line down stomach

What if birthmarks are the places that actually killed us in our past life? Like there’s this girl from school whose birthmark is a line on her neck. What if her throat was cut? I know this guy who has his birthmark on his whole left cheek. What if he was shot? My little sisters birthmark is a line straight down her stomach. What if she died on the operating table?

Morning Time ~ Jimin

Morning sexy sex with Jiminnie. That’s literally it.

He’s needy and whiny and whimpering for your touch, just the way he should be.

It was 4.12 in the morning and you could feel your boyfriend subtly rubbing himself against your backside. You could tell he was awake by the harsh breathing on the back of your neck, arms curled tight around your waist as he murmured your name.

“Jimin,” you moan in irritation. “Get the hell off. It’s four in the morning.”

“Hard baby,” he whimpers into your ear and your stomach clenches. “Hurts.”

“Then help yourself off,” you reach behind you to pinch his naked thigh and send him jumping away with a girlish squeak.

“Babeee,” he whines. You could hear the pout in his voice, the image of his bottom lip hung and eyes shiny flashing on your closed eyelids.

“No Jimin.”

There’s a few seconds of silence. “Fine,” he huffs. You listen as he shuffles around and you think he’s going back to sleep but then you hear the gentle thud of clothing on the floor. You craved to pull on your hair and cry, you just wanted to go back to sleep already.

You listen while he glides his hands over his body, quiet sigh leaving his lips followed by a hiss. He grunts when you say his name.

“What are you doing.”

“Taking care of myself,” he breathes out, softly moaning right after. You squeeze your eyes closed, willing his noises to not reach your ears. “Mmm..”

“Be quieter,” you growl. “I’m trying to sleep.”

“Sorry,” he moans even louder. You hear slick sounds fill the quiet air and you figure he spit in his hand to make his slide easier. You can tell by the squelching that he’s moving slow, teasing himself, probably dragging his hand up and down his thick shaft. He soundly shucks in through his teeth and let’s it out in a strangled moan, whispering curses under his breath.

“I swear to fucking God,” you angrily smack the mattress and push yourself up onto your knees, twist your body around so you can slap his wrist to release his cock. “Let the fuck go.”

“Are you going-”

“Shut up,” you grumble, wrapping your fingers around his hard member and giving him a dry jerk. He moans and reaches forward to cup the back of your neck.

“I love you baby.”

“Fuck off.”

You take his swollen head into your hot mouth, tongue pushing into his leaking slit as you slowly sink down, his hips rolling up off the bed to bury himself deeper. You reach up to yank on one of his peaked nipples in a warning, earning yourself a whine when he arches his back into your touch. You pull away to grip his base with both your hands, your cheeks hollowing themselves out so your head can quickly bob up and down his shaft.

“Baby, fuck,” he groans, stomach muscles clenching and nails digging crescents into the back of your neck with his tight hold. He slides his way down your back, fingers dipping underneath the waistband of your panties to grip the fleshy globe of your ass cheek.

You moan around him and he bucks up into you, causing you to slightly choke around him.


As you’re swallowing him down and twisting your wrist around his base, he takes a hold of your thigh and turns you, brings you closer so he can smooth his hand further over your ass. He squeezes before slipping his fingers through your wetness. You moan around him when he wiggles a finger into your fluttering hole, walls clenching around the intrusion as he feels around, curling and uncurling, making your eyes fall closed. He pumps inside a few times before pushing a second in along the first, thick fingers stretching your rim.

You take him deep into your throat when he reaches far, searching for the one spot that would have your legs trembling next to him. With one thrust of his hand you have to pull off his cock, ignoring the saliva and precome dripping from your lips as you moan and drop your forehead onto his thigh.

“Fuck Jimin please,” you whimper, gripping him tightly. You pant heavily, weakly trying to jerk his shaft while he strokes over your spot with careful fingers. You bite onto his leg to keep from screaming and he hisses above you, hips fucking up into your hand.

“Fuck this,” he growls and you scrunch your face up uncomfortably when he pulls his fingers out of you. You release his leg.

