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You know, I think it’s really important to gain confidence as you go along but no one can prepare you for the playoffs. He’s had the right mentality coming in and he wants to contribute. He’s not just happy to be here and I think he’s shown that he’s willing to go to those tough areas, he’s willing to do what it takes, and he’s burying his chances. It’s great to see.

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  • Browse through a beautiful 250+ page digital artbook featuring over 1,500 illustrations throughout Street Fighter’s 30-year history.

Dear kiddos, what to say to you? Hmm… how about since yesterday’s lil fic was SO ANGSTY this one is much more comedic? Honestly, I had so much fun writing this, like, illegal amounts of fun. A huge thank you to Binna @ciceroniantrash for laughing with me as I wrote it and for giving me that stellar line. Enjoy this one, bbys! ;D <333

Hi I was wondering if you could maybe write a small jamilton fic where Hamilton gets hurt and needs surgery but cant pay for it and Thomas finds out so he pays for it? Wasn’t sure if request were open sry if they aren’t. P.s I love your storys :D

“Ouch, ouch, FU––” Alexander was seated in one of the library carrels that lined the windows overlooking the quad, hunched over his laptop,.

“Uh, Hamilton? Would you mind shutting the hell up? This is the third floor of the library, ya know, the quiet floor? And if you think I’m past texting the librarians to come up here and shush your ass then you’re––”

“Oh my god, Jefferson, do you ever stop being a complete jerk or is this just a 24/7 kinda deal?”

Thomas stood up and glared down at Hamilton, who was in the carrel in front of him. He was about to go off on him again when he noticed the smaller boy was rubbing at his wrists rather frantically.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he muttered.

Alexander stopped rubbing his wrists and turned to glare back at Thomas. “Creep much, creeper?”

Jefferson rolled his eyes. “Insult much?” He paused for a moment. “Seriously, though, what’s up?”

“Seriously, though, leave me the hell alone,” Alex said, turning back to his work. He’d typed no more than five words when he flinched, muttering under his breath again. “fuck fuck fuck”

“Seriously, did you like break your wrists?” Jefferson cocked a brow at Hamilton even though the smaller boy wasn’t looking his way.

“It’s called carpal tunnel if you absolutely must know, Jefferson. It happens when you actually do your work.”

“Fine, whatever,” Thomas mumbled, sinking back onto his seat. Instead of returning to his work, he pulled up a new tab and googled carpal tunnel cures.

The first result that came up was a list of home remedies. He scanned them, knowing certain ones, like take a break, would never happen. He pulled out his phone and opened up a new message with Alexander.

T-Jeffs: Have u tried brace thingys?

Alabama Hammerman: wtf r u talking about

T-Jeffs: For your carpal tunnel, idiot

Alabama Hammerman: stop mothering me, creep

T-Jeffs: when you’re in pain I can’t focus
T-Jeffs: bc you’re so fucking noisy about it

Alabama Hammerman: for ur information I have tried braces, ice, elevating them, blah blah blah
Alabama Hammerman: nada
Alabama Hammerman: that means “no” in spanish, since I know u only bother with french

T-Jeffs: I know what “nada” means you asshole
T-Jeffs: so what, you gonna try steroids, then? surgery?

Alabama Hammerman: HA
Alabama Hammerman: as if I could afford that lmao

T-Jeffs: I’m a trustfund baby u can trust me

Alabama Hammerman: I know you’re rich no need to rub it in my poor face

T-Jeffs: how stupid are you?

Alabama Hammerman: smarter than u seeing as I actually do my work. are we done here? these papers don’t write themselves

T-Jeffs: and u ain’t gonna be writing either if u don’t get this fixed
T-Jeffs: now what I was TRYING to tell you is that I’ll hook u up with that surgery

Alabama Hammerman: stop. this isn’t funny, Jefferson

T-Jeffs: who said I was being funny?
T-Jeffs: I’m serious

Alabama Hammerman: you’re gonna give the person you hate most in the world enough money for surgery? wow, i must really be annoying u with my pain or something

T-Jeffs: I can’t believe I have a crush on someone who is so stupid smfh

There was the sound of a phone dropping from Alex’s carrel. Then there was a muttered what the ever living fuck?

Thomas got up and waltzed over to Alexander. “You done being dense?”

“You done shitting me?”

“I’M NOT KIDDING!” Thomas yelled. Everyone on the third floor loudly shushed him. “I’m confessing my love here, people!” he said, swiveling his head around, trying to glare at everyone he could.

“LOVE?” Alexander choked.

“Well… shit…” Thomas muttered, running a hand through his hair. For the first time in maybe his entire life, Thomas Jefferson was legitimately anxious.

