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The rising line - A brief history of wedge design: Part 8 Dome-Zero, 1978. There had been a number of wedge shaped Japanese concept cars from the early 70s, The Mazda RX 500, the  Nissan 270X, the Toyota EX-7 among them but the Dome-Zero was actually intended for limited production. It was powered by a mid-mounted Nissan L28E in-line 6 cylinder engine but when it failed Japanese domestic homologation the Dome project was doomed

Why Cars 3 is Good

- Lightning being an old man
- Lightning being a father figure
- Lightning having racing friends
- Animation
- Cruz Ramirez is great and she’s so cute I love her
- I cried
- Shit ton of flashbacks
- Shit ton of Lightning McQueen fans, they’re all great
- Natalie Certain is gay for Cruz
- Cruz Ramirez
- C. Ramirez
- Did I mention Ms Ramirez?


7 Days of Robron
↳ Day 6: Favourite funny Robron scene → ‘‘No, Aaron, I forgot the gun. I was too busy sharpening my machete.’’ (17.10.16)

Company Truck, Seriously?

This happened over the weekend. I work weekends and was on my way to work. To get there I take a freeway. As every driver SHOULD know, but doesn’t. The left lane is for people traveling faster and slower drivers should move right to let them pass.

Now I am sure this is a pretty common problem in every city where you get people who are too clueless, or distracted to actually move over. This causes traffic congestion, and basically makes those shitty commutes that much shittier.

So as I am going to work, I am doing slightly above 100km/h in the 100km/h zone. I quickly approach some cars in the fast lane doing 80km/h. Unfortunately, there was another car in the right lane matching that speed. They would not pass each other.

We came by an exit and the car in the slow lane exited. The guy in the fast lane sped up until he got to the next slow car, where he matched again. It was just enough that no one could pass him in the slow lane.

After dealing with this guy for the better part of my drive, he finally signals to the right lane and the exit. As the long line of cars in the fast lane pass, he is having a grand time laughing and flipping the middle finger. I’m sure he got it back, but what a piece of shit.

That’s when I noticed that he was in a company vehicle. I took note of the company name and website, then continued on to work.

Once at work I pulled up his website and saw that he was just a small private company. He listed his home address, which is about 45 minutes to the east of the city (along the exit he took).

I ran across the street to the gas station with one of the few remaining pay phones still in operation. I called him up and asked him to come give me a quote on a massive rush job. I booked the appointment for 10am at a location that was 1.5 hours west of the city. In total, that would be 3 hours each direction.

He gladly accepted the job thinking it would be a big one. I’ve never been to the area I sent him.

Hey guys check out how Nino’s VA in Miraculous Ladybug is credited

Ye, he provides voices in a bunch of places. but you know who else

Edit: Bro actually shout out to Ben Diskin 

For voicing some of the most vocally different sounding characters, had no idea he was Max and Nooroo as well 

(4) Ignis’ pick-up lines

Ignis: The only way I like men is if they’re the only way I like my coffee. Strong
Ignis: *eye contact with Gladio*
Ignis: Very strong.
Ignis: *brings cup up to his mouth*
Ignis: Ridiculously strong.
Ignis: *sips from his cofffee never breaking eye contact*
Gladio: I’m not sure if this should flatter or scare me. 

Tbh I feel like Lightning says “I love you” first but it’s not even romantic. Like, they’re on the phone while he’s at a race and he needs to go so he’s just “okay I gotta go, wish me luck, love you!” And hangs up and Sally just stares at the phone for a solid 10 minutes.