“What are you-”

His hands are on your hips, lifting you into the air and you have to grab the sheets so you don’t fall. He throws you down in front of him, takes a handful of your hair when you glance at him over your shoulder. He crawls on top of you, straddles the backs of your thighs and leans down to breathe into your ear.

“I need to come inside,” he whispers, ripping your head back to mouth at your jaw while he guides himself between your cheeks. You feel his cock slide through your wetness, smearing it around until he’s slowly pushing inside. He nibbles on your ear and begins to grind into you from behind.

“Jimin,” you whimper his name.

You lay your cheek onto the blanket, giving your boyfriend room to kiss the side of your neck, his eyes flickering to the sheet that was fisted in your hands. He releases your hair, presses a kiss to your temple while skimming his way up your arm, his fingers interlocking with yours. He does the same with his other hand, all of his weight falling onto your back but you don’t seem to care, too distracted with the way he was pumping inside of you, pitched whines floating into your ear.

“Baby,” he whispers. “I have… I have to come. I’m g-going to-”

He releases you and sits up on your thighs, hands flat on your back to pin you to the bed as he fucks in hard and deep. You bury your face into the blanket and let out a string of cries, your body jerking up the bed as your hole is pounded and stretched around Jimin’s thick cock, sharp inhales and breathy whines coming from said man every time your walls tightly gripped him. His nails dig into your skin and he thrusts into you harder, angling his hips up in order to take your breath away.

When Jimin’s thighs shake with his approaching orgasm, he leans over your back again, arms hooking underneath yours and mouth back to breathing against your ear. You grab his hands and he squeezes you in a tight grip, his panting growing faster with his snapping hips, one last groan echoing around as he unloads inside of you. He sinks his teeth into your shoulder, his eyes clenched shut and fingers wrapped so tightly around yours you were losing circulation, his cock twitching and dumping endless amounts of come into you.

“Shit, take it all baby..” he murmurs, kissing the deep teeth marks he left on your skin as he carefully milks himself dry, balls still shriveled up and twitching on your thighs.

“How much did you just come?” You ask, breathing heavily. He laughs beautifully and you turn to look at him, getting his lips to your eyebrow.

“You’ll probably have about ten of my babies but that’s okay.”

He grunts when he pulls out, finally finishes emptying himself, you wince and roll over once he’s off of you. He hovers over you and pecks your lips a few times, moves to your neck and collarbones.

“What are you doing?” Your back arches up when he swirls his tongue around your nipple, twisting and tugging the other between his fingers.

“You didn’t come,” he sweetly reminds you.

“No it’s fine-”

“Shh,” he slinks up to capture your lips in a kiss, his warm muscle lapping the words right out of your mouth. He pulls away and grabs your wrists, affectionately kisses all of your knuckles before resting your intwined hands on the duvet.

Jimin goes back down, leaves a line of kisses down your stomach to your pubic bone. You push your hips up and his eyes glance up at you, dark with lust as he lovingly kisses your clit. You dig your nails into the backs of his hands when he takes his first lick, slipping over your soaked folds and pulling a soft moan from you.

He dips his tongue in and licks a long strip up your pussy, collecting your wetness that he eagerly slurps down. He pulls away from your hand so he can probe your entrance with his fingers, your own curling into his hair when two slide in. You lift your legs onto his shoulders, heels of your feet digging into his back as he languidly pokes at your walls. He twists his fingers as he thrusts, plump lips wrapped around your clit and sucking dutifully.

“Jimin,” you throw your head back and grip his hair tighter. Your hips push up into his face on their own accord. “Fuck..”

He pulls away to dust dark bruises along the insides of your thighs, fingers still pumping into you and quickly gaining speed. You feel him smirk against your skin when your breath hitches at his curling digits. Your chest rises and falls, spine curving itself as his lips return to your sopping heat, tongue ravishing you and fingers mercilessly driving into you. You’re taken off guard at the sudden pace change, sudden roughness and your mouth drops in a silent scream, thighs clenching around your boyfriend’s head.

Jimin tongues at and nibbles around the stretched rim of your entrance, tip slithering in to join his quick thrusting hand. He hooks them against your sweet spot and you cry out until your throat feels raw.

