Mystery Skulls: Ghost Lewis, Arthur, Mystery Dog & Vivi! :3

I am a fan of the music video Mystery Skulls: Ghost, as it is suppose to be based off one of my favourite childhood Cartoons “Scooby Doo” plus, the animation and music is just brilliant. So, I thought to draw all of the gang but, separately with their own chibis by the side of them! :D

Thanks for looking! =^-^=
(I will colour this in ASAP.)

angry-nettle asked:

I've always been fascinated by your lineart! Do you have any tips, technqiues and tools to make lineart look smooth and clean on Photoshop? My lines keep going through each other and it's a hassle erasing the extra bits all the time

In photoshop the default brush is super muddy, so going for clean with that brush is not a good idea. Even if you get nice shapes going, there is always some fuzziness to it. SAI eliminates that with it’s pencil brush (set it to sharp edges) but in Photoshop I would suggest using a different brush :)

I’ve used this one a lot in my past (it’s in the default PS brushset:)

But lately I have been using Drew Green’s Standard Inker brush from his Cartooning brushset. Any brush that you like that has a sharper edge will work. As long as you like the feel of the brush you will probably enjoy using it.

I also use the technique of lines going through eachother, it’s necessary to create smooth and fluid lines, I think :7 To speed up the process of cleaning up the extra bits, I use a shortcut to toggle between brush and eraser so while I am doing lineart, I erase extra bits as I do the lineart.

Hope that helps! And thank you!