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have yall ever done some sort of movie theme? or like... popular book theme?


Pidge: at Lance’s request we did a How to train your dragon week. We had these little toy puppet dragons and some fake weapons. It was pretty fun!

Shiro: Keith liked it a lot.

A.N. well I’m back. Unofficially. But yeah… starting to tear into the 100 FREAKING QUESTIONS. I love them all. Keep in mind that if you asked me something I’m answering them in order so I’m sorry about any late things.

THIS was an excuse to draw @parfaitperi ‘s HTTYD AU. which I love. It was a fun warm up as I get back into working.

Bighit and BTS Meeting
  • Bighit: Alright it's that time again, we have to confuse the hell out of your ARMYs. So what do we got this time?
  • Namjoon: Let's...have Jimin in the ocean instead of a bathtub
  • Bighit: Nice one Namjoon!
  • Jimin: Dammit
  • Taehyung: Oh! Let's add a random shape to make them think it has meaning...a rectangle!
  • Bighit: Good job Taetae!
  • Jungkook: Put me on a train! They'll think its connected to RUN
  • Bighit: That diploma is coming in handy!
  • Hobi: Don't give me ANY lines!
  • Bighit: NOICE
  • Suga: Add laundry! We've never done laundry
  • Bighit: Confusing, confusing, confusing! I like it!
  • Jin: Make it seem like I'm alive...but still dead
  • Bighit: Get this boy a raise!
  • Jimin: Give me random blue sneakers!!
  • Bighit: Him too!

Allow me to set the mood.

I’m thinking about mages and templars post-inquisition again bc I just love the idea of there being mages and templars who have fought for the same cause, who are tired of war, who have learned to trust each other and work together and find solace in the fact that they’ve both managed to survive it all

And like.. you know that sanctuary Cullen starts post-Trespasser for recovering templars like himself? I like to imagine that a fair number of mages end up there as well, for a multitude of reasons. Some of them are trying to find old aquantiences from their Circle, some are following their templar friends from the Inquisition, some just.. don’t know where else to go.

Mages with healing abilities end up helping to sooth the nightmares and the headaches that come from lyrium withdrawal. They tend old, aching injuries and heal ugly battle scars. Others help set up defenses, just in case, or do what they can to keep the place up and running.

Of course there are templars there who are still skeptical of the mages, or who fear the touch of magic- and at the sanctuary mages are able to prove themselves just as human as the templars.

Just give me mages and templars who learn to trust each other. Give me aging templars and mages who realize that all that time spent fighting was for nothing, who forgive each other for all that happenened. Give me young templars and mages who decide, no matter what happens, they won’t let it get that bad again.

Templars and mages who work together, who look forward to a future where maybe, just maybe, this damned war can be forgotten.


Shinjuku at Dusk by Hidehiko Sakashita

Rain and fog at the Hewes Street Station on the J, Z and M Lines.