line of sanzu

  • Sebastian in ch62: The “price to cross the river" has already been paid.
  • Western fandom: He's referring to river Styx (Greek mythology).
  • Japanese fandom: He's referring to river Sanzu (Japanese folklore).
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have you ever wanted to be reminded that death the kid is very much Not Human in as much detail as some asshole on the internet can manage if not too bad you’re gonna read this and you’re gonna like it

readmore’d because THIS GOT VERY LONG but i’m pretty pleased with it

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feather fall


The most famed of Meisters and Death Scythes historically have larger than average wings. It is assumed, therefore, that all Meisters and Weapons are graced with fortunate, easy, beloved lives, and this translates into either reverence or resentment.

This assumption is false, of course, and more than a little backwards. Meisters and Weapons, good Meisters and Weapons, have to understand their partners far too deeply for anything less than love, the purest and most soulful of love, to feed their wings.

When she enters the DWMA, Maka’s wings are average: not too big, but not too small. She hates her Papa for it, hates that she can’t have the same gloriously fluffy spread as Black☆Star, who claims godhood for his parents’ perfect love, while Papa can’t even love her or Mama, no matter how beautiful Mama’s wings are. It’s an insult every time she spies Papa through glass windows at another restaurant, another date, his wings as impressive and full as those of his partner of the day. (It takes her a long time to realize that her wings do not want for her Papa’s love.)

At meister-weapon mingle, Maka finds herself drawn to a white-haired boy with too sharp teeth and too small wings, frail feathers ruffling resentfully as he stands in the corner of the room. He’s a scythe, and she scythe-meister, and she hears in his music a passion which matches her own, so she shakes the hand of an underloved weapon and becomes his meister.

Days later, Maka accidentally knocks Ox Ford over the head with her wings, larger than she’s used to, and she would apologize if he weren’t so snippy about it, gosh, what’s his problem. (His problem is that his wings are only about half the size of Maka’s, while Kim Diehl’s are large enough to fold protectively around her, cape-like.) Weeks later, as Maka and Soul groom each other as part of post-mission cool down, she notices suddenly how pristine her partner’s feathers have become, how they flutter under her fingers, how the feathers cling more firmly to his wings. Months later, Soul remains Maka’s partner, and Maka remains Soul’s, and their wings have swollen beyond what either of them know how to deal with.

Black☆Star’s wings are larger than Maka’s, but only just, because while Spirit’s love does not quite make up for two parents’ worth, Maka is better at winning strangers’ admiration. It is Tsubaki’s offerings, the first of which takes the form of lonely applause, which make Black☆Star’s wings far greater than Maka’s, at least until the scythe meister finds her scythe.

Tsubaki’s wings swell, too, under Black☆Star’s unwavering support, though she molts, more than either of them expect, when Masamune dies. Black☆Star collects every fallen feather to create a shrine dedicated to the deceased Nakatsukasa.

They retreat from a defeated Mifune with all three pairs of wings that much heavier. Much, much later, Angela’s first hint at Mifune’s passing comes from her new guardians’ wings shedding a not insignificant number of feathers. These, too, are bundled and tied and kept.

At first, Liz and Patty keep one another’s wings brimming and intimidating.

The Thompson Angels terrorize New York City right up to the day Death the Kid finds them, his own shoulders unburdened with wings, though not for lack of love. They sneer and lord over the son of a god, disgusted by a boy they believe is human, and so unloved that his wings are not immediately visible, right up until the moment Liz gets behind him and screams in horror, because one so polished and yet so entirely unloved cannot possibly exist.

A Death God does not begin to earn his wings until he has connected his Lines of Sanzu.

Liz and Patty learn this, of course, as they are dragged to Death City, as they are put to work in a café, as they chase their warden and their customers out of their place of work, as their wings grow larger with Kid’s and Master’s and Tsugumi’s and the city’s affection.

When Lord Death passes, Liz and Patty are the ones who witness the proof of their love for their meister, glorious sable-feathered affairs which swath the new Lord Death like a cloak.

Crona’s wings are expansive but pitch. When the blood filters back into their body, it’s to reveal withered things, drooping and skeletal and fundamentally disturbing.

Maka is horrified. Soul is horrified. Everyone in Death City is horrified, really, but as Spartoi adopts the witch’s child, down sprouts carefully from neglect and decay until finally a few timid feathers begin to poke through freshly granted love.

Their wings only grow, even after they flee Death City and stain their new-granted feathers black and red with blood both theirs and not, and the idea that they are still loved only makes their betrayal cut deeper into their soul. Medusa’s “love” is the last straw: Crona thinks, among other things in their scrambled, tormented mind, that they would rather be wingless than have their mother’s wretched love.

Okay but can I talk about this scene for a second here? Like anyone who’s ever talked to me ever knows that I live breath and eat any and all relationships between Soul Eater’s characters, and this scene just stuck out to me and it kinda just makes me grab my chest like a bad actor from a life alert infomercial. Like, just think about the situation at hand here. All our favorite weapons and meisters have went undercover and infiltrated Baba Yaga Castle, relying on Medusa for guidance so they can kill Arachne, if my memory serves me right. That being said, they were all split up, and without any other form of back up besides the Thompsons, Kid was going in blind and alone. But, before his encounter with Noah, he was locked in battle with Mosquito- which he just barely made it out of alive, even with the help of Free and a line of Sanzu. 