“Love?” Alexander whispered, his eyes so wide it looked like they were about to pop out of his head.

“I mean, you weren’t supposed to know that yet, but yes, Hamilton. Love.”

“You love me and you’re still calling me ‘Hamilton?’” He glared up at Thomas, who simply rolled his eyes in response.

“You want a free surgery or not?”

“Do you want a boyfriend or not?”


Alexander stood up and kissed Thomas, cutting him off. When he pulled away, he was grinning. “Talk about boyfriends with benefits. Like, literally, health benefits.”

“I like you better when we’re kissing,” Jefferson said before pulling Alexander back toward him.

The third floor of the library broke out in a mix of claps, hoots, and groans.

“Get a fucking room!” Someone, probably Charles Lee, shouted.

“Excellent idea,” Thomas said. “I’ll go get us a study room,” he said with a wink. He made to grab Alex’s hand, but grabbed his wrist instead.


“Sorry! Goddamnit,” Thomas said. “On second thought, let’s make some calls, get you a consultation, then go make out.”

“This is not how I pictured becoming your boyfriend, but I’m totally cool with it,” Alex said.

“You mean you were imagining this?” Thomas smirked at Alex.

Alexander’s face slowly turned red. “N-n–– YOU’RE THE ONE WHO SAID LOVE!”

Thomas rolled his eyes. “Come on, idiot. Let’s go make some calls.”

“Give the library some peace!” Lee yelled again.

“Shut the fuck up, Lee!” Thomas and Alexander yelled in unison.

They turned to each other and grinned, and before they knew it, they were kissing again.

“Kiss less, study more,” Burr muttered as he passed by them.

Alexander didn’t pull away, he instead flipped Burr off behind Thomas’ back, garnering one of Burr’s signature I’m-so-done-with-everything groans as he stalked away.

“You’re so hot when you’re upset,” Thomas murmured into Alex’s lips.

“Mmm, talk less, kiss more,” Alex said, biting down on Thomas’ lower lip, causing the other boy to yelp.

“Oh my god,” a female voice said from behind them.

Both boys sprung away from each other and turned to see Angelica staring at them, her mouth wide open, eyebrows high. It was too late when they realized she’d snapped a picture of them.

“This is so going in the group chat,” she cackled.

“ANGELICA,” they both shouted.

“SHUT UP!” Lee shouted.

“Oh my god,” Burr mumbled from some dusty corner.

“You guys think you should take your love fest somewhere that’s not so… academic?” Angelica said with a smirk.

“Shut up,” Alex whined.

“Good luck with that one,” Angelica said to Thomas.

Thomas laughed. “I’m sure as hell gonna need it.”

“Shut up,” Alex whined again.

“Let’s go make some phone calls,” Thomas said, making to gather up his stuff.

“Fine,” Alex sighed.

“Woah, phone calls? What a hot first date,” Angelica said.

“For your information Thomas is my boyfriend with benefits,” Alex said with the pride of a five-year-old child.

“I… I don’t even know what to say to that,” Angelica said, putting her hands up. “I think you need to learn what friends with benefits means.”

“With health benefits, Angie, where is your mind?” Thomas said with a wink.

“I could say something about kink shaming, but I’m just gonna go,” Angelica said.

“HE’S JUST GETTING ME SURGERY!” Alex said as Angelica walked away laughing.

“Maybe you should stop saying boyfriend with benefits, babe,” Thomas said with a chuckle.

Babe,” Alex whispered.

“Babe,” Thomas said again, waggling his eyebrows.

“The library is not your personal hook-up area,” Peggy said as she passed by the boys, sticking her tongue out at them. “And great pic! Saving that one for sure,” she said, holding up her phone.

It was a picture of Thomas and Alexander kissing, right before Angelica made her presence known.

“Let’s get out of here before we––”

“You! And you!” The librarian, Mr. King, stomped toward the two boys. “I’ve gotten multiple texts from students about some obscene hook-up happening here and this library is not the place for your romantic foray!”

“Lee,” both boys muttered at the same time.

“You are officially banned from the library for the remainder of the day,” he said in an incredibly snotty tone.

“We were just leaving,” Thomas said, making sure to take Alex’s hand this time.

The boys practically ran down the stairs and burst out into the cool November air. As soon as they were outside, they were doubled over in laughter.

They both looked into each other’s eyes at the same moment as they said “We are forcibly removed from the library.”

“We’re outside the library,” Alexander said.

“Indeed we are,” Thomas said.

Thomas leaned down, Alexander stood on his tiptoes, and they kissed.

