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Did you see the leaked audition video. It seemed like lines said between EQ and Jefferson then Jefferon and Emma from Hat trick but with rewritten dialogue. Is that something they do for auditions. I thought they'd have them audition with the actual lines from the script they'd be doing for the role they'd be playing. If its not just for auditions then talk about lazy writing by talking old lines and changing some dialogue.

I hadn’t seen it, I had no idea what you were talking about, but intrepid girl detective @doddplaza found it for me. I’m not going to link to it because there is really nothing useful there and I don’t know if it’s been posted with the actresses permission or not. (You’re not missing anything)

Apparently it’s an audition tape for S7. To me it looked like something put together by the actress herself, perhaps to submit for consideration. In that case it would have been the actress selecting something from the show to read, not necessarily the show selecting it for her. Or perhaps the casting directors did take something from season 1 and ask for actresses to read it, perhaps because at the time nothing was written for S7 so they just needed a scene with an emotion they wanted to see in order to get a feel. However, in either case nothing about using something from S1 strikes me as unprofessional.

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Your swan story just made me think "What if a tiny 4'11 woman saw a transformed swan and was basically all 'please make me ripped too' and ended up building a house by the lake to be with her swan buds. And people keep passing by and thinking she's a swan in human form, and are not prepared for her friends when their wrong"

(I love this idea! I’m trying this new thing where I don’t write 5,000 words and don’t post because it doesn’t have an ending lol. So here’s a short one!)

“I’ll make her my wife!” Samuel declares, slamming his tankard on the bar. The men and women around him groan, but it’s his best friend Otis that speaks.

“You’ve said that everyday for the past week,” Otis says. “Maybe try talking to her first, huh?”

Samuel shakes his head so hard that his hair, tied up with a scrap of leather, comes undone. “We don’t need words. Our eyes met across the lake. The sun lit up her verdant eyes and–”

We fell in love instantly,” the pub choruses. The ladies in the back all take a shot, giggling at their incomprehensible game.

Samuel continues doggedly. “My mother married a frog, and I will marry myself a swan. Fairy tales run in my family, mate, you’ll see.”

“Sure, you drunk bastard,” Otis says and buys him another pint.

Samuel decides that tomorrow, tomorrow he’ll show them all.


“Good morning,” he calls from the fence line. He swipes his hat from his hand as the young woman turns and tries not to show his nerves. “L-lovely day we’re having, no?”

The young woman blinks at him. She’s small, thin arms and dainty feet with a long, lovely neck. This makes sense, of course, seeing that she is a swan in human form.

Samuel knows that at any moment, his love will invite him in, glad to finally have an excuse to be in his presence just as he is glad to be in hers. It is good that he knows this because the blood is pounding in his ears and he can hardly hear a thing over the thunder of his own heart.

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Words: 4,778.

Genre: Hogwarts!AU, fluff.

Summary: Ask any girl that thought Jeon Jungkook was handsome or any boy that thought Jungkook was a god and they would say he smelled like the purest form of any man with a harmonious smell of musk, cedar wood, and oak; like fresh rain that soaked in the middle of a mossy forest, spices, and black coffee – but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

A/N: I have no idea what made me want to write this but it was fun and I’m most definitely thinking of making an au for all the boys.

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I have a character who I write and draw named Hannah, a teenage black girl. Because her story takes place in the Dream World, she's always wearing pajamas. Not long before I discovered this blog, I learned that many black women wear head wraps to sleep. I want to be accurate to what black people wear to sleep, but Hannah's design has always involved her hair being visible. My question is, can she take the head wrap off but keep the rest of her pajamas on without it suspending disbelief?

Black Girl in a Dream World & Sleep Head Coverings

I do like the idea of keeping her hair visible and not hidden away or tied up 24/7. Seeing her pictured in her head wrap of choice at times would be cute and a nice piece of representation as well, though. 

Head wrap wise, you’ve got many choices, from silk bandanas, decorated to plain headwraps, and silk-lined hats, to the regular ole bonnet (commonly black but comes in colors, and often mistaken as a shower cap from those who don’t know what a hair bonnet is).

She could always be shown in the scarf, bonnet, or whatever she chooses to wear right around the time she goes to sleep/slides into her nightly routine.(Though as Brei mentioned here some do casually keep their wraps on longer.)

Also, some people, like myself (before I destroyed my pillowcase… but that’s another story), sleep on a satin pillow as a preferred night protection method and skip the bonnet most nights. 

All about the individual.

~Mod Colette