Now, just think of what he had expected going into this. Looking at Noah’s soul, he knew something wasn’t right, that he was wrapped in layers upon layers of greed, but he hadn’t expected to be caught so soon. He thought he would have a chance to fight, if the situation called for it. Of course, that didn’t happen. Noah took him by surprise, ready to capture him in the book of Eibon, and what did Kid do? He saved Liz and Patty. He didn’t know what would happen to him inside the book or what Noah’s plans were, but no matter what he had to save his partners. Without another thought for himself, he tossed them aside in hopes of saving them with a split second decision. He cared for those girls so much that he put them ahead of himself without a second thought.

Okay so I might not have put that into understandable words for anyone else but I just really really really love how much Kid loves the Thompsons and I’ll forever be upset that they didn’t have more of a hand in his rescue, amongst other things. Also, please never ever try to tell me that Kid doesn’t care for them and the rest of his friends bc they mean the world to him.

Soul To Body Theory

There have been debates as to whether Black*Star’s hair is dyed or natural. Personally, I think it’s natural, and here’s why.

What if people with particularly strong souls have the physical traits of their soul start to project onto their actual appearance because their wavelengths are essentially just leaking out all over their body and bleaching their traits to match their soul.

As we see in the anime early on, Black*Star’s soul is a bright blue color, similar to his hair and eyes. It is also stated as canon that Black*Star is Japanese, and from what I understand, that although it’s extremely rare, people of asian ethnicity can have light colored eyes– usually because a child is half Japanese and half caucasian, but still possible.

We see first hand with Kid how the appearance of a soul can alter one’s physical self when his the lines of his hair connect just as the Lines of Sanzu connect in his soul.

This theory could also be the reason Maka has blonde hair, even though she is also Japanese, who normally have brown or black hair. Again, it’s possible for asian people to have blonde hair through forms of albinism, but we already have one confusing albino in this series, so let’s forget that for the sake of the theory.

Although it’s not canonically stated, as I recall (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), it’s widely believed fanon that Maka is only half Japanese, with her mystery of a mother being fully Japanese, and Spirit being caucasian.

As I stated earlier, it’s possible for people of half asian ethnicity to get light colored eyes, so this would explain why her eyes are green.

Anyways, in the anime, we see that Maka’s soul is a light peachy color. This means that perhaps her soul wavelength isn’t quite as potent as Black*Star’s to completely turn her hair a peachy color, but it did turn it into an ashy blonde.

But, additionally, we do also see many strong people with powerful wavelengths that don’t have the same color palette as their soul, so this could mean it’s simply like rolling a dice to see if you get the traits.

Also, I have no idea why Stein has a screw in his head and why his soul has a similar screw going through it. It could possibly be a different form of the theory, but I honestly have no idea.

Likewise, this theory could also stretch towards Lord Death himself, but that’s a whole other can of worms I don’t wanna open because of reasons. He’s a god okay I have no idea.

Lastly, this theory could also be why Tezca Tlipoca and Enrique look like animals. Maybe their souls look like animals and they just–? I dunno.

‘why do kid and asura appear human when lord death doesn’t and what’s asura’s deal anyway’

i can explain this!!

shinigami are capable of choosing their physical form and shapeshifting to an extent (lord death specifically displays rapid shapeshifting abilities by making his arms+hands appears out of nowhere, his default form actually lacks limbs of any kind) (immature shinigami like kid probably don’t develop the ability until they’ve become fully mature and gained their parent’s powers); lord death chooses to look inhuman while kid and asura choose to appear human, you can extrapolate for yourself their reasons for doing so but i personally think that they both do so because they view themselves as being more human than lord death does

the implication there is that shinigami could choose to appear as whatever they wanted and we just haven’t seen enough of them to see much variety in physical form

asura was created by lord death to rule alongside him, but he was never intended to replace him. my estimate for how this works/why asura lacks the sanzu lines is that lord death severed the connection between his soul and asura’s when he created him, ensuring that asura could never fully mature. 

this is probably why asura was able to beat lord death actually! like i said, because shinigami share their power, creating asura both ensured that the next fully mature shinigami would be less powerful than lord death as they’d lack the portion of power than went to asura, and weakened lord death much more than he was meant to be, as he gave up twice as much power as he should have due to having two offspring.

The Death God’s Dilemma

A total sad eater written because homework is hard

Slightly inspired by “Nageku Shinigami” by Miyuki Mistubachi

Death the Kid had never, not once in his entire life, cried.

He didn’t cry when he was five years old and the first line began to appear, marring his perfectly symmetrical appearance. He didn’t cry when he was eleven and he broke his first bone – a finger – while out on a mission with Liz and Patty.  He didn’t cry when he was fourteen and discovered that his father had been lying to him about Shibusen. He didn’t cry when Noah and Gopher held him hostage and tortured him for days on end. And he didn’t cry when he was sixteen, and when, on the same day he came to gain incredible power and truth about a Shinigami’s power and his personal beliefs, he realized it came at the cost of his father.

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