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I’m half-way finished making chapter 1!

Feels like slow going cause I’m still figuring stuff out & learnin - and can’t be happy with my work, yet. I haven’t felt this in a while, but with an old project like this it seems like it always feels better while you’re dreaming about it, and hard to replace those perfect vague ideas;; 

But anyway - feels good at least to be learning! Gonna get there slowly but surely.


FN FS2000

Civilian model of the F2000, this is one of the first generation models that included a factory optic. Although the gun has a sci-fi and futuristic appearance, the optic is very simple and straightforward. The polymer housing flows with the rest of the rifle’s lines to give an integrated silhouette but remove the top cover and it just looks like someone put a cheap little scope on it. If I’m not mistaken, all of the factory optic equipped rifles were black, even though FN sold an OD Green FS2000. (GRH)

George Harrison and Mick Jagger on stage at the Rock and Hall of Fame Awards, 20 January 1988. Photo by Ron Galella.

“As a guitar player, [George] certainly had some nice and memorable licks on those Beatles tunes. Without being a virtuoso, he came up with really nice guitar lines that are integral parts of those tunes. But he had a multifaceted career as a personality. He wasn’t just a guitar player. And he did have a great sense of humor, and he did take it all with a huge pinch of salt, which is a very English and a very Liverpudlian thing.” - Mick Jagger, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002 [x]

Calculus III: the Dirac Delta, a Bridge Between Dimensions

Today, I’m going to teach you a magic trick. This trick connects two very different tools from two very different worlds: the area integral of two-dimensional regions and the line integral of one-dimensional curves. The time has come to join these disparate items under a common framework.

Last week, we described how to find the length of a curve using a line integral. Today’s trick tells us how to find the length of a curve using a surface integral instead.

To accomplish this, we’re going to need something unlike anything we’ve seen before: an ethereal mathematical object called the Dirac delta distribution, which possesses the ability to bridge dimensions.

Come one, come all! The show is about to begin…

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Towards Polaris

Last time when I drew something for Polaris, It was all about what I thought it was going to be, now that I have listened to it a few times, I drew what I thought would happen in the world of Polaris. I didn’t get to hear the pilots in action, but I did get an awesome genius pilot heroine (whose role is automatically filled by Haruka in my book).

So have a picture of the four main characters of Polaris, after successfully completing one of their missions, and some Tokiya and Haruka interaction.

I also really wanted to draw elaborate space-pilot jackets, individualized for each pilot (with number or name) but it demanded too much attention.

Hope you like!  I love working like this, integrating my lines in my colours.

You maybe not reproduce, alter, edit or claim as your own in any way. Do not upload this to another website without my permission.

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Things I don't understand...

I am incapable of understanding how there is so much negativity surrounding Peter Capaldi’s first season. How is that even possible?!

I mean for starters, there’s Capaldi’s Doctor. Grumpy, dark humour (“No I just saved you and let everyone else suffocate. Heheheh…” I like it!), utterly devoted to Clara (“Do you really think I care so little for you that betraying me would make a difference?”). Capaldi is simply a fantastic actor, giving a skilled and layered performance, infusing every line with the integrity and gravitas the role deserves. And having the time of his life.

He was born to play the Doctor and you can tell just how much it means to him.

This doctor carries jelly babies in a snuff box, does little victory dances when no ones looking, works the stylish magician angle and hides his vulnerably under all that detached grumpiness.

I love the twelfth doctor.

And Clara. She’s so human. She makes mistakes, lies and is completely addicted to the Doctor. She’s brave, wicked smart, has killer fashion sense, and can be as manipulative and controlling as the Doctor.

There’s is the most fascinating Doctor-companion relationship I’ve ever seen. They adore each other even when they don’t get on. They bring out the best and the very worst in each other and that makes them such a compelling pairing. I believe that’s partly why Jenna stayed on longer - such chemistry and so much potential.

We also had Michelle Gomez - divinely unhinged as a female Master!!! So unpredictable it made her genuinely scary. The beautifully played Danny Pink, so perceptive and good for Clara. Lovely Osgoode finally coming into her own (sob sob). This show takes risks now - people actually die.

Then there’s the sheer perfection of Mummy on the Orient Express (the costumes, Frank Skinner, WHO IS GUS?!). The thrilling Flatlines (original, eerie monsters and just listen to that score again). The atmospheric masterpiece that was Listen (that monologue). Clara’s dress in Robot Of Sherwood!!

I am losing coherence due to sleepy ramblings. There’s just so much to love about this series. Why all the hate?! I am truly baffled! I’d be interested to hear your thoughts…

okay last post on the topic I promise but

there’s already tons of accents that create the illusion of the dragon’s shape being altered. extra heads/limbs, missing limbs, changing the wings into other things entirely

so it’s okay to essentially change the shape of the dragon but only if you keep barely visible lines on there??

Does enforcing those barely-there lines really keep the integrity of the original design?? no it doens’t because IT STILL LOOKS LIKE ITS BEEN ALTERED

this is just plain ineffective. 


Brown Beauty by Erica Lynn
Via Flickr:
Beautiful brown

[dolls from the Fashion Royalty line by Integrity Toys. Nadja is in the foreground, and I believe the three in the background are Adele Janay sculpts. –MOD]

EDIT: thx @taraljc for letting me know they’re Janays! I’ve updated the info! <3


NMR Spectroscopy 

What are these things?! All the lines! Splitting? Integration? This is the most confusing thing I’ve ever seen! OK, take it easy chief. Let Professor Dave take you through the very basics of interpreting NMR spectra.

By: Professor Dave Explains.