(A/N: There will be a part two to this one sometime soon ;)))

Anyone else being completely blown away by Circle: Two Worlds right now?! It’s so much better than I thought it would be! I love how the two parts work together, the characters are all really compelling, the pacing is amazing, and the cast line up is stellar! It’s more than just sci-fi, more than just a mystery or a thriller. I don’t even know how to explain it except I’m completely blown away by everything going on here. Also, I might be falling in love with Erro (Ho Soo) played by Lee Ki Kwang.

Paintball (Part 01)

Pairing: Rocky x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,431
Summary: You go to play paintball, but halfway through you find out you’re actually playing against Astro.
A/N: This scenario is set a few years in the future. You basically just graduated high school. There might be a possible Part 02 and Part 03 depending on the feedback I get.

“Guys, I swear if we don’t win this, I’m not being y'all’s friend anymore,” I put on my black padded vest.

“Chill, we got this, _____,” Rena threw up a gang sign. Sona groaned, “Why am I being dragged into this?”

I loaded my gun, “‘Cause today we’re playing against two other teams of three, and you’re my only other friend.”

“There’s a 99% chance that they’re all boys. Maybe some of them will be cute… or Korean,” I elbowed Sona.

Rena spoke in her adorable Australian accent, “Wouldn’t it be funny if they were Astro?”

“There’s less than a 1% chance, but nothing’s impossible,” I whipped my head towards her.

I continued, reminiscing about fanfictions I wrote, “Just imagine if I meet Rocky. I’m eighteen, so I’m a legal adult here. I could marry him right now.”

“Jinjin would probably be so bad at paintball. Oh my gosh, I hope he wouldn’t get hurt,” Sona pouted like a baby.

“Hurry up. I’ll be scoping out the weak links in the other teams,” I grabbed my helmet as I walked to the door.

I tiptoed and peaked around a corner, speaking through my walkie talkie, “Mayday mayday, they’re hot as hell. Oh my gosh. I can’t even see their faces, but I know they’re hot from the back of their heads.”

Sona appeared behind me, “Something about them makes me uneasy…”

They put on their helmets, so we decided to walk over to them to start the game. Rena quickly joined us, “This is weird.”

“Alright. Play fair and nice. Don’t intentionally hurt the others. The green team is Hyung Line. The pink team is Maknae Line. The blue team is Stellar,” one of the workers informed us.

I stared at them as I noticed the tallest one bow to us, but he was hit by the shortest of his team. I glanced at Sona and Rena, “Guys…”

I stared at all of the six guys, my eyes landed on a guy in a pink shirt.

I pointed my index finger at him, speaking in Korean, “Watch your back because I’m coming after you, Pinky.”

I walked off to our hiding spots with Sona and Rena rushing after me. I get them settled into their hiding spots. I chose one where I can protect them if things go downhill.

The bell rang throughout the premises, signaling the game has begun. I sneaked around, looking for my target. I spotted someone from Hyung Line.

I shot his chest three times from about thirty feet away. He clenched his chest as I made my presence known, “Jinjin-ah!!!! I’ve been shot!!!”

“It’s called karma, Hyung,” a shorter guy appeared and laughed at him. My jaw dropped as I realized who they were, “Holy shit. You’re Astro…”

“Jinjin-ah, tell Sanha… to never… eat my skittles…” MJ acted like he was dying.

As I was about to shoot Jinjin, Sona jumped out of nowhere, “You’re going down, Oppa!” She shot his back, and he fell on MJ.

MJ called out in agony, “OWWWW!!! MY ANKLE!!!” Sona and Jinjin rush to MJ’s aide. Sanha came out as I screamed, “Sonaaaaaaa!!!”

Sanha and Sona looked my way because I pronounce her name as Sanha. Sona quickly fired paintballs at him, but she missed, and he shot her.

I quickly ran away while Sanha is shot by Eunwoo. I tried to catch my breath as I radioed Rena, “_____ to Chez. Sonar is down. I repeat, Sonar is down.”

All I got in return was radio silence. I ran a hand through my hair, “I picked the worst team ever.”

I prowled around some more, finding Rena in Moonbin’s arms. Before I can react, Euwnoo stepped out, “Binnie, I’ve found you.”

I gulped, ‘Oh my gosh, this is like a binu fanfic.’ Bin stood up quickly, “Uh, Hyung… Please don’t shoot me! Let’s work together!”

“Payback’s a bitch, Binnie,” Eunwoo shot Bin’s thigh ruthlessly. I squealed and ran away, “Oh my gosh!”

I looked back to see if Eunwoo was following me, but I ended up running into someone.

My helmet got knocked off in the collision. Rocky’s helmets was apparently knocked off too because he was on top of me without a helmet.

His legs straddled my hips as I was trapped between his arms. His beautiful face was inches away from mine.

“S-sorry, Oppa… I mean Rocky!” I panicked.