“Baby come in my mouth,” he murmurs against you, voice laced with pure seduction. “Let me taste you.”

His vibrations have you tipping over the edge, white hot heat exploding in the pit of your stomach and spreading like fire throughout he rest of your body. Your thighs tremble as they’re spiked with immense pleasure, hand tugging on Jimin’s hair and pulling whimpers from him that matched your own.

He slows his fingers down, still hooking them inside of you as you ride out your orgasm on his face until you’re squirming in overstimulation, his tongue lapping up your release and swallowing it down.

You loosen your grip and he pulls back to look at you, fingers slipping from inside and you snort at the mess on his cheeks and chin.

“You got a little something,” you tease him and he rolls his eyes with a smile, wiping your shiny come from his face. He lays on your thigh and strokes his thumb over the back of your hand. “Can we go back to bed now?”

He shakes his head, smirking.

“I think we should shower first.”

“We can shower in the morning.”

He pulls away from you, moves your legs from his shoulders and crawls up your body to slowly kiss you.

“I’m not talking about cleaning up baby girl,” he whispers. “I’m talking about a round two.”

“Round tw- no. No way, I’ll fall asleep on you-”

He pouts and licks open your mouth.

“But baby,” he whines. “I just want my Princess to be satisfied and full of me.”

“What?” You scratch his back as he kisses your neck. He moves up and tugs on your earlobe with his teeth.

“Wanna fill you up some more,” he mumbles. “Wanna have your cute tummy so swollen with my come baby, need it so bad, wanna hear it slosh around inside you when you walk-”

“Get out of here,” you push at the side of his head and he lets out a wobbly ‘whoa’ as he rolls right over the edge of the bed. He groans when he hits the hardwood with a heavy thud and you stifle your laugh, crawling underneath the blanket and laying on your pillow.

“Babe,” he whines from the floor. “That wasn’t very nice.”

“Night Jimin.”

Fuck I need submissive!Jimin in my life.

Make Me Feel Better

A/N:  This is a SMUFFY one shot for @jarpadandjensenaremyheroes who requested a Dean x Reader fic with this picture:


This is my first time writing a request so feedback is MUCH appreciated!  I hope you like it Alyson!

This is unbetaed so all errors are mine alone.



You slam the book shut in frustration.  You’ve been researching with Sam and Dean all day with zero leads.

“Nothing in this one either,” you grumble running your hands through your hair.

“Here try this one,” Dean says tossing another book towards you.

It lands with a thump as a puff of dust rises into the air.  Coughing you fan the dust away with your hand.

“No, you know what?  I need a break,” you stand.

Dean raises his eyebrows as you stomp out of the library.  When you reach your room you slam the door behind you and drop onto your bed.  You punch your pillow a few times, then hold it to your face as you scream into it.

You know that you’re overreacting but you can’t help yourself.  Some days you feel more like an observer of your actions rather than the one at the controls.  Much better to stay away from the guys lest you say or do anything you’ll regret.  Ten minutes later your thoughts are interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Y/N, sweetheart, I’m coming in.”

Dean stands leaning against your doorway with his arms crossed in front of him.

“That kind of day?”

You push yourself up.

“That obvious, huh?”

He crosses the room, sitting on the bed next to you.  You look up at him as he brushes the hair back from your face.

“C’mon, I want to show you something,” he says cupping your face and gently brushing your lips with his.

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Chapter 55 - Rhys POV

Last week, a kind soul asked me to write Chapter 55 from Rhysand’s POV and although TERRIFIED of the idea, I’ve had so much fun writing these fics that I figured, why the bloody hell not? Heh, you only live once…

So here it is! Obvi NSFW. I hope any of you brave souls reading it like it. As always, I think it’s awful and I struggle to get the voices right at all, but I had fun writing it and welp, here it is.

I take NO CREDIT for the dialogue written in this fic. All of those beautiful words and the ideas for the scenes themselves belong 100% entirely to the talented Sarah J. Maas.

Chapter 55 (Rhysand)

It was about half a millisecond before I grabbed the spoon and started eating. I would never look at soup in the same boring, bland way again.

