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a concept: silena and ethan being friends at camp. like. can u imagine

ethan doesn’t really have that many friends at camp, and silena just. notices? like. she sees ethan sitting a little ways away from everyone else at the Hermes table at dinner, and she thinks it must be a little lonely to be at the most raucous table in the whole mess hall and still be alone. so she comes up to him, asks him to work with her during the upcoming game of capture the flag, and he gives her the barest hint of a smile. it’s enough answer for her.

silena does her best to braid flowers in ethans hair (“chrysanthemums,” she declares, thrusting a basket of them into his hands. “purple ones, for support and friendship”) even though both of them know it’s too short. it takes hours, and there are probably only a few scattered petals balanced on his head by the end of it, from where silena accidentally ripped the flowers in half in her frustration, but that’s okay

true to her promise, they pair up together for capture the flag, even though they aren’t technically supposed to because they’re from different cabins, but everyone pretends they don’t know about their alliance. but they’re such a good team that they end up winning, and that’s when everyone else calls them out on cheating. (it’s the first time silena gets called a traitor and the first time ethan gets called a liar, and maybe it’s just the campers’ idea of poking fun, but ethan snarls, “don’t call her something she isn’t,” and silena snaps, “I don’t want to hear anyone talking about him like that.”)

eventually ethan tells silena about how he’s afraid he’ll never get claimed and won’t be remembered and she pulls him close and promises him that she’ll remember him, even if no one else will. and she’s the first person he’s trusted so wholeheartedly in a while, so he pulls her close, breathes in the familiar scent of her expensive perfume, and she lets him

when ethan leaves to look for the Titan Army, silena tries to stop him. of course she does. she tells him it’s not the right path to follow, tells him it’s too dangerous, that the Titans are too volatile, but all he says is, “as if the gods aren’t?” and laughs, maybe a little hollowly. she can’t stop him, but she wants to, she wants to. and ethan is going to miss her, too, and so he asks her to join with him. (in the future, her refusal isn’t going to mean anything, but they don’t know that yet.)

true to her promise, she remembers him, until they meet again, with him as kronos’ lieutenant and her as kronos’ spy. that’s when she starts to forget.


Hey guys! Blossom here to give a big thank you for 500 followers! I’ve been thinking, and I wanted to do an art raffle, cause I’ve seen them everywhere and they look like fun so… Here we are!

There will be 5 winners, and they will be randomly selected! Prizes are as shown:


  • Maximum 3 characters
  • Full shading
  • Background


  • Maximum 2 characters
  • Full shading
  • Background


  • 1 character
  • Full shading
  • No background


  • A chibi character of your choice
  • Flat color
  • No background


  • Sketch/Line art of maximum 3 characters

In order to enter, you must like and reblog this saying you wanna join! And keep in mind, if you want me to draw a persona of yours, you must have a reference of your character, otherwise I won’t be able to draw it! And if you would like a certain pose or background idea, you must show me it. I will private message the winners and if I don’t get a reply within 2 days, I’ll have to chose someone else instead.

For this, I will allow ships for the 1st and 2nd place winners, however no NSFW. Please. xD

Klaine one-shot - “Not a Warlock” (Rated PG13)

Kurt and Blaine’s son Tracy has a unique request for what he wants to be for Halloween, which Kurt is more than happy to help him with, but it ends up coming with some unexpected stress … and an equally unexpected revelation on Kurt’s part. (2469 words)

A/N: Tis the season once again. I’m feeling a little Halloween-y so I thought I would post this. This is also a re-write. Let me know what you think <3

Read on AO3.

“What an adorable little warlock!”

Kurt sighs to himself. It’s the first comment that they’ve gotten so far, but they’re only at the first house on the block. Kurt knows it’s not going to be the last.

“Actually” - Kurt puts his hands protectively on his son’s shoulders, preparing to deflect whatever unintendedly offensive remark his explanation might garner - “he’s dressed as a witch this year for Halloween. Not a warlock.”

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Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” Is Another Single That Makes Little Sense

I don’t want to see Katy Perry fail, but she sure is turning failure into a spectacle. Her latest attempt to reclaim her territory at the top of the pop charts is “Swish Swish,” which features Nicki Minaj and seems to everyone like an attempt to take a swipe at their mutual enemy Taylor Swift. “Swish Swish” follows “Bon Appetit,” a relative flop despite the fact that Perry spent the past two weeks doing literally anything—hiding under a table, working in a food truck, risking electrocution, being boiled alive—to promote it. Both were preceded by “Chained to the Rhythm,” a Top 5 hit that you probably already forgot about.

