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The TF2 Magazine, goes out and popularizes good stuff. Thanks for supporting the artist here :)

I like that feedback.  It’s awesome to hear that.  Supporting and promoting the creativity of y’all is what this blog is here for!

Imagine if this blog was a magazine.  It’d be such a delightful mess.

wait lol what if i made a portfolio app instead of a website

(this is a bad idea for professional use because i’m not gonna be like… “do u have a portfolio” “yeah here download my app from the play store” but tbh i wasn’t really.. making a portfolio… for professional use)

(i guess if the reason i’m making it is so i can be like “hey friends look at this cool thing i made containing all the cool things i made” then an app is also kind of a barrier to entry to that… i mean it was gonna be free but like. how hard is it to port an android app to ios… whereas with a text based website, as long as the video player wasn’t fucked up it could be accessible from any device)

how do i make an app that can play audio and video clips and display text and image? like… a book… but less linear. like a choose your own adventure but less cheesy. no wait, more cheesy

also the benefit to a website was that i could use it as an ongoing archive and add new sections for new projects as i complete them – it’s possible to just push an app update that includes new content right? like instead of it being like “oh neko atsume released some new cats” it would be like “oh seth released a new collection of short stories with music”

(the disadvantage to the mobile market is that you have to admit one of your major demographics is “people who are currently shitting” but like. i think i can live with that. everybody poops, and afaik nobody has yet dominated the “look at art while you’re shitting” niche market)

anyway i figured it out, here’s what i’m gonna do. i’m gonna call it “seth dispenser” and rather than being easily navigable the user interface will just have one button on it, “dispense seth”… when you press it, it displays a random entry from the bank of content, which might be a story or a video or an image or a fortune cookie or who the fuck knows

no wait it’ll have a bunch of other knobs and dials too but changing them won’t do anything. or, it will, but it won’t do anything functionally distinguishable from nothing
a thing that wants - magdaliny - Archive of Our Own
part of the Femslash June collection
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Hey, Steve,” Bucky says. “We’re gonna find Nat a dame, okay?”

 Natasha shoves him into the pool.

Fandom:  Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe

Collection:  Femslash June

Rating:  Explicit

Relationships:  Natasha Romanov/OFCs, Natasha Romanov/Maria Hill

Characters:  Natasha Romanov, Maria Hill, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers

Tags:  Matchmaking, Friendship

Summary:  Bucky is a rubbish matchmaker.

That’s it, that’s the story.

exclusive pic of me popping in to post about how much i love Julia Burnsides