I haven’t posted any of my art in a while, but here’s an old piece I did back in like, 2012 I think?  I was still signing with my deadname.  It was just a sketch on a piece of printer paper but I felt like I screwed up the hair so I decided to practice ink linework on it.  I’m also pretty sure that this was a character sketch for a trans woman pathfinder character I was going to play (but the game never materialized).  I even drew her with my tattoos (the tiny bit you can see on the shoulders).

Thinking about it now, most of the drawings I’ve done in the past few years have just been sketches that I tried to ink with various levels of success (usually very little tbqh), which is a real shame because I always really excelled in graphite and charcoal.  I think I stopped doing pencil drawings because I felt like it was a dead-end.  Nobody ever buys pencil drawings, and inks are still useful in comics.  I dunno though.  It might be time to revisit my roots.