“Bon Appetit” isn’t good, but by comparison to “Swish Swish,” it’s at least thematically coherent. The new song is a random grab bag of Perry’s vocals, obnoxious voice-altering effects, and piano flourishes, all laid over a house-inflected beat from the British producer Duke Dumont that suspiciously resembles Minaj’s three-year-old “Truffle Butter.” Nicki’s verse, for what it’s worth, is the bright spot: She shouts out pink pool slides from the under-rapped-about brand Salvatore Ferragamo, name-checks Migos (who featured on “Bon Appetit”), and references her feud with Remy Ma (“silly rap beefs just give me more checks”). She even sings two of her lines, probably the maximum possible without totally showing up Perry on her own track.

Perry’s portion of the song, meanwhile, is a series of generic hashtag disses plucked from the recycling bin (“Can’t touch this,” “I stay winning”) and attempted basketball metaphors that don’t really hold up to scrutiny. “Swish, swish, bish,” she sings on the chorus. “Another one in the basket,” which is how people talk about eggs, not basketballs, but okay. Truthfully, Perry sounds bored just going through motions. “Your game is tired,” she sings at one point, and really she might as well be referring to herself.

I’ve got nothing to add, really, other than to say that those little scream samples on “Swish Swish” do kinda work, and that if a song as bad as “Bon Appetit” can start to grow on me, then maybe this one will, too.


Richard Grant is one of the greatest talents to emerge from Britain in the 1980s and we have Bruce Robinson to thank for that. For the emergence, that is, not the talent. The talent is all Grant. But it was Robinson who cast him in his first film, WITHNAIL AND I in 1987, that set Grant upon the world. Grant’s second film, HOW TO GET AHEAD IN ADVERTISING, was also written and directed by Robinson but never became a cult classic like its predecessor. It’s a hard, heavy-handed, satire masquerading as a farce and concerns an advertising executive who discovers a boil growing on his shoulder that turns into a small head that speaks to him. Yes, that’s the story. And Grant goes so high to the rafters with every note, breath and blink of the eyelash with this performance, it’s a wonder he didn’t suffer from exhaustion after the first day of shooting.

When one is making a movie about an exhausted advertising exec who grows a boil on his shoulder that begins to become a head that talks, it’s probably best not to go with sly winks at the audience. Better to just deliver almost every line at the maximum capacity of your lungs and hope for the best. The fact is, this movie hits fewer times than it misses but when it does hit, it hits hard.

Our bizarre story begins with Richard Grant facing exhaustion as an advertising exec, Denis Bagley, who cannot come up with a proper ad campaign for a medicine that cures boils and acne. Actually, it doesn’t cure anything and that’s for the better. As Denis tells his wife, Julia (Rachel Ward), the advertising world doesn’t want a cure, it wants people to believe there’s a cure so they’ll keep buying the product. That being the case, he needs to convince them to keep buying and he can’t. It bothers him so much, he starts to go a little crazy. Well, scratch that. He goes insane. He trashes his own house in an attempt to rid himself, and his house of course, of all vestiges of the world of advertising, that false idol that lies to everyone. He even tells his boss, John (Richard Wilson), he’s quitting. John tells him he’s not and that eventually, it will all be okay.

And it is, in a way. He begins to grow a boil on his neck that becomes a face and eventually, takes him over. In much the way Buddy Love consume Julius Kelp in THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (’63), Grant’s Good Denis cannot restrain Bad Denis and his world changes for the better at the expense of everyone else.

HOW TO GET AHEAD IN ADVERTISING suffers from the fact that most of its satire is directed at an industry that everyone has poked fun at for years. Most of the takes on the world of advertising have been covered, and much better, in recent years by works like MAD MEN (’07-’15). Of course, there was no MAD MEN in 1988 when this was made so one can’t fault it for that. Rather, it’s just a way of noting that you won’t catch much in the way of fresh commentary. But that doesn’t really matter because what this movie is really about is existence in modern society and there, it only gets better with age.

