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“Bobby hyung purposely teases me on broadcast but he is usually friendly. He says “This is delicious so eat it!” and gives it away to me or when we’re all playing a game, he lets me do it first or when choosing delivery food, he lets me choose what I like.” - Chanwoo

Bobby’s Birthday Countdown → D-1

↳ Bobby + maknae line

Because I never see these

Native Girls are beautiful.
Native Boys are beautiful.
First Nations Girls are beautiful.
First Nations Boys are beautiful.
Indigenous Girls are beautiful.
Indigenous Boys are beautiful.
Aboriginal Girls are beautiful.
Aboriginal Boys are beautiful.
Inuit Girls are beautiful.
Inuit Boys are beautiful.
Métis Girls are beautiful.
Métis Boys are beautiful.
Aleut Girls are beautiful.
Aleut Boys are beautiful.
Afro-Indigenous Girls are beautiful.
Afro-Indigenous Boys are beautiful.
Mi'kmaq girls are beautiful.
Mi'kmaq boys are beautiful.
Two-Spirit Girls are beautiful.
Two-Spirit Boys are beautiful.
You’re beautiful if you have dark skin.
You’re beautiful if you have light skin.
You’re beautiful if you’re in between.
You’re beautiful if you’re mixed.
You’re beautiful if you fit the Western Gender Binary.
You’re beautiful if you’re don’t fit the Western Gender Binary.
You’re beautiful if you’re multiple genders.
You’re beautiful.

(Aboriginal, Inuit, and Métis lines added by @phaedragona. Two-Spirit lines added by many people. Afro-Indigenous and Mixed lines added by @condorofrph. Aleut lines added by anonymous. Mi'kmaq lines added by @kennachaos . Correction on gender lines by @doyoumisterjones . If there’s anyone I’ve left out, feel free to add on to it and/or message me and I’ll change the original post.

Power Rangers Music Headcanons
  • Kim was classically trained in piano for a few years, but she never really got into it. She still remembers how, and sometimes when the house feels too empty, she’ll sit and play to get rid of the silence.
  • Zack finds out that Trini has a really pretty voice and can play guitar when he finds her in the mines one weekend singing gay covers of songs. She changes the words to Jolene, and Zack just goes “that’s super gay, dude”.
    • “I thought you were into all that screamo stuff.” “you tell anyone, your head is going through this guitar.”
  • Billy is a natural at the drums, but he doesn’t own a set. They don’t figure this out until they sneak into the school after-hours for fun and hang out in the music wing. He and Kim have a mini jam sesh, and Jason and Trini are heart-eyes to the max.
    • Trini buys Jason a shirt that says “I Prefer the Drummer” on it as a joke, but he actually wears it around. Whenever Billy asks what it means ( “why do you prefer the drummer though?”), Jason just winks and blows him a kiss.
  • Zack is that basic musical theater bitch who loves Hamilton. Most of the rangers don’t see the appeal, but Billy likes listening to the raps. Sometimes they rap Guns and Ships together and Kim videotapes it.
  • Vocally speaking, Jason is tone deaf. It’s honestly agonizing, and Trini forbids him from singing if they’re in the car for more than 10 minutes together. He does DJ as a hobby though, which was just one of the many reasons why he was so popular before the cow incident.
  • Zack used to play bass, but he had to sell his equipment to pay for his mom’s meds. Jason has an old one that he never uses, and the boys sometimes have hangouts at Jason’s place where they record beats and bass lines and have Jason mix them.
  • One day at Kim’s house, Trimberly has this really super gay moment where they duet Sara Bareilles’ Winter Song. They end up a little teary and just cuddle in Kim’s room for a long time.
hockey asks
  1. Favorite team?
  2. Second favorite team?
  3. Team you love to hate?
  4. Team you just hate?
  5. Team you think is the best in the league right now?
  6. Top three players on your favorite team?
  7. Top three players NOT on your favorite team?
  8. Three players you like on teams you can’t stand?
  9. Players you hate on teams you like?
  10. Prettiest uniforms?
  11. Best venue?
  12. Best hair?
  13. Best body?
  14. Best eyes?
  15. Best shot?
  16. Best goaltender?
  17. Favorite line?
  18. Dream line (mix and match players from teams)?
  19. Head-to-head matchup you’d most want to see?
  20. Most overrated?
  21. Most underrated?
  22. Prettiest goal you ever saw?
  23. Worst/best hit you ever saw?
  24. Who on your team is:
    1. Eternal  Sunshine?
    2. Team Dad?
    3. Team Mom?
    4. Team Baby/Babies?
    5. The class clown?
    6. The quiet one?
    7. The serious one?
    8. The hothead?
  25. Player on the feeder team you most want to get called up?
  26. Player who’s always scratched who ought to be played more?
  27. Player who always plays who ought to be scratched more?
  28. Best duo?
  29. OTP?
  30. OT3+?
  31. Rarepair?
  32. Guy you want desperately to slash but can’t for some reason (Married, no good pair, etc.)
  33. Guy who is (or should be) the fandom/team bicycle?
  34. Player you most wish would get traded to your team?
  35. Player you most wish would get traded to another team?
  36. Most likely to be in the penalty box at any moment?
  37. Most likely to send another player to the penalty box?
  38. Gets away with murder award (never gets penalties but should)?
  39. Just has a guilty face award (gets penalties but shouldn’t)?
  40. Nicest guy on the team?
  41. Best with fans?
  42. Best with the press?
  43. Hockey robot award (can’t say anything but “get pucks to the net” in front of a camera)?
  44. Most likely to be photographed with small children?
  45. Most likely to be photographed with small animals?
  46. Most likely to be photographed shirtless in a hot tub with starlets?
  47. Most likely to cry at movies?
  48. Most likely to get in bar fights unrelated to hockey?
  49. Most likely to have Mafia ties?
  50. Rising star award?
  51. Most improved award?

Grillby boi is finished ♪
I mixed lines for the clothing and oh my goodness why im painting fire lineless for the rest, I did some minor tweaks here and there from the roughs, but that doesn’t make the drawing good HA.

Lights are hard. Cool Grillby fan art, i tried C’:

No glasses ver under cut.

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YMCA cigarette dogs - small dogs, sponsored by the YMCA, with the task of delivering cartons of cigarettes to the troops, stationed on the front lines. (Usually mix-breed dogs)