Zooey Fans/ Followers! HELP A BROTHA OUT!

I am crying.

I am desperate to watch your highness line-o-rama. (not the actual movie) But it has been taken down on youtube and I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE!
Please can some one help me, if you’ve got the video upload it, tell me and I’ll reblog it!

If you know where I can watch it please send the link over PLEASE!

Now look at what I am missing out on!?

ps I am looking for the extended line o rama only. not the entire movie which I already have.

PITCH PERFECT SPECIAL FEATURES (download links posted by xteeenagewastelandx)

On the Set: Burrito Drive By!
Deleted and Extended Scenes:
“Parents Say Bye”
“Radio Station”
“Dad Gives Beca Incentive”
“Trebles Initiation”
“Trebles Tag Tonehanger Van”
“Training Montage”
“Welcome to the Riff Off”
“Holiday Transitional”
“Burritos and Benji”
“Beca Goes Out with Luke”
“Benji Goes to ICCA’s”
“Beca Goes to Dad”
“Hood Night”
“Burrito Hit”
“Line-O-Rama: The Aca-Inappropriate Version”
“Announcer Line-O-Rama”
Backstage at Barden:
“A Capella Beat: Gail Interviews Bumper”
“A Capella Beat: Gail Interviews Benji”