Feyre was accepting the bond. She was choosing me.

But she hadn’t said anything and it took every ounce of power I possessed within my 500 year career to steady my hand as I lifted each spoonful to my mouth and watched her from across the table.

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Babygirl Be Quiet - G.D


@ogocfanfic @lashton-is-a-penguin I did the thing

 “Grayson babe, does this look okay?” You squirm in your red dress as you twirl around in a circle for him. It was your first time meeting Grayson’s parents and you wanted to look like the perfect girlfriend and the perfect lady, but you couldn’t help but feel unsettled and extremely nervous.
“Babe, you look amazing in whatever you wear” Grayson smirked as he stood up from the foot of your bed and clutched your waist hungrily, kissing the sweet spot on your collarbone that without a doubt always manages to turn you on. 

“Gray, not now!” you moan as you push him away from you slightly. He stuck his bottom lip out in a puppy-dog-like pout, and groaned as he flopped back down onto the bed in frustration.
“Oh don’t throw a tantrum you two-year-old” you laugh as you face the mirror, brushing your dress down to flatten out the creases, checking to make sure you looked presentable.
“You know that you in a red dress drives me crazy” he groans as he sits up right, dragging his face down with his hands as he stares at every inch of your body, taking in all your curves.
“Well you sir are just going to have to wait until we get back home now aren’t you” you wink as you turn to grab your purse and walk out of the door.

~ ~ ~ ~

“So, tell me more about yourself Y/N” Grayson’s father smiles kindly as he passes the mashed potatoe around the table.
“There’s not really a lot to say sir” you blush as you look down at your plate of food nervously. Grayson’s fingers interlace yours underneath the table, as he squeezes your hand reassuringly.
“Oh don’t be so modest!” he chuckles deeply.
“Well, I quiet love travelling and music. I think that a good book is better than any rowdy party these days” you laugh quietly, more so to yourself then to anyone else. Grayson coughed ‘bullshit’ under his breath, just quiet enough for the two of you to hear, as you slap him quietly on the leg underneath the table. He shot you a dangerous look as his hand slid to the inside of your thigh and gripped it tightly, slowly inching closer and closer to your core. You gripped his hand and shoved it down towards your knee and shot him a warning glance, which of course he ignored.
“It’s refreshing to meet an old soul. Most of the girls Ethan brings home barely know what a book is” their father chuckled as Ethan groaned and threw his head back in annoyance. You all continued to eat dinner with various questions asked and small talk conversed.
“Would you like some help cleaning up” you smile brightly as you stacked the plates and followed Grayson’s mother into the kitchen.
“Oh no dear, why don’t you go watch tv with the boys or something!” she smiled brightly as she took the plates from her hands. You were about to argue her on the matter but Grayson walked in and grabbed your arm tightly and dragged you away.
“Have fun kids!” She shouted after you.
“Oh yeah we will” Grayson mumbled under his breath as he ran up the stairs with you.
“What’s the rush for?” You giggle as he shuts the door behind the two of you, pushing you up against it.
“Grayson, your family is literally down stairs” you whisper as he attacks your neck with his soft lips, sucking lightly at the already tender skin.
“Then you’ll have to be quiet” he grunts desperately as he lifts your waist and pushes you up against the hard, cold surface, your legs immediately wrapping around his waist. 

One of his hands clutches your ass as the other slides it’s way to the neckline of your dress, ripping it down as Grayson bites softly on the now exposed skin. You let out a soft moan which causes him to halt all of his actions.

“What did I say about being quiet!” he uttered as he picked you up and threw you harshly onto his bed. You back up until your back hits the headrest, sliding your dress over your head as you reach for Grayson’s shirt, throwing it to the side. He doesn’t waste any time as he connects his lips with yours, biting down on your lower lip as you refrain from moaning in pleasure. You palm him through his jeans as he bites down on your shoulder to stop himself from making any sounds which causes you to gasp in shock. 

