linear relationship
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And he loves her. He loves her more than he loves himself, which doesn’t seem to make much sense except that it makes complete sense. He loves her so much.

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use 600dpi/ppi, that doubles the canvas dots/pixels while still being a standard canvas

Okay… so dpi makes things look smoother when printed?

Does it have any linear relationship with the size of the art? Cuz I feel like when they say px. they mean like, the Length x Width.

Chap 1 Group D Definitions and Formulas

independent variable- factor that is changed or manipulated in an experiment
dependent variable- factor that is measured during the experiment, the collected data
line of best fit- line that best passes through or near graphed data, can describe data and predict new data
linear relationship- relationship between two variables whose graphed data points lie on the same line, represented as y= mx + b

quadratic relationship- y= ax^2+ bx + c

inverse relationship- y = (a/x)
Does 'Outlander' Need Its Sex Scenes to Survive? (Even If It's the Best Sex on TV)
Or, is the show's adult rating exploitation or essential?
By Liz Shannon Miller

But without those hot sex scenes, does “Outlander” hold up? The answer, at least in regards to what we’ve seen so far, is (thankfully) very well.  […]

At this point in the season, Jamie and Claire are settled in their relationship. Jamie knows about Claire’s complicated relationship with linear time, and Claire has fully committed to the 1700s, rejecting the opportunity to return to her original time stream, so that she can remain with Jamie. As mentioned before, there are wrinkles to their relationship (like, say, a woman born in the 1900s doesn’t think this era’s stance on intra-marital corporal punishment to be appropriate), but like most romantic couples caught up in bigger struggles, it’s their union in the face of tremendous odds that goes a long way.  […]

“Outlander” wouldn’t be the same without the sex. And that’s just fine. It’s not sex for the sake of sex; it’s fully embedded into the make-up of the show. Which makes it all the more exciting to watch.