linear correlation


When even paper is a distraction from studying for finals ;-; WILL I EVER UNDERSTAND LINEAR CORRELATION???
(Sorry for the derpness, I didn’t use a pencil so I unfortunately couldn’t erase my mess-ups)¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Things I’ve learned from this AP Stat exam:

1. Don’t be that person. If you ask for a water cup, THEY SEE YO ASS GETTING THAT SOFT DRINK AND YOU’RE COSTING THEM 25 CENTS (Also that’s really a thing).

2. If it’s not from Distributor J and over 137 mm in diameter, don’t buy it.

3. Chemical X isn’t just in the Powerpuff Girls my g. 

4. Coins over Chips. 

5. Aim for a love that’s as strong positive and linear as the correlation between a wolf’s height from nose to tail and weight.

Side note, ever since I told him, my teacher has been saying “if the p is low, reject that hoe.” that is now my senior legacy.

have you ever evaluated true history macroscopically and noticed that there is a linear correlation between the genocide/enslavement of people of color and the destruction of earth?