You fumble with the button of his jeans as you use your feet to slide his pants off, as his finger hooks under the waist band of your lace lingerie that you had worn especially for him.
“These, need to go now” he instructs as he rips them off.
“Seriously, another pair” you sigh, silently mourning one of the many expensive lingerie underwear that had been lost in the war of Grayson and his urges.
“You won’t be needing them again” he snaps as he kisses a line down your stomach, centering himself directly at your core. You look down at him in eagerness as he spreads your legs harshly with his hands, kissing the inside of your thighs teasingly.
“Grayson please” you whisper, the frustration building up like a fire in the pit of your stomach. Without another word he slips his fingers into your center, pumping it slowly as he curls his fingers up to meet your g-stop, as you grab his pillow and bite into it hard. He replaces his fingers with his mouth as he slowly licks your heat before he begins to suck harshly on your clit. You grab a fistful of his hair as he continues to make you melt, the feeling in your stomach growing and growing with intensity.
“Cum for me baby” he moans against you as you take a sharp intake of air, slowly feeling yourself come undone to him. He licks the last of you away from his lips, as he grabs the pillow away from your hold, kissing you desperately as you taste yourself in his mouth. You flip the two of you over as you straddle his waist, grinding up against him as he grows harder and harder beneath you.
“The bed will creak” he murmurs as he picks you up and places you on the ground questionably, slowly walking you back until you hit a wall. He slides his underwear off and picks you up with ease, as you grip onto his shoulders for support as he lines himself up and plunges into you with such force you bite down onto his shoulder to stop your screams.
“That’s it baby girl, just be quiet” he groans as he slams in and out of you, harder than he ever has before. You drag your nails along his back in anger and pleasure, as he kisses your collar bones as he continues to thrust harder and deeper into you, slowly becoming sloppier and sloppier. 

You feel the tension in your stomach again for the second time as the ecstasy makes you see stars.
“I’m so close babe” you whisper, struggling to keep yourself up right as you become weak. He grips onto your waist harshly as his other hand finds your clit as he makes circles desperately, the two of your movements becoming sloppier by the second. You feel him release in side of you as the hot liquid fills your senses, and soon enough as he rides out his high you to come undone for the second time, the intensity of it almost making you faint. You fall to the ground weakly as he holds you up, kissing your forehead soothingly. He places you down on the bed softly as he gathers your clothes and helps you put them back on, dressing himself as well.
“Let’s get back downstairs hey”.

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27 for shakarian

27. Accidentally Sleeping In.

Alright guys, I apologize but this got WAY more smutty than I intended it to lmao. Sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting but I hope you enjoy it still XD


“Uh, good morning you two. Did you forget about the little meeting with the Council today? The little meeting in oh… 20 minutes on the other side of the Citadel?” Joker’s cool yet slightly condescending voice boomed above them in Shepard’s quarters, pulling them from their comfortable slumber. 

Shepard jump immediately as he spoke around them, sending the blankets flying in every direction. Garrus just lay with that oh so familiar look on his face, letting her know he was smiling. She jump from the bed frantically tucking her messy hair behind her ears searching the room for her clothing. She was butt ass naked running around in a half sleeping state. It sure was sight Garrus enjoyed seeing. He would have loved it even if it wasn’t funny to see her running around aimlessly making a mess of her cabin. 

Letting out a small chuckle he slid up the bed placing his long taloned hands behind his fringe, eyeing her affectionally. There was something so beautiful about her… Even now when she was cursing under her breath in every language she knew. Some of the words he couldn’t even understand, but he knew she would be cursing all the same. He knew that same bitching, moaning and complaining would continue the entire way to the meeting. That was just one of the reasons he loved her…

“God damn it, Vakarian will you wipe that smug ass grin off your face and help me find my bra?” Shepard sounded annoyed, but the look she sent him proved otherwise. That look proved she was his now, like she had been for the last couple years.

“What? And stop you from having so much fun destroying your room?” His soft purr ran through her like a cold chill on a warm day. “Why don’t you come look over here? I think I saw something…” 

Shepard stopped and pulled her pale lips into a small smile. She let the pile of clothing clinging to her fingers slide from her grip as she slowly walked towards the bed again. Scanning her eyes from his legs that hang slightly off the bed, up to his bare chest noticing the glint in his eyes. Garrus sat in an elegant yet dominating posture, with heavy eyes and mandibles held lightly to his face. Lowering to the bed she crawled leisurely on all fours towards him, until her mouth was only inches from his. 