Rocky’s face flushed red as he stared into my eyes. He suddenly pulled me up and into a dark corner.

He covered my mouth before I could even react. He leaned down to my ear in a hushed tone, “Shhhh, he’s coming.”

Rocky’s body was pressed completely against mine. He buried his head in my neck.

I attempted to reposition my body, earning a low growl from him, “Stop squirming around.”

“Let’s team up to eliminate Eunwoo,” he released me after a few minutes of hiding.

I bit my lip with a small nod, complying to his proposal. We walked around for about fifteen minutes, searching for Eunwoo.

Eunwoo appeared twenty feet in front of me, “Well well well, what do we have here?”

“You can kiss first place goodbye,” he aimed his gun at me. Before I had time to react, Rocky quickly hugs me as Eunwoo fired a paintball.

The red paintball splattered like blood on Rocky’s back. He collapsed in my arms, “Sarang… hae…”

A laugh escaped from the back of my throat as I laid him on the ground. I took his gun along with my gun.

“Eongdeongmin, you ready to lose?” I aimed both of them towards Eunwoo. He shot at me as I dodged them, “There’s no need for that since you’ll be the loser, Twinkle Toes.”

We went back and forth, dodging and shooting for about three minutes. I shot the guns to either side of him instead of directly at him.

Eunwoo moved to the left to dodge, but he didn’t realized his mistake fast enough.

“What was that, Eongdeongmin? I’ll be the loser? Heh, whatever,” the paintball pelted his chest.

I walked over to where Rocky was still laying on the ground. I laughed as I realized he actually fell asleep there.

I kneeled down beside him, shaking his shoulders, “Rocky, wake up. I beat Eunwoo.”

The bell rang throughout the area to notify us that the game is over. I walked back alongside Rocky to the main gate.

“I never got your name, Twinkle Toes,” he mentioned along the way. I glanced sheepishly at the side of his face, “It’s _____, but you can call me… anytime!”

“You’re too cute,” he ruffled my hair playfully. He wrapped that arm around my neck as we continued to the front.

We came across Moonbin, who was carrying a sleeping Rena. Rocky glared at Moonbin, “Hey, _____, get on my back. You’re probably really tired from winning.”

I hesitated, “Ah, I think I’ll just walk. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt because of me.”

“Are you saying I’m not strong enough?” Rocky grabbed my arm. I waved my arms frantically, “No, I meant I’d be too heavy.”

“Get on,” he kneeled down on the ground. I hesitantly hugged his neck.He stood back up, grabbing my thighs, “You’re as light as a feather.”

“Just go,” I buried my face in the crook of his neck. The others were waiting for us at the gate. Sona was chatting it up with Jinjin.

Her eyes lit up as they met mine, “_____!!!” She froze, an evil smirk growing across her face. She quickly snapped a picture of Rocky and I.

I jumped off of his back and chase after her. She suddenly pulled out three necklaces with paper on them, “Guess what Jinjin gave me.”

I looked at them and squealed. She tossed one to me, “Backstage passes.”


Haven’t made one of these yet and I don’t feel like doing lineart for this so bleh. And sorry for the long lists and my terrible, terrible handwriting.

And if you want to know more about me just look at my about me page.

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Do you have a favrite fic/fic writer rec list that you'd give for someone just starting drarry? Yours are the best!

Ooooh, this question is excellent! I’m really honored you asked me, anon. :)

Well, instead of linking you to everyone’s AO3 pages, I’m just going to throw out some Drarry heavy-hitters, some linked here on tumblr and some not, and I’d suggest you just type them into the search box at AO3 and go from there! I’m also destined to leave off some really amazing, really important writers, so please forgive me!

 Alrighty! You gotta go @firethesound. She can do it all, everything from near-crack ridiculous to break-your-heart angst. But my favorites of hers are those somewhere in the middle, where there’s pining and UST and hotness and falling in love and banter, etc. I’ll link you to my favorite, ‘The Light More Beautiful’: It is superb!

Then there’s faithwood. She’s seriously a legend, so just search her on AO3 and you’ll find some of the most popular and well-written Drarry stories ever.

And speaking of legends. Now, everybody’s taste in Drarry runs a little different, so forgive me if this next isn’t to your liking, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point you toward snegurochka_lee’s “Ninth Rehearsal” (she drops the ‘lee’ part on AO3). Bear in mind, this is D/s with consent issues and bondage. It’s also one of the damned hottest things I’ve read:

You gotta read @bixgirl1. She’s new, relatively speaking, and writing some of the best Drarry I’ve seen lately. She’s a really talented writer, and her love for the pairing shines through her words. I don’t think you can go wrong here.

birdsofshore  She writes a primarily toppy Draco, usually first person, and her UST drips off the screen! Seriously, her UST is hotter than a lot of smut I’ve read. (Note: the smut’s hot too.) I’m not sure how she does it. I think she casts an Imperio on readers with the first line or something. Stellar writer; amazing H/D dynamic; super hot Draco!

