line play tutorial

a tutorial by halffling
originally posted in halffling’s LINE PLAY diary on May 3, 2013

Hello everyone! Thank you for your constant support for my Unofficial Line Play Guide. I’m so grateful for all of your kind feedback and compliments.

Earlier this month I posted a tutorial in my LINE PLAY diary of how to “throw stuff outside” - i.e. place stuff in your yard/garden of your house - and now I want to share it with the world of tumblr! This is a known glitch and may take a bit of trial-and-error to sort out, but many people have been successful using the following steps.

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  1. Start by placing a table near one of the edges of your room. Fill the table with items so there is no available space left. TIP: Save your changes before going to the next step!
  2. Take an object that you want to place outside. Use the bottom handle to move the object around.
  3. Place the object on TOP of the table, making sure that the bottom squares are red instead of blue, and the checkmark symbol (on the right) turns from red to gray. This means you are trying to place the object on the table, but it does not fit.
  4. Click anywhere on the side of your screen. The object should suddenly pop up outside. Success!



  • To get your item back in the room, click on it and move it inside. Sometimes it will vanish - but don’t worry! It’s just back in your inventory list.
  • It is tricky determining where the object will go outside. It depends on where your object is originally in your room (before placing on the table) and placement of the table itself. Play around with the placement of where the object is inside your room first. Save it, then go back to edit your room and throw it out. Note if this works, and the location of the object when it is thrown outside. Then it gives you an idea of where the object should be placed.
  • It might not work the first time you try. Please use trial and error!
  • The item outside is still connected to your table. If you move your table, the object will follow.
  • After you finish placing things outside, you can remove the items from your table.

I have not tested if this works for all objects, so please let me know if you have a unique item outside!

Thank you Didi Peach for the translations and tutorial (find her on LINE PLAY as well!)

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