Leaning even closer she pulled those soft lips to his mouth kissing the cool rigid plating softly as she lower herself onto his hips. “Why so you can seduce me and make me even more late? You know it’s your damn fault I slept in right?” 

“Should I just stop then?” His raspy whisper close to her ear as he slid a long clawed hand up her back, pulling her closer. Hearing the slight breathy sigh that escaped her lips as he watched her close those large emerald eyes and bit her lip.

“That’s just not fair. Using my…” She felt him sliding his mouth to her neck kissing her as lightly as he could muster, hardly able to form words. “weakness… against…m-me.”

She tried listening to that side of her telling her to get going. That the Council would be annoyed if she were late again… But the voice also reminded her how often they started without her. They really didn’t need her did they? No… They’d be okay with out her… Yeah… This is where she should be right now. Pushing her hips down on him harder, she slid her arms around his cowl pressing her lips on his again in an soft airy moan. 

“They could use a little manners don’t you think…” Garrus pulled her into him firmly, feeling ever inch of her soft skin on his cold plates. Sliding his hands to her neck, he buried them deep in her crimson hair, lightly pulling the way she liked. “We could teach them a lesson, you know.” 

“And what lesson might… that be?” Shepard leaned her head back at his grasp, feeling that tingle running over her. “That I’m always… late?” 

“That you have more important things to be doing, but here you are. Helping them. That you’re Commander Shepard of the Normandy. That there is no way you’re going to let them make you get out of bed this early.” Garrus slid a light blue tongue up her chest, as he pushed her forward, moving his own body on top of hers in one solid and smooth motion.

“I don’t think… that’s how this whole thing w-works, Garrus. Also. Not your most… convincing… arguments.” She barely managed to get her words out as she slid a hand to her hair, arching her back at every peck across her collarbones and down her chest. 

“No? Alright. Well either way… You’re not going anywhere. They can wait a few more minutes… Tell them you accidentally overslept. Them them you’re the great Comm-” He purred as he kissed a line down her stomach ending at her hips, feeling her shiver slightly between his hands. 

“Yeah… I’m Commander… Shepard… I accidentally s-s…slee…” Her voice was light and each word she spoke she felt herself giving in more and more at his touch. 

Whatever excuse she would have to make, she could think of it then. Right now, she was busy. Right now, she was just Commander Shepard. And today, she was sleeping in.

Wonder Days and Super Nights

The Supergirl and Wonder Woman cross-over fic that no one asked for but that came to mind thanks to ramblings on the internet. Special shout-out to @nevertobeships and @stennnn06 for playing along.

Everything under the cut is not edited, so please forgive any errors.

If Lena had to put blame on anything for her current predicament, she’d have to say it was because she’s a Luthor.

No matter how many times Kara would come to her defense, holding her close and saying how she’s more than just her families name. There’s just something about being taken hostage for the umpteenth time this week that has got to be either a severe case of bad luck or, more than likely a side-effect of being for lack of a better term villainously irresistible.

So here she sat, in the middle of a cargo container submerged beneath who knows what ocean with a ticking time bomb that would dilute the Earths water supply with enough chemicals to kill all aliens on the planet. Typical Tuesday sorts of things, but of all the outcomes Lena could have imagined, coming face to face with a demi-god was definitely not one of them.

The moment the steel doors opened the first thing she saw was ARMS, gold banded, silhouetted arms that she wished would hold her and never let go. She would never admit this to anyone but in her youth but she used to religiously read a series of erotic fantasy novels centered around mythical Amazonians she even got to meet the author Kristen Cleavagne and ask her who the inspiration for the lead was. She’d talked about her first meeting with the woman they dubbed Wonder Woman, and how her beauty was only overshadowed by her commanding presence.