I haven’t read a lot of @femmequixotic, but I know enough to be able to rec her work. She’s writing a really, really long fic that a good deal of fandom is loving right now, and I’ll tell you the only two reasons I haven’t read it myself yet are: a) I don’t read WIPS, and b) when I read something that’s, like, ~too good~ it can throw me off my own writing. And since I’m busy writing for Erised myself right now, I can’t afford to read somebody else’s too-good words and risk that I’m-never-writing-again feeling, you know? It’s a high compliment that I’m steering clear of femme for now for that very reason. (It’s also a really annoying problem, because I want to read it!)

Same goes with zeitgeistic’s legendary fic, ‘Azoth’. I haven’t read it myself, but it’s one of the most widely-recced and well-received Drarry stories I’ve ever seen. She’s a fantastic writer, so even though I haven’t read it yet myself, it’s on my list of fics I can’t die without reading because I know how excellent it’s going to be:

But I’m getting off-track because you asked for *my* recs. Okay!

Well, sdk writes it all. She writes wonderful Drarry but also all kinds of other pairings and all of it so well-written. I highly recommend you check out her AO3 and see if there are things you’d like! One of my very favorites is ‘Save My Wonders’, written for Draco Tops Harry and featuring a chubby Draco. It’s not fat shaming or used as kink, which is refreshing. It’s very real and just lovely, and how they come together is beautifully done:

One of my favorite stories from years ago was ‘Here’s the Pencil, Make It Work’ by ignatiustrout. I wanted to throw my laptop out the window for about three days after I read this because I thought, well damn, I should just never write again. It’s that good!

@gracerene09 is a really prolific Drarry writer and has some awesome stuff to choose from! I can’t pick just one, so please do follow her (she also recs a lot, too) and search her stuff on AO3 for sure!

Okay, @ravenclawsquill. Like, totally. Her Erised last year killed me dead. It’s called ‘The Full Four Seasons’ and is a friends-to-lovers slow burn that will have you melting from the pining!

Also from Erised last year, ‘Written on the Heart’ by who_la_hoop. It has everything! I could gush over this story for ages! It made me clutch my heart and literally sit here weeping while also dying of how hot it was:

To be fair, you should check out ALL of the above two authors’ stories! They’re amazing!

Please also follow @capiturecs because she is a Drarry reccing GODDESS.

Okay, well that’s a reeeeeally great start right there! I love all these writers immensely. Do come back and let me know if you loved anything I recced here in particular. I’d love knowing I sent you in a good direction! <3

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Hey baby are you an angel? Becuase when I stared at your true form directly my eyes liquified out of my skull as though I was in the first five minutes of a supernatural episode.

… I’m not sure if this is an insult or a compliment.

A History of LGBT Coming-of-Age Fiction (in 15 Books!)

Let me start by saying this: it’s basically impossible to condense the entire history of LGBT YA into 15 books.  It’s like trying to squash all your stuff into a suitcase before going on holiday – no matter how much you skimp and scrunch, and even sit on top of your battered old wheely number to try and zip it up, you inevitably end up having to leave out some really good stuff.  

The YA, coming-of-age genre has such an amazing history of exploring love stories and relationships of all kinds, and pioneering new voices and styles, that it’s totally unsurprising that it’s been a major trailblazer in bringing a whole range of LGBT books to the fore and changing the landscape of LGBT literature across all genres and ages.  

1.    Maurice by EM Forster

English novelist E.M. Forster wrote Maurice in 1913 but it was only published after his death in 1971.  It tells the story of Maurice Hall, aged 14 at the start of the book, and his experiences of same-sex love throughout university and in his early adulthood.  Forster avoided publishing it during his lifetime because of public attitudes towards gay relationships.  A note was found on the manuscript which said “Publishable, but worth it?”.

 2.    Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote

Truman Capote’s first published novel follows a 13-year-old boy called Joel who, after his mother dies, goes to live with his father in Mississippi. There, he becomes best friends with a tomboy called Idabel, and he meets his stepmother’s cousin – a plantation-owner called Randolph, who is openly gay and cross-dresses.  Joel eventually meets his father and gradually gains a sense of his own identity amidst the characters at Skully’s Landing.  When it was published in 1948, Other Voices, Other Rooms hit the New York Times Bestseller List.

