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“None the less it may well be, as the Dwarves now believe, that Sauron by his arts had discovered who had this Ring, the last [of the Seven Dwarf Rings] to remain free, and that the singular misfortunes of the heirs of Durin were largely due to his malice.”

in which Tolkien lays blame for the doom of Durin’s heirs, including Thorin Oakenshield

I just had a headcannon! We all know that the Ri brothers are drop dead pretty, and that Gloin, Balin, and probably Bifur and Dwalin are considered very handsome. 

But what if the line of Durin was considered really cute. The line of Durin is cursed with baby face dwarf style. 

Like they are seen as adorable and for other dwarves it’s hard to take them serious. Like Thorin is trying to conduct a meeting but he still looks like he’s 70 by Mahal! 

And of course Thorin’s really embarrassed by it, because he’s a king he’s not suppose to be cute! Bilbo of course doesn’t see this, because he’s a hobbit, his standards for cute are on another level. So he calls Thorin handsome and beautiful and Thorin can’t handle it cause he’s only ever been ‘cute’. 

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Fic idea/request: 

anonymous asked: I have a few ideas for some drabbles 1 maybe do one with kili’s wife gives birth

Characters: Kili, Reader, Thorin || Newborn credit || Art credit || Being Human screenshot || 

“You alright, love? You know you don’t have to do that.”

You assure him that you’re fine as you bend over and place a few dry twigs in the kindling basket by the oversized stone hearth. Now that the mountain has been reclaimed, restored and steadily replenished with staff, there’s help for chores like these. 

But you like keeping busy in these private quarters, and you like making things homey just as much as he does. Especially with the baby due in two weeks.

You straighten back up slowly, feeling a rush of sweat running down between your legs again and your belly inexplicably tightening.

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Here, have a Dáin ficlet. So cracky you could call it pure, uncut Peruvian cocaine, and you wouldn’t be that far off the mark.

I don’t…I don’t know. If logic is what you’re looking for, take a moment to glance outside your window. See that distant speck? That’s logic. Say your goodbyes now, because it’s not coming back.

(Wherein Dáin has one fierce cartoon pig aesthetic, Thorin would cry if he ever  found out about Y2K, while simultaneously being the King of all Dáin-is-great supporters, Dís solves everything with kicks, and not a single member of the Line of Durin is tech savvy…Unless you count Dáin , but he worked for it.)

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Annnnnnnd it’s finally finished!!! 

After spent loads of time working on it I decided to tune in my inner Elsa, sang “Let it go” and decided to post it just like it is. :D 

Anyway, here’s the "Line of Durin" or like I prefer to call it: “How ‘The Hobbit’ Really Ends”  (~˘▾˘)~


CHOO CHOO! Transparent dwarrows comin’ through!