So with all this in mind, it shouldn’t be any surprise that the moment the doors opened with the silhouette of her wildest desires in front of her that whenever Supergirl came to appear next to her and they both stepped into her field of view – the two most beautiful beings this planet could hold it was the last thing she remembered before everything went black.

She heard music first, indescribably magical music. Then she felt sheets, made of the softest material she could imagine. She stretched her arm out and met an arm, solid, warm and silky smooth. She traced it upwards to the face she knew she’d find – her Kara.

“You’re finally up” she whispered, placing the gentlest of kisses across her brow.

Lena smiled at the tenderness Kara always seemed to show when they were together. “It must’ve been a side-effect of the rapid ascension, I almost thought I saw Wonder Woman when you came to rescue me!”

Suddenly another body climbed into the bed behind her, she turned in a start and couldn’t hear anything apart from her rapid heartbeat in her ears.  There in front of her eyes was Diana Prince, Princess Diana, Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hipolyta and Zeus. “What’s the matter precious? You look like you’ve seen a ghost” Diana cupped her chin and brought their lips together.

After a few seconds she pulled back, sitting up, gasping “Kara, honey I’m so sorry… I don’t know what…” She felt Kara’s hand touch her thigh as she looked at her girlfriend. Her very naked thigh, Kara seemed to have a lack of clothing on as well as she giggled “What are you talking about Lee?”

She felt Diana lean closer into her side, taking note of how few pieces of clothing the Amazon was wearing and how delightfully rough but tender her hands felt as they worked their way through her hair. “Oh dear, it seems our darling Lena hurt her head more than we thought, Kara. She can’t even recognize her girlfriends anymore and here I thought we were unforgettable” Diana teased, winking at Kara as she continued to play with Lena’s hair.  

Kara feigned shock as she pulled back the covers and straddled herself across Lena’s thighs, “Well we can’t have that can we? Who knows what other super-powered beings are out there just waiting to have a chance at the one and only Lena Luthor” she joked, tracing lines down her stomach and stopping just above her naval.

“I think we need to jog her memory a bit don’t you Diana?” Kara said, voice lower, huskier and more filled with want than Lena had ever heard. If she wasn’t aroused before the smirk that the Amazon gave her right before she claimed her mouth again would have done it.

It was sensational overload, the two most powerful beings in the universe touching, and loving plain old Lena Luthor. If this was how she died it would be completely worth it.

Kara looked up from between her legs, wiping at her mouth as she spoke “Do you want us to stop, Lee?” Lena was in a haze, Diana was behind her kneading her breasts and lavishing kisses along her neck, “All you have to do is say the word precious and we’ll stop.”

“NO!” she gasped, urging Kara back to her former position as she guided Diana’s hand towards her clit. The pressure was building, her whole world was nothing but this, Diana and Kara. “Can you feel it Lena?” Diana husked in her ear, “Can you feel me touching you?”

“Yes” Lena murmured, eyes closing shut as she tried to relish in what she was sure was going to be the most memorable moment in her life. “Come for us Lena” Diana said her fingers plunging in to where Kara had just vacated, “YES!” she shouted. “Come back to us Lena” Kara said kissing her passionately as her pleasure hit an all time high and she saw black once again.

“Come back to us Lena” Kara said playing softly with Lena’s hands.

“Yes…” Lena murmured softly, opening her eyes to a DEO recuperation room and dozens of medical screens and equipment all leading back to her. She couldn’t remember how much time had passed but she’d never felt more exhausted in her life. Was it all a dream? “Kara…what..what happened?”

“LENA!” Kara wrapped her arms around Lena’s upper body, quickly checking for any of the signs Alex told her to watch out for.  “What happened?” Lena said groggily,

“You just passed out babe” Kara said after her inspection was complete, turning her gaze softly towards the other woman and  grasping Lena’s hand again. “You had me worried.”

Lena couldn’t help but smile, sure the dream may have been nice but she had her own version of paradise right in front of her “I’m fine darling, thank you. I guess I must have been down there a bit too long and started hallucinating, I thought I saw Wonder Woman” Lena chuckled sitting upright in her bed.

A figure stepped forward while a voice floated through the doorway, “Did you now, precious?”