 3.    Olivia by Dorothy Strachey

Dorothy Strachey was the sister of novelist Lytton Strachey, and was part of the famous Bloomsbury Group.  In 1949, she anonymously published Olivia, an artful and understated novella about an English girl who is sent away to a small finishing school outside Paris, where she watches observes the romantic relationship between her two headmistresses.  Olivia was dedicated to the memory of her friend, Virginia Woolf.

 4.    Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown

When it was published in 1973, Rubyfruit Jungle was completely game-changing due to its open portrayal of gay relationships which aren’t totally angst-inducing.  Confident heroine, Molly Bolt, is comfortable in her sexuality and works hard at school to win a scholarship to the University of Florida.  However, once at uni, her scholarship is cut when the college authorities discover her relationship with her room mate.

 5.    Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson

Jeanette Winterson’s semi-autobiographical novel is about a young girl growing up in the Pennines, who is adopted by evangelists from the Pentecostal Church.  As a teenager, she finds herself falling for another girl – so her mother’s friends from Church subject her to a series of exorcisms… This absolutely brilliant, darkly-comical read won the Whitbread Award for a First Novel back in 1985.

6.    Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block

Weetzie Bat is a huge-hearted lovesong to a punky 1980s L.A., which follows the eponymous Weetzie Bat and her best friend Dirk. Daisy Porter from Queer YA described Weetzie Bat as a kind of “gaytopian” novel, alongside David Levithan’s charming and feel-good Boy Meets Boy, where gay characters first began to be depicted as living lives, facing challenges and starring in story lines that didn’t necessarily revolve around them being gay.  

7.    The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Stephen Chbosky’s coming-of-age classic, The Perks of Being a Wallflower consistently appears on the American Library Association’s list of Top 10 Most-Challenged Books.  It’s an epistolary novel (a book-in-letters), from the point of view of “wallflower” Charlie, whose friend Patrick is gay – a fact which is totally accepted by all the main characters without a second thought. A beautiful, thought-provoking, empowering read.

 8.    Luna by Julie Anne Peters

16-year-old Regan is the only one who knows about her brother Liam’s secret: he really identifies as a girl.  By night, Liam transforms into Luna, and – after several years – Luna asks Regan to help her transition into a full-time female.  Regan worries about her sister’s safety and her family’s reaction but ultimately agrees to help… In 2004, Luna was the first YA novel to feature a transgender character.

 9.    Sugar Rush by Julie Burchill

Bringing LGBT YA firmly to the UK, Sugar Rush (2004) follows the life of teenager Kim, after she is forced to leave her posh school in Brighton and join the notorious local comp, where she meets a fiery new friend, Sugar. It was adapted for TV in 2005, and became a successful Channel 4 series.

 10.  Kiss by Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson’s heartfelt story, Kiss, was published in 2007.  It’s about best friends Sylvie and Carl who have referred to each other as “girlfriend and boyfriend” since they were young kids, and how their friendship shifts when Carl gets a new friend, Paul, and later confides to Sylvie that he’s gay.  Like Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn, it was a crucially-empathetic novel which dispelled “gay best friend” stereotypes.

 11.  Winger by Andrew Smith

Hot on the heels of Grasshopper Jungle, Andrew Smith’s genre-bending exploration of bisexuality (and the insect apocalypse, naturally), the sensational Winger was published in 2013.  It has a stellar line-up of characters, including Joey, the captain of the rugby team who also happens to be gay – a subject which is still taboo at their prestigious boarding school in Oregon.  It also has a bite-my-tongue-incredible twist.

 12.  Half Bad series by Sally Green

The Half Bad trilogy places an unexpected – but completely tangible – LGBT love story in a contemporary world of witches, brutal authorities and white-knuckle fantasy.  It refreshingly allows the gripping story to take the front seat, whilst the characters’ love is a deep, intense undercurrent that infuses the trilogy with even more jeopardy and even higher stakes. Breath-taking.

 13.  Hold Me Closer by David Levithan

In 2010, John Green and David Levithan’s co-written Will Grayson, Will Grayson came out, and once again changed the playing field for LGBT YA – friendship, football, depression, live music all played their part in this novel which had at its centre one gay boy and one straight boy with the same name. Hold Me Closer (2015) is the companion novel to Will Grayson, and follows the story of the larger-than-life, camp and witty Tiny Cooper.  What’s more, it’s entirely written as the script to Tiny Cooper’s musical, ‘Hold Me Closer’, which appeared at the end of Will Grayson.  It’s hilarious and heartwarming – and an entirely new form and style for YA literature.

 14.  Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

This 2015 gem brings the coming-out story into the digital age, as the eponymous Simon is outed on his high school’s Tumblr messageboard.  He also falls in love over email with ‘Blue’, whose identity is a mystery beyond the fact that he attends Simon’s school – cue a rollicking, heartfelt rollercoaster of a whodunit.

