I love to wake up early and watch the sunrise cast its brilliant light over everything☀️

Hiiii guys! I’m very sorry about not posting anything original for weeks, so to make it up I made some printables ( whoop whoop). These are actually the first printables i ever made and i really love them <3 So I hope you guys do to! You can use these printables when your studying a language (by yourself) and you feel the need to review your study session, this way you will improve your study skills little by little! And…. drumroll I also made note-taking paper! You can find the links of the study session review and the note-taking paper ( In blank, lined and gridded!) down below.                                                                                                                      

- note taking paper:

Not sure how to use my printable? check out the guide I made about it! I hope you’ll understand how to use the printable after that!

I hope you guys enjoy my first selfmade printables! Be sure to reblog or like this post if you download them and if you have any questions, feel free to message me anytime! xxx


New journal!! :-) The black one with Smaug is my old one, the brown fabric one is all new and empty. I chose a lined notebook this time because I’m writing more than drawing lately. This is the limited edition Tolkien Moleskine notebook, with Thror’s map. It even shows the runes if you hold it to the light!