linear models

A global transition is needed to shift linear economic models typified by carbon intensive energy consumption and significant environmental impacts, where we ‘take, make and dispose’ natural resources- to circular models with reduced energy requirements from low carbon renewable sources, with minimal environmental impacts, and where natural resources are recycled and reused, and products are maintained and re-manufactured. 

Investing in projects and schemes, and across a range of sectors and scales, that align with this transition can have significant environmental benefits, as well as other positive sustainability related outcomes. Consider, as examples, the range of environmental, social and economic benefits that can be achieved at both a regional/national, and global, level of investing in cycling as a mode of urban transport- or by designing and engineering natural infrastructure that works in harmony with existing natural systems.

Studio V - Put Down That Drone: 3D Modelling

Sticking to our project timeline, the next two weeks are for the modelling of our game world. Yesterday I started playing around with two ideas for building designs to go in the final area of the world. We envision this world to be upper class with tall skyscrapers mostly made up of glass and large advertising billboards.

The buildings throughout this world will be quite straight and linear, meaning the models themselves will be fairly basic and made up of different sized cubes. Something I realised after making the above models is that we want the main theme of advertising to be quite prominent through the world environment so there needs to be more space on these models for billboards and ads to fit on. Most of the detail will be added later down the track so I just need to make the basic building shapes this week in preparation for detailing next week where the environment will really come to life.

With this in mind, I made a 3D model to fit with the first area of the world where it is poorer and made up of shops rather than the corporate buildings in the third area. I took inspiration from small Japanese ramen shops and added parts for signs or advertising to go. The model is very basic but that is all our world currently needs.