liner notes

the signs as shit gordon ramsay says in kitchen nightmares
  • aries: you fucking donut
  • taurus: i would like to pray before i eat this
  • gemini: you stuck up precious little bitch
  • cancer: bland as fuck
  • leo: have you ever sat at a table and watched 6 customers with its fucking donkey dick swinging in front of its face? it's hilarious
  • virgo: no, don't eat that, i don't want to be responsible for putting you back in the hospital
  • libra: it's not a crab cake... it's a crap cake
  • scorpio: that baby was fucking ugly
  • sagittarius: *gags and spits out food*
  • capricorn: looks like a fucking flip-flop
  • aquarius: stuffed clams. looks like a dog shat in the shells
  • pisces: i need the toilet, excuse me, i knew it would come out faster than it went in

late night studying for my old testament midterm, lots of hard work studying His word and i love it!! let’s say i’m a pro at genesis- kings now! that’s my study guide notes and i’m v proud of them and i think He is too!!



Summarising my bio notes before my test tomorrow.
I’ve finally decided to start studying at the public library and it’s honestly the best decision I’ve made, without all the distractions of home it’s way easier to focus and be productive.


Yankee Hotel Foxtrot turns 15. Revisit with @pitchfork Liner Notes.

EEPC: Liner Notes

Elrond: Hey, Lindir, you know what?

Lindir: I am almost afraid to ask. What?

Elrond: Brace yourself. Winter is Coming.

Boromir: I can’t take this anymore.

He looks more like lady gaga than Mikey Way dammit


Here are some pictures from my Visualizing and Depicting Ideas final project based on “Ghost Quartet”! I wanted to create something that would function as a cover/liner notes for a CD of the song cycle accompanied by illustrations that correspond with some of the songs from the show. (maybe I’ll just make some more for fun…)