 15.  The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle

And finally! The Accident Season, which comes out in July, brings a subtle but spine-tingling gay love story into its gorgeous swells of magical realism set amidst a group of teens in Ireland.  Cara and her family are deep in the throes of their annual Accident Season when, every year, they become inexplicably accident-prone (in the worst Accident Seasons of years gone by, people have died…). All the while – two of the girls in the group are falling in love.  This is a beautifully-told story with magical accents that makes the future of LGBT coming-of-age stories look very bright indeed.

By Natasha Collie

Makeup Artist!AU

@agenderromulan and I created a very detailed makeup artist AU where Spock and McCoy are makeup artists and Jim is their boyfriend, who also is the face of their makeup line and their model. It’s very very detailed and long and can be read on agenderromulan’s and my blogs (it directs to the appropriate tags).

Because it’s very long, I decided to summarize what we created:

Spock is the son of Amanda Grayson, one of the best makeup artists in the Federation, and Sarek, Vulcan Ambassador. Amanda is such an idol and pioneer in her field and was teaching in the best cosmetology school in her “retirement” until her friend (and boss) heard about Sarek’s people needing a makeup artist for a job since the culture he was visiting puts a lot of emphasis on makeup. Amanda agreed as a one time job but ended up impressing Sarek that he kept her on and fell in love with her. Spock became an artist because he saw Amanda putting her makeup on was fascinated at the ability to transform a person through physical objects. He ends up being Amanda’s successor as the most premier makeup artist in the Federation.

Bones got into the makeup industry because he used to be a former gymnast and had done all his makeup. When he started helping out other athletes with their makeup, they realized he was good enough to make it a full time job. Bones goes to a prestigious cosmetology school where he also gets a background in special effects work (this is how he meets Scotty). Spock and Bones meet up at this school and become classmates, then friends. They end up working at the same job and become coworkers where they end up falling in love.

It’s not too long after they start dating that Spock is assigned to work on a genderfluid farm boy from Iowa named Jim who is set to be the newest model on the runway. In the process, Jim and Spock start falling for each other and since Bones pops up, he ends up falling for Jim too and they get together.

Eventually, Spock and McCoy quit this company and create their own called Trek The Stars. Jim is the head model and image of the company, and is seen modeling their different makeup lines. Like “Stellar Style”, “I Need A Doctor”, “VulCan’t”. If you want to see what each of these lines look like pallete wise, our tags describe each one, with shimmers, duo and multichromes, and products. (This thing is very thorough I assure you.)

Uhura is fellow model, like Jim, and works as the other half of the Trek The Stars image and PR campaigns. She knows several hundred xeno-languages and has her own separate fashion line. From time to time her fashion line coincides with Bones’ and Spock’s new product launches.

Chekov helps find minerals that are safe to put in the makeup, and determine who they are safe for (because not every humanoid alien is gonna have the same skin reaction to a product). He is definitely one of the people who helps create and test the products. He worked with Spock for a while as an intern before Spock signed him on as a full time employee. Sulu flirts with Chekov a lot and there’s a backstory of how they met (they never hooked up by they became friends first and even thought hey are attracted to each other, they haven’t made a move, yet. The full backstory is in the tags.)

Scotty became friends with Bones when he was doing his Special Effects concentration. Scotty was working on a student film with Bones’ classmate and they mate this way. Sometimes he models for monster makeup or helps formulate Bones’ line of special effects makeup but mostly helps out with the lighting/effects for their big shows, galas, and releases. Bones always has a big Halloween makeup release every year and Scotty creates ELABORATE sets and creations for it all the time.

Janice is an amazing Hairstylist. Bones met her when he was doing his classes for his SFX major (he double majored in SFX and Regular Cosmetology), so she is the one he calls when someone needs a fantastic hairstyle to go with his make up design. Janice is also so good at her field in SFX styles because she can make any style possible on almost any humanoid. You want some gravity defying hair for your movie? She’s your gal. She can handle hair of so many alien species with ease, she is a godsend in the holovid industry. Only computers on the holodeck could compare to her.

Chapel, she actually didn’t go to the same school as either Spock or Bones, but she has always been a Fan of Amanda Grayson and her impeccable make up skills. So when Amanda’s son opens a spot for another MUA, Chapel applies immediately. She is ecstatic when she gets the job. Sometimes Uhura requests her because her style works on one of her lines. And there’s also the embarrassing story of how her (temporary) crush on Spock got revealed at a launch party. She tries to not speak of it ever again.

Sulu is definitely the one to get the flowers for the company. He is a trade connection Jim managed to score early on when they were starting the company. He travels around from planet to planet looking for new species of plant. Whenever he sends a new flower for Bones or Spock, he always sends a complete profile and scientific structure of the plant so they know what they are getting into. Sulu also flirts with Lab Boy Chekov a lot. Sulu also pitches in on the Halloween release launches by supplying safe but “life like” plants.

