Time again for the me and @jeremyjohnirons AU hour: we’ve have been discussing a Raven’s Cycle AU inspired by the movie The World’s End (which we love a lot).

The idea being that the trail for Glendower went cold when they were teens, they grow up and drift apart, and then 20 years later, Ronan convinces them all to go back to Henrietta whereupon everything promptly goes to hell.
Mostly a really good excuse to draw these kids all growed up and redraw a bunch of fitting lines from the film WHAT CAN I SAY. 

Update - 21/07/17

So, Chapter Nine is coming along really well. I managed to finish the first branch, which was great, and I played through it to edit it and was pleased at the result :)

It’s the first time the stats come into play for changing how certain things can go, so that was good fun to start trying out as well.

I have to admit that the small flirt scenes were probably my favourite to write as usual :D (The flirt scenes in one branch will differ to the flirt moments in the other branch, so I’m looking forward to writing those too!)

Next week I will be working on the second branch then, once that’s done, it will be onto Chapter 10- which is more linear but is a very important scene with a few bigger choices.

Today I’m going to settle down when I can and really get to work on finalising plans on where and how the romances and friendships are going to play out throughout the whole series- exciting but quite intense, lol.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and I’ll talk to you guys on Monday :)

Thank you 113 subscriber art raffle <3 <3

Thank you for the 113 subscribers I will make an art raflle!

 to participate: 

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1er Place drawing fully colorize with shade possibility of 2  persons

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Thank you all and good luck the result will be Monday 7 August

Please remember not to set impossible goals for yourself like “I’ll never binge again” because it’ll just make you feel worse when you eventually do. Try setting smaller goals like “if I binge in the future, I’ll try to make sure it’s on fruits/that it’s not as big.”

Progress is not linear.

anonymous asked:

hello ash. i have just come to a Conclusion. if rose tyler was still in our universe, she'd be 31. pete's world runs ahead of the Doctor's world, and the Doctor tends to be rather linear with our Earth. (is my mathematics right?)

Actually I think she would only be 30. Though Rose’s age is always a bit of guesswork… The writers aren’t the best with continuity.

In Father’s Day, it’s said Pete died on November 7, 1987, and Rose is six months old at the time, so her birthday is April 1987. So in 2005, she should be 18 (in April, but Rose takes place in March, so at that time she’s only 17).

So if we go with her birthday being in April 1987, in 2017 she would 30, however the writers magically gave her an extra year, so she could definitely be 31 ;)

Basically, the takeaway is that Rose’s age can pretty much be whatever you want it to be :D

The Hero and the Fairy: Welcome to Madness

Why on earth is matrix multiplication NOT commutative ? – An Intuition

One is commonly asked to prove in college as part of a linear algebra problem set that matrix multiplication is not commutative. i.e If A and B are two matrices then :

But without getting into the Algebra part of it, why should this even be true ? Let’s use linear transformations to get a feel for it.

If A and B are two Linear Transformations namely Rotation and Shear. Then it means that.

Is that true? Well, lets perform these linear operations on a unit square and find out:



You can clearly see that the resultant shape is not the same upon the two transformations.

This means that the order of matrix multiplication matters a lot ! ( or matrix multiplication is not commutative.)

Have a great day!