linear dependence

Semiotics: Balem Abrasax

It seems to me that Balem’s “sigil” is functional in the operations of the stockworks, which are powered by ambient energy from the storms. It is thus fitting that his sigil resembles two bolts of lightening. It’s all very Van-de-Graaff.

If Balem has based his sigil on an abstract representation electricity, it would foliow for the folded wires in Balem’s jewelry to be representative of just that: wires. This is a man who has fetishized POWER, and the conduction of it. He sees himself as a conduit.

There is also something to be said about the symbolism of the LINE. A line is a natural choice to represent continuity. That is why we think of time as linear.  Balem’s aesthetic depends heavily on lines (see: his stripy cape) because that is how he views his place in the world–continuous, a sequence of points which naturally and methodically follow one another. There is a vector which runs through the universe, trending upward, and it’s name is profit