We also go into detail on how Spock uses makeup to deal with the unification issue of Romulus and Vulcan when Spock is an ambassador and older but we won’t bog you down with the details. And yes, this is really, truly the summarized version, I hope it wasn’t too long!

We had a lot making this awhile but and we hope you enjoyed reading and sharing!

@logicheartsoul I enjoyed reading, for sure! This is such a stunning idea, and I’m so impressed by it really. I love Sulu’s character in this so much!!!

Thank you for submitting!!!

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What is going on with Ever After High’s design team??? 

This is an Ever After DISASTER! I understand they are going for a different appeal than Monster High, but you can still have classy-elegant clothes without being dowdy and frumpy. Poor Alistair, I was so excited for him and he looks like a Ken doll wearing Dexter’s jacket and Hunter’s pants/boots/satchel. I wont lie though, Alistair is definitely coming home with me if I see him, he’ll just be a very expensive Ken doll that I’ll own. Bunny… what a tragic, frumpy looking character. For being Wonderlandians, they are definitely under designed. There were some redeeming designs like Darling, but for the most part everything looked so plain and or gaudy. There were a lot of misses here.

Monster High pretty much nailed it. Please take me to the freak show! Freak du Chic is a winner!!! Jinafire the fire breather, Honey Swamp looks like a living marionette doll. Toralie is a tightrope walker, Frankie’s a magician. Boo York is a pretty stellar line too, Nefera is coming! But I’m more excited about Boo York Deuce!!! He has the dotd hairstyle and he looks smashing. Deuce vinyl, adorable YES! The only negative is Fright Mares, please, that needs to go, ASAP. Is that Monster High’s way of trying to fight My Little Pony? Because it is awful!

It’s not a competition, but Monster High thoroughly wiped the floor with Ever After High.  There’s so much to talk about, but those were my top concerns.

And I’ll say it, Rosabella looks like a white version of the backgrounder everyone thought she was with minor color tweaks and glasses. People don’t like me anyways, whatever lol

Film world gathers to remember Lord Attenborough

A stellar line up from the British film industry have gathered in central London for a service to remember Oscar-winning director Richard Attenborough.

Dame Judi Dench and Sir Michael Caine were among those who celebrated “a truly great man” of stage and screen.

Also attending were Alan Rickman, Jane Seymour and Sir John Hurt.

Lord Attenborough, a stalwart of the British film industry for more than half a century, died aged 90 last year.

Sir Ben Kingsley and Lord Attenborough’s brother, TV wildlife presenter Sir David Attenborough, were among those who spoke during the Westminster Abbey ceremony.

It was led by the Dean of Westminster, the very reverend Dr John Hall.

Paying tribute to Lord Attenborough, Dr Hall said: “We come to celebrate the life and achievement of Richard Attenborough, a truly great man: Certainly a star of stage and screen, but also a pioneer film-maker, an exemplary leader of his profession, a man of deep commitment, of great generosity of spirit, and of personal warmth.”

“We shall also pray that his story might continue to inspire and inform others to follow his example, that our world might become a little brighter and better.”

Born in Cambridge in 1923, Lord Attenborough was a respected actor before becoming a celebrated director.

He appeared in films such as Brighton Rock, The Great Escape and 1993 dinosaur blockbuster Jurassic Park.

Among his career highlights was the 1982 film Gandhi, which won eight Academy Awards, including best film and best director.

Sir Ben, who played Gandhi, joined actress Geraldine James to read from Ghandi’s writings during the service of thanksgiving.

Hymns included Jerusalem, and there were bible readings from actors Tom Hiddleston and Penelope Wilton.  

The service touched on all aspects of Lord Attenborough’s life, including the influence his work had on the cultural fabric of the UK.

As well as his two Oscars, six Baftas and four Golden Globes, he was awarded the CBE in 1967, knighted in 1976, and made a life peer in 1993.

Sir David Attenborough read from Lord Attenborough’s maiden speech in the House of Lords during the ceremony.

He said: “The arts are not a prerequisite of the privileged few; nor are they the playground of the intelligentsia. The arts are for everyone - and failure to include everyone diminishes us all.’”

The ceremony, which lasted just under an hour, was “absolutely perfect”, said Dame Judi Dench.

“I think he’d have loved it,” added Dame Penelope Keith, while Sir John Hurt called it “very moving” and “excellent”.

“It was very uplifting and it was a testimony to his amazing gift,” said Robert Lindsay, revealing that he “used to call [Lord Attenborough] ‘the magician.’”