Were HOW TO GET AHEAD IN ADVERTISING only about mocking Madison Avenue it would be of little to no interest today. It becomes clear, fairly early on, that the movie has a lot more on its mind than just becoming the NETWORK (’76) of advertising satires. Richard Grant’s Denis suffers from such a sense of discombobulation in the modern world, at what he has both created for others and what he has created for himself, that his psyche splits into an entity that must consume itself to survive.

Richard Grant gives such a manic performance, so full of energy and bile and hatred, it is genuinely awesome. Rarely does an actor go so hard for broke and so squarely land on the mark. Grant has never received his fair share of recognition and maybe that’s because playing it safe is not in his vernacular. His go for broke performance genuinely put off people in the industry who make a living playing it safe.

Someone should do a movie about that. About how the movie industry does everything in its power to keep the risk-takers at bay, lest they takeover and anarchy rules. I think I know just the actor/director team to call.

So I woke up this morning to 200 followers! Like? THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! To celebrate, I decided to do lettering requests! (inspired by @snowystudiess & @ttstudys)


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Please don’t let this flop! I will start lettering when this post is at 10 notes. If not, let’s forget this ever happened *slowly and quietly walks back into lair and locks myself in* Hopefully I will get a few requests! Again, thank you so much for 200! 

[CLOSED] 300 Follower Art Raffle

Heya! So yesterday I reached 300 followers, and to celebrate this milestone, I’m holding an Art Raffle! Woo!

To enter, leave a note on this post! Each singular note will grant you one entry, so if you, for example, reblogged twice and liked once, that’s three entries!

The winners will be chosen with a random name picker, so the more entries you have, the better your chances!

Entries will stop being counted on the 30th of August. That gives y’all 20 days! It would be longer, but college is starting soon!

Now for PRIZES!

3rd place! 3 people!

Either a flat colour, chibi style head, background and outline are optional.

or a bean! Once again, flat colour, outline and background are optional. If you want, I can also add text!

2nd Place! 2 People!

A lined, flat colour bust of your chosen character! Background is optional! If you want, I can also add text!

1st Place! 1 Person!

Full piece of art, shaded and lined! Maximum of 2 characters. Background can be flat colour, gradient or simple landscape! It’s up to you! If you want, I can also add text!

I will draw OCs, but please have some sort of coloured reference of the OC you want! If you don’t want your own OC, but rather someone else’s, please provide that you’ve asked permission from them and been granted it! If it’s a character from a show, game or comic, please provide a picture because I may not have seen it before!

And that’s it! Thanks again for 300 followers! Good luck to all!

A former student used a very incredibly offensive word in my presence today

I turned to him and told him the lowest, most frustrated voice I could how disappointed I was in him

He came slinking back into my room (which is far out of his usual path) later in the day to tell me how very sorry he was and how he just wasn’t thinking

I feel like I have unlocked an adulting/teaching badge: using the “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed” line to maximum effect

Now to return to grading/planning/desperately hoping no more actors have meltdowns during tonight’s tech week rehearsal

anonymous asked:

I read on tvtropes that Kars' blue eyes in JorgeJ just symbolize his heel-face-turn/innocence. But I always assumed that he changed his eyes in memory of Esidisi. I mean why else would he suddenly modify his eye color on Mars?

Well, the book itself mentions his eyes only once (”Cars looked at me. His eyes were a really beautiful blue.”) and doesn’t elaborate how or when or why the change happened, so we don’t know the reason at all.

I actually have a few different ideas (other than “early narrative hint on whose side he’s on”) about why his eyes are blue:

 – he changed them intentionally so he could be identified among the other Karses – we don’t know what color their eyes were, after all

 – just some esoteric thing that happens when you absorb a whole lot of souls??

