, based on the dormouse. She is tired and dislikes fighting and gets around by use of her magic sugar pot, which can float. Her tea pot scalds her enemies with scorching-hot tea!
Finally, Weissmon, based on the white rabbit. Digimon pierced with her spear shaped like a clock hand will find themselves slowing down for a short time.

soulmate!jake d. x reader hcs

pairing; jake dillinger x reader

requested; don’t think so, but maybe 

a/n; btw i kinda base my jake off of a mixture of the book jake and musical jake ok cool. also this is rly long sorry


  • ok so you have gone to school with jake since like 5th grade but you just never really knew him?? like obviously you knew OF him because who doesn’t know of jake dillinger??
  • so when you turned 16 you slowly started hearing some kid’s thoughts randomly during the day, but you couldn’t decipher out who’s voice it was 
  • whoever it was constantly had alternative rock stuck in their head during your third period and you just thanked them (which to your own surprise you got a ‘you’re welcome’ thought back to you) and continued to annotate through hamlet
  • ((hey hamlet,, be more chill))
  • it was weird that honestly once you left school you not a single thought of the person’s entered your mind. although part of you appreciated that in a small sense.
  • that stayed constant until you turned 17, then you immediately woke up with a migraine. you began hearing his thoughts more frequently, so you did some research on this whole soulmate thing.
  • unlike many other parents, yours never heavily concentrated on you needing to find your soulmate. instead they focused on you being successful without the help of someone else. 
  • anyways,, you found out how to cut the line between the two of you (which he hadn’t which led to many awkward times late at night) for short amounts of time. you found you needed to cut the line whilst you were trying to sleep since whoever your soulmate was decided 10 o’clock was the perfect time to get some rap song stuck in his head. that shocked you because he usually just listened to alternative rock.
  • so this routine kind of just went in a circle for the next few weeks, until you were walking down the hallway and your head began to just ache so badly. you had read about how when you got close to your soulmate for the first time your head will ache and you could even get a nosebleed, and you hoped it wouldn’t be that. 
  • as you unlocked your locker to put your bag into it for the weekend a  body was slammed into you causing you to be knocked into the lockers. 
  • “what the fuck? seriously?” was all you could say once you got your breath back. the pounding in your head had grown to an almost unbearable pain and you looked down and a droplet of blood fell from your nose. 
  • you kind of thought you were dying, but you knew what was happening, and this wasn’t how you necessarily wanted it to happen
  • you looked up to see jake and he just looked so dumbstruck
  • like he obviously knew what was happening
  • and you both just stared at eachother before rich cleared his throat
  • you looked over at him and slammed your locker closed and walking out to your bus
  • jake just watched you walk off for a second before running after you, and apologizing. 
  • he then took you to get coffee and drove you home

~ anyways onto the dating hcs ~

  • after you guys started going on dates your connection to his thoughts slowly faded away
  • jake was definitely the boyfriend to include you in everything
  • like if he was going to a party he wouldn’t go if you didn’t want to
  • he loves to write you poetry
  • you go see plays all the time and he gets so into talking about the plot afterwards
  • same goes with movies
  • for your one year anniversary he cooks you two dinner and sets up a fort in the floor of his aunt’s basement and you watch youtube videos and talk about everything
  • i just want to say i think jake would have glasses ok? ok
  • he never wears them until you see them on him one day and you just continuously compliment him about how attractive guys with glasses are
  • he immediately starts wearing them everyday
  • when he goes through his closet he gives you his t-shirts he doesn’t wear anymore
  • when you wear them to school he melts
  • he is huge on PDA. he’s always touching you in some way
  • this boy is dominant in every sense of the word and no one can tell me otherwise
  • ok im done