lines from a hat

Signature lines from Phan Fics (from the Fic collection)

Skin fic: (is there really one?)

Chair fic: how is it like to have delia inside you

Hat fic: And every month we buy a hamster

Chicken Fic: Cluck



AU Post: Dateline “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” in 2016. Harry and Louis were asked to be the guest star performers. They performed along with the show’s cast members, Colin and Ryan. Later in the show host Aisha Tyler introduces a game called “Scenes From A Hat”.

The game goes along greatly when all of sudden Aisha moves to the next suggestion. “Things that should not be kept in the closet”. Harry and Louis freeze at that point, the studio falls silent. Louis and Harry then look to each other for a couple seconds, “This is it?” Harry asks, Louis nods “This is it”. They step out onto the stage and look over to Veteran performers Colin and Ryan who both give them thumbs up.

Louis and Harry step out onto the stage, “US!” Louis yells for the suggestion. The Audience gasps, “It’s exactly what you think” Harry then states. The Audience erupts in cheers and a smattering applause, even giving them a standing ovation. Even the performers and host are applauding for them. Harry kisses Louis’ cheek.

Whose Line has let them come out.


Falling in love with you was beyond my control.

Patater - 38 - The Spy

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38. Person 1 is hired to spy on Person 2.
“Yes, Snowy, he just sitting there,” Alexei replied indignantly, “I promise.  Sitting with beer, not drinking it, and doing nothing. – No, nothing, I’m swearing Snowy.  Why you not believe in me.  I can defend in game, can be spy to.  Not so different.”

Silence drifted down the line as Alexei continued to peer under his hat brim from his place across the bar.  Snowy had charged him with keeping eyes on Parson so long as he was in the same city as Jack.  Alexei wasn’t entirely sure why this was so important, since no one ever seemed to tell him anything anymore.

Just one time you get caught speaking a bit too loudly when drunk, and everyone thinks you’re a blabbermouth.  Albeit, it was about one of the former rookies proposing to his girlfriend with her in the room, but it wasn’t that bad.  She did say yes in the end.

So, when he was asked to spy and given no other information, Alexei assumed whatever the reason, it must be important.  Plus, Snowy would have bullied him into doing it either way.  Goalies must be pleased.

“Snowy…you still there?”

“No Tater Tot, I ran away to Russia without you while we were talking.”

“Not need to be so rude.  I’m doing you favor.”

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“For primer, I use L’Oreal Revitalift Mircale Blur; it’s life a life-changing drugstore product with SPF 30. My favorite concealer is Cle de Peau; it’s totally worth the splurge. For powder, I use the M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish. I use my own red lipstick from my Art Deco line hat is out in Germany. It’s the one I wear the most. But it’s going away in June, so I’ll probably start using more of the Dior Rouge Dole Vita and Diorific Roulette Red. I also really like the M.A.C. Cherry lip pencil.”

“For liquid eyeliner, I use Blacktrack from M.A.C. or Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner. I fill my brows in with black powder. Then I love Diorshow Mascara, and I use Givenchy Phenomenon Eyes Mascara with the ball on the end, but just on my bottom lashes.” 

for those of you that may have been wondering.