 – let’s assume red eye color in Pillar Men is caused by a lack of melanin just like in humans, and not by some red melanin-like substance they could produce as a really weird species. Then we can suppose the Pillar Men tend to have red or light blue/green eyes since as night dwellers they live with minimal amounts of light. Ultimate Being Kars would suddenly need to see in full sunlight, and producing more melanin in the irises and retinas could help coping with it – and would change his eye color (I’m really not sure if it works as simply as this though? and also don’t ask me why he’d do it first on definitely less sunny Mars and not back on Earth)

 – the book was written before the anime came out, based on the black and white manga, and the author got really confused about colors, which would also explain why novel Kars’s hair is consistently described as black

 – it’s one of those things that the author set up for some future payoff but then forgot about

 – not something supported by text, but I had this whole fic idea about how the Pillar Men warriors of old had to “earn” their facial tattoos, maybe through a rite of passage/an ordeal that ended with getting the tattoo as both a proof of having successfully undergone that ordeal, and a sign of being “reborn” to begin the new chapter of their life. Whether Kars’s eye color change was intentional or not, he could’ve considered it a sort of a warrior tattoo of his own – a sign that he survived losing everything and living on Mars for millions of years, and that all the suffering he went through ultimately had meaning, because it let him realize his faults, be “reborn” as a new person and start over. So, in a way, it would symbolize his heel-face turn. (I’m not sure how this idea would work with how the Pillar Race is described in this book, but it fits nicely with Light Dancer Kars’s speech about suffering, and I’m also reminded of manga Kars’s “but he is so magnificent in his misfortune” line)

 – maximum heartbreak option: the sunny sky on Earth was blue and Esidisi had blue eyes and Wamuu’s favorite color was cobalt blue

Eeeeeeeengh there’s a sentiment I keep seeing repeated that seriously worries me. It’s typically presented as somehow opposed to cynicism, like a freeing way of looking at things that fixes a common mistake.

It’s like, “oh, I’m sick of this obsession with gray-and-gray morality and relativism! sometimes the bad guys are just the bad guys, and you don’t need to worry about whether they’re really just misunderstood!”

There’s a useful part to this, and there’s a horribly scary part to this that makes me afraid when I see people accept it so readily.

Because except in fiction, no, the bad guys are basically never just the bad guys. ALL of the bad guys are human. ALL of the bad guys think they’re basically good people doing what they have to do. ALL the bad guys have full inner lives and can be imagined complexly. There are different degrees of bad, there are different motivations behind harmful actions, and so, so may of the “bad guys” could easily be good guys, are good guys 90% of the time, and have moral worth.

The useful part to the sentiment is that you don’t need to worry about this. Not everyone in your life who hurts you is someone you need to care deeply about and think carefully about the motivations of. Someone can be a complex human being with moral worth and you can still have them be your enemy. The complex inner life of someone who’s hurting you does not need to be your number one priority. This is okay.

But “sometimes people are just Bad, and it’s easy to tell when they’re Bad and you shouldn’t ever worry about the Bad people as human beings”? GAAAAAAAAH NO NO NO NO THIS IS SO SCARY.

The failure mode where someone thinks “oh, well, this person seems Bad, but they’re a complicated person and not completely evil and so I can forgive them for it” (when they’re actually hurting you) is a DRASTICALLY LESS COMMON FAILURE MODE THAN “oh, well, this person seems Bad, so i’m authorized to do all of the things you do to Bad people” (when they’re not actually hurting you). It’s downright flabbergasting to me that there are people who think that there’s just too much kindness out there and that we ought to urge people to be less kind.


they’re here!! (+my redbubble!)

took longer than anticipated, what with a few designs giving me grief. then, i overestimated their size, had to make ‘em bigger, and thus! they needed new lines for maximum quality.

but, they’re done, up, and ready to see the world! so go check ‘em out!:

[ makoto&haru ] [ rin&haru ]
[ sousuke&rin ] [ nitori&momo ]
[ nagisa&rei ]

the colors are admittedly much duller… but, can’t be helped! it IS redbubble, after all.

if you order, please, feel free to let me know! pictures when they get there are highly encouraged, i’d love to see how they come out!

This is a comic I’d like to call…

The “I’ve-Seen-Your-Junk-Before” Origin Story!


Why Greg doesn’t like Shapeshifting!

Honestly, I’ve read people speculating that Greg and Amethyst had a relationship because of that line in “Maximum Capacity”. But I think the simpler, more logical explanation is that Greg is a human who drinks and expels liquids, and Amethyst has zero respect for personal space!

Fact of the Day #38

The metallic echo effect heard in Al’s armor voice was not done digitally. It was created by placing a metal bowl behind the microphone when recording Al’s lines. For maximum authenticity, Funimation had a bowl made with the same specifications as the one used by Rie Kugimiya, and used the same bowl for both anime dubs.

(Source: Brotherhood U.S. release DVD commentary)