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oh boy i can finally post the illustration i did for menons-la-danse


I mean… er… I did it! Here’s the page!! Look at that sick dodge B(

More next Saturday!! :D

First page / Page 114 / Page 115 / Page 116


Lins notebooks look like mine lmaoooo
Maybe it’s a songwriter thing ???


Oh well, people. ,___, We can finally share our latest brainchild with you - the Asomatous comic, that we are working on right now. Here you can see the first page and cover + some additional arts.
We will show you our head world, Shang-La, the home for strange creatures and species, for old magic and new ideas. In this world souls of all sentient beings are divided into two parts - Shang (soul) and La (the body). There is also a great Empire, Ayelahay, that is ruled by sahash specie, that learned to softly control their “younger brothers”, humans, using their souls. They live peacefully… for a while. But there are also those, who have other plans and another point of view.

In this comic you’ll see: sahash, shang-la humans, roumenrou, grahn, dragons, and many more of the concepts that we were working for, maybe, a three years by now.

We will be posting one page every two weeks on our FA gallery. We are open for your comments and will be very glad to read it, also big thanks for those who are helping us with translation!

Also comic starts on our Patreon. Support us, if you want to! On Patreon we will post a variety of personal art, WIPs and streams, sketches, colored things and concept-arts, also all the pages will be posted there first.


526. The teachers at Hogwarts enjoyed placing bets on which students would get together. Professor McGonagall was the reigning champ on betting which students would get together. The pots on these bets used to get huge (Ron & Hermione's had a few hundred galleon payout). There were only three times she lost for pots she'd bet on. When Bill married Fleur (she’d guessed Tonks), when Tonks married Remus, and when Neville married Hannah (she’d guessed Luna).