linen coats

Summer proposal - an unstructured blue linen jacket with a white cotton shirt.

I will be posting a few summer jackets in the upcoming days. These are available as bespoke and ready to wear.

Suit & waistcoat circa late 1770s/1780s. French. Court dress. Silk, silver thread, burgundy. Part of the exhibition ‘Déboutonner la mode’ (Unbutton fashion) at Paris’ decorative arts’ museum. The large silver buttons are entirely decorative.

This would be among the very blingiest of suits, even for late 18th century France.

  • capital chapter 1: 20 yds of linen = 1 coat
  • me: hey i think i understand it
  • lenin: you have to read hegel if you wanna REALLY get what marx is saying there
  • me: ok what's up w hegel
  • hegel: Hskdki dkekdskosspnsj shskske skskwkekwllwkwkkw sjej jss
  • me: what the fuck

Sung, 21

“I’m wearing a long linen coat from Urban Outfitters, white boxy t-shirt from Old Navy, black slim jeans from Guess, and Nike Hurache whole black shoes. I like simple, casual, minimalist clothes, the price and the brand do not matter. It is about how you play with different kinds of clothes.”

Sep 20, 2015 ∙ Financial Distrcit