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Okay but Lena wanting to make it a surprise on date night so she consults Clark and has him use the Fortress' computer for patterns and it ends up being this perfectly clingy super low back number and Kara turns around and sees her and crushes the glass she's holding her hand

Could you imagine if that’s how she proposes to Kara? She goes to the Fortress with Clark and not only gets the patterns for the dress but learns about the traditional Kryptonian proposals and wedding ceremonies. 

Leading up to it, she practices the few lines of Kryptonese to integrate it into her speech. Finally, she gets Alex to sneak her into the DEO to ‘speak’ with her parents and ask for their blessing. Lena is fully aware that the holograms will not be able to answer appropriately but she still wanted to stand before Kara’s parents. 

This is something that I need to see like now! Or just Lena in that super sexy dress would work too. Maybe a wonderful artist like @lordsantiagoaz would draw a sketch? 


I’m half-way finished making chapter 1!

Feels like slow going cause I’m still figuring stuff out & learnin - and can’t be happy with my work, yet. I haven’t felt this in a while, but with an old project like this it seems like it always feels better while you’re dreaming about it, and hard to replace those perfect vague ideas;; 

But anyway - feels good at least to be learning! Gonna get there slowly but surely.

Unpopular opinion

But i’m sick of people wanting everything in s4 to revolve around Evak. I love Even and I adore Isak but this is Sana’s season and there are people in her life who are just as important to her that deserve screen time too.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that both of them have story lines that are integral to the season, but that doesn’t mean that every time something happens and she needs to go running to Evak. 

Let her be her own hero.

the dean winchester graphic challenge
glorioustiel vs. haelwings
prompt: “I like messy people; people who don’t fit in a box or stay between the 
lines, but whose integrity is greater than any rule book and whose 
loyalty is stronger than blood.”- Jim Wern

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can I have a smol scene from the sci-fi tensemi AU? the one with Semi as an AI?

the shiratorizawa-in-space au: in which tendou survives an enemy attack, and meets a peculiar stranger. some elements shamelessly stolen from star trek, because i can. 

There are black spots in his vision and the world is swaying on an oddly-tilted axis when he wakes up, which isn’t ideal. Still, Tendou hadn’t expected to be waking up at all, so at this point he’ll take what he can get. He rubs at his temples, his fingertips coming away sticky with half-dried blood. Again, not ideal. But injured and alive is better than dead and floating in the void of space.

He pushes himself into a seated position, looking out over the bridge of the Shiratorizawa from an odd angle. Usually he’s off to the left side of the pilot’s chair, manning the shields. Right now he’s… sitting in the captain’s chair. His vision has cleared enough by this point that when he looks around, it takes him only a minute to realize that he’s alone.

The screens at the various console stations are smashed through, but that hadn’t been the worst of the damage. The dire alerts had gone off once the hull had been punctured, dyeing the entire ship in red light. Now, the lights are glowing a pale blue— emergency power, but not an active threat situation. That’s good, Tendou supposes. But something still doesn’t make sense.

“Why aren’t I dead,” he asks the empty space of the bridge. His voice come out rough— he’d been screaming when he was knocked out, for Tsutomu and Watatoshi and Reon.

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Peter doesn't realise it, but he has a routine and pre-planned patrol is an integral part of it. The couple hours a night he spends running around Queens, apprehending evildoers is the only time he's not staring at a screen or stressed to all heck about school & money & his day job on top of everything else. He can't sleep if he doesn't do it and this headcanon started out cute but got really sad oh gosh ;-;

but those are the best types of hcs!!!! 

  • and just think about it. peter doesn’t really fit in; he’s way too into science, he’s awkward and uncomfortable around most people, he just doesn’t have a real place in his own world. but spidey is different. when peter is patrolling he feel’s like he’s in his element. he knows what he needs to do, he knows what is expected from him. and he’s good at what he does. he makes a real difference
  • so when he can’t patrol for whatever reason, something akin to homesickness settles in his stomach. it’s like there’s something he’s missing or forgetting and it’s this nagging feeling that won’t leave him alone
  • if it’s late and he’s not patrolling, his anxiety acts up. he knows, rationally, that the world isn’t going to end if he spend one night at home, but that doesn’t stop the worry that something bad is happening somewhere and he’s not doing anything to stop it
  • usually this just results in him being cranky. he’ll talk less and he’ll be all pouty but he’s fine the next time he puts on the suit
  • (sometimes, though, it turns into full-on panic attacks. the first time he stayed late at the tower working with tony, he hadn’t missed a patrol in three months. so when 2am rolled around there was this overwhelming feeling of oh god no that he had been trying to squash all night and the dam finally burst and he hid in the bathroom for 30 minutes while he tried to pull himself together)
  • also, even though he tries not to have a predictable route, peter knows his patrol-area like the back of his hand
  • except when it’s daytime. he’ll think he knows where he’s going but then get lost bc everything looks so different at night
  • he’s usually patrolling from like 12-3am. every day, between those hours, the “peter” part of him takes a break from the stress of school and home and work and he just gets to help people as spidey. so there’s this huge personality change that happens between those times that happens even if he’s not in his suit where he’s more confident and carefree and it’s really confusing to everyone else
  • but his body has learned to crash at 4am. no matter what he’s doing. if it’s 4am EST, peter parker is asleep, and it makes no difference if he’s in his own bed or at an avengers meeting in europe
  • (it’s 3:30am EST. they’re gathered at a diplomatic meeting in germany. peter is literally bouncing in his seat. the avengers are speaking to the group about regulating international missions. forty minutes in, tony turns around to ask peter to give his opinion, and they find him slumped in his seat, his chin on his chest, softly snoring)

I bought four of those faceless Avastar dolls and they arrived today.
I’m really impressed with the quality of the doll clothes and bodies.
The clothes are a step above the older Integrity play line, and a few
steps below Integrity collector lines. I wonder if they might have had
more success copying Build a Bear, selling the clothes separately from
the dolls.  


