Also known as the ‘what-the-fuck-no-one-told-me-college-was-expensive’ Commission!

so yes, summer college is being a huge dick at the moment, and I have VERY low funds. 
not really good for people who has to take 2 buses to get to school… >>;

so i believe its about time to raise some money, starting with commissions!


More Info!:

  • I will be posting complete commission work on my DA and/or tumblr. But if you wish to see it private, please send me a ask! 
  • Please be as specific as possible. And if possible, please send links for references of your character(s). 
  • I will try my best to finish a commission at a reasonable amount of time, but dont expect me to finish in 10 seconds or a day »;
  • If you want to repost it, thats fine! but please give me credit.
  • as of now, slots are unlimited until further notice
  • and lastly, If you are interested in a commission, send me a ask on what you would like!

I distrust the SNK fandom so much. It’s the only fandom that has got me triggered (yes I know what it means) by ship names, people’s URLs or visiting its own wiki. I’ve felt unsafe because of my gender identity and my (admittedly terribly poor) mental health. The Jeankasa fandom is the only part of the SNK fandom I trust although I still deeply hesitate to tag this or put a caption.

But yeah, I love these two with my heart and soul so it’s time I contribute to this lil rowboat of a ship. *-*