FN FS2000

Civilian model of the F2000, this is one of the first generation models that included a factory optic. Although the gun has a sci-fi and futuristic appearance, the optic is very simple and straightforward. The polymer housing flows with the rest of the rifle’s lines to give an integrated silhouette but remove the top cover and it just looks like someone put a cheap little scope on it. If I’m not mistaken, all of the factory optic equipped rifles were black, even though FN sold an OD Green FS2000. (GRH)

Things I don't understand...

I am incapable of understanding how there is so much negativity surrounding Peter Capaldi’s first season. How is that even possible?!

I mean for starters, there’s Capaldi’s Doctor. Grumpy, dark humour (“No I just saved you and let everyone else suffocate. Heheheh…” I like it!), utterly devoted to Clara (“Do you really think I care so little for you that betraying me would make a difference?”). Capaldi is simply a fantastic actor, giving a skilled and layered performance, infusing every line with the integrity and gravitas the role deserves. And having the time of his life.

He was born to play the Doctor and you can tell just how much it means to him.

This doctor carries jelly babies in a snuff box, does little victory dances when no ones looking, works the stylish magician angle and hides his vulnerably under all that detached grumpiness.

I love the twelfth doctor.

And Clara. She’s so human. She makes mistakes, lies and is completely addicted to the Doctor. She’s brave, wicked smart, has killer fashion sense, and can be as manipulative and controlling as the Doctor.

There’s is the most fascinating Doctor-companion relationship I’ve ever seen. They adore each other even when they don’t get on. They bring out the best and the very worst in each other and that makes them such a compelling pairing. I believe that’s partly why Jenna stayed on longer - such chemistry and so much potential.

We also had Michelle Gomez - divinely unhinged as a female Master!!! So unpredictable it made her genuinely scary. The beautifully played Danny Pink, so perceptive and good for Clara. Lovely Osgoode finally coming into her own (sob sob). This show takes risks now - people actually die.

Then there’s the sheer perfection of Mummy on the Orient Express (the costumes, Frank Skinner, WHO IS GUS?!). The thrilling Flatlines (original, eerie monsters and just listen to that score again). The atmospheric masterpiece that was Listen (that monologue). Clara’s dress in Robot Of Sherwood!!

I am losing coherence due to sleepy ramblings. There’s just so much to love about this series. Why all the hate?! I am truly baffled! I’d be interested to hear your thoughts…

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Hi gin! Ive been looking up to you and your art for a long time and you actually inspire me to learn to paint ! The thing is, no matter how much I try it seems like i always spend too long working on a single detail like example so skin and then just realised for it to be a complete and utter mess in the end. So uhm hope im not bothering too much but can you offer a few advice or tips if possible?? ;;v;; its okay if you dont want to or cant!


The correct process for painting would be painting a first layer of basic atmosphere, in which you choose the palette, you take a look at the general composition, you more or less fit everything in the scene. I’m more a drawer than a painter, so I always start with lines and integrate them into the drawing: 

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Heya! Do you think befriending or developing close relationships with enneatypes that you disintegrate into is a bad idea? Wouldn't it have a negative impact on a person if their unhealthy behavior/thinking is the norm of another enneatype? For instance I'm a 9, and I disintegrate into 6 so if I'm close friends with a 6 wouldn't their anxiety begin to rub off on me, causing me to begin to disintegrate? Obviously this all depends on health levels but still...?

Not sure tbh.
(Dis)integration lines work into both directions. Taking your given example, while 9s disintegrate into 6s, 6s integrate into 9s. So while their presence could be detrimental to your development at the same time your presence would be beneficial to them.
You could also argue that being around someone who is in theory “you at your worst” gives you enough distance and time to study your own flaws, being better prepared to see warning signals when stress hits you.

So in the end it propably balances out and really depends more on overall health levels. Like for someone who is at a poor level having a friend with the disintegration type could be a bad influence while someone who is more healthy already will learn and benefit from it.

  • the boy loves steak,,, has a second stomach for steaks,, could eat three steaks in one sitting no problem 
  • is unbelievably bad with naming things 
  • is a v healthy boy and rarely gets sick but as a result is a huuuuuuge baby when he does catch a cold 
  • there’s a certain face he makes when he’s looking for one word in particular and he just can’t catch it and hE’LL INSIST that it’s at the tip of his tongue and he almost has it but really,, 
  •  if he really can’t find it he’ll settle for something else and it’ll be unsatisfying but bet on it he’ll yell the word totally out of context sometime way down the line and this is integral INTEGRAL 
  • alternatively the news will be delivered via text IN ALL CAPS. this is crowing in triumph except digitally 
  • speaking of words his vocabulary is actually p okay ( as could be expected,,, language arts was his best subject ) 
  • ok so he CAN cook ( and p decently actually ?? like not a master chef but it’s def edible and doesn’t taste bad ?? like ok he can feed himself and not be malnourished ) but like,,, boy,, boy have you s e en his instant ramen confections you didn’t know the things one can do with a cup of noodles and boiling water this is social media worthy
  • he doesn’t make it often tho because instant noodles are unhealthy
  • the reason this came about was because as a kid he was angry the ?? insides ???? didn’t look like what was advertised on the packaging ??? even when he followed all the instructions ?? so he went and tried to make it look as close to that as possible and the rest is evolution history
  • um yeah let’s end this here

“Ruth doesn’t step into this world lightly.”  

Alex Kingston as Ruth Hattersley in Chasing Shadows, 2014