Pan leaves the reader out of a fight and she gets upset. When she confronts him about it Pan confesses something.

Warnings: Mild language and smut
Words: 1986
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader (Y/N)

A/N: This is my first time writing smut so apologies if it’s not the best. Also I feel like Pan would be really possessive and dominant and I tried to write him like that but I don’t think it turned out too well so if anyone has any suggestions for me on how to write these kinds of scenes I’d really appreciate it.


“What the hell, Pan!” You yelled as you stormed into his treehouse. You couldn’t believe the nerve of him, he had sent you off to go do some stupid chore while he and the boys had gone to fight off the pirates.

He looked up at you from where he was sitting on his bed, cleaning his sword, “What do you mean?” He asked feigning innocence.

“What do you mean, what do I mean?” You exclaimed throwing your arms out dramatically “You know exactly what I’m talking about!”

He just shrugged his shoulders and sat his sword down on a nearby table “You shouldn’t be talking to me like this,” he said coldly as he stood up and walked over to the window “I don’t have to explain anything I do to anyone.”

You scowled and followed him “I’ll talk to you however I damn well please after you what you did,” you could see his shoulders tense up and you knew you should probably show a little more respect but you were too angry to care. “You know I’m your best fighter,” you continued “Why would you send me away? Is it because I’m a girl? You don’t think I’m good enough because I’m a girl and god forbid the pirates see the great Peter Pan with a weak little-”

You were cut as Peter quickly turned and slammed you up against the wall, he wasn’t rough enough for you to be hurt but it did startle you.

“Shut. Up.” He growled, as he held your shoulders against the wall. His eyes were blazing with fury, you had never seen him this angry at least not with you “You have no idea why I do what I do Y/N.”

You were frozen in shock for a few seconds, he had never ever treated you this way. When the shock wore off the pushed him off of you. “What the hell is wrong with?” You spat, you just couldn’t understand what had gotten into him “Do you not want me around anymore is that what it is?” That was the only logical reason you could think of that would explain what had happened and why he was treating you this way. “Because if that’s the case just send me away already I don’t want to be somewhere where I’m not wanted.”

Pan’s gaze softened slightly and he took a step back putting some distance between the two of you.“That’s not it,” he mumbled quietly, still refusing to give you an answer.

You rolled your eyes and shook your head before turning around and starting to walk out of the room. “Whatever I’m leaving,” you said, your voice full of anger, “Goodbye Pan.”

“Y/N wait,” he said desperately as he grabbed your arm and pulled you back. You tripped and landed against Pan’s chest, his arms winding around you. You looked up at him and there was a strange look in his eyes but before you could identify it, Pan leaned down and crushed his lips against yours in a bruising kiss.

You stiffened in his arms and instinctively closed your eyes. Pan was kissing you. Peter Pan was kissing you. If you said you hadn’t thought about it before then you’d be lying but after a few seconds you gently pulled out of the kiss and looked up at him gently “Pan…” you murmured softly.

He sighed and took a breath “I was worried about you,” he said quietly avoiding your eyes “You probably know why now.”

You nodded your head softly and took a few seconds to think everything over. Pan was worried about you because he had feelings for you. You still didn’t appreciate that he wouldn’t let you be part of the fight but there was no way you could be mad at him right now. “Peter,” you said to get his attention. You had never called him Peter, it had always been Pan. He turned to look at you and you couldn’t figure out what you wanted to say so you reached up and pulled him into another searing kiss.

Kissing Pan was what you thought it would feel like if someone had set fireworks off inside of you. Every part of you was on fire and you were drowning in the sensations. Pan started to back up, pulling you with him until he broke the kiss and sat down on his bed. He reached up and held your hands in his as his eyes, normally a bright green but now turned dark were asking you a silent question.

You paused for a moment before nodding your head. Pan broke into a mischievous smile and pulled you down onto the bed with him. You both laughed as you landed on top of him. You smiled as you stared down into his eyes, you hadn’t realized just how strongly you had felt for Pan until that first kiss and now you were laying in his bed with him.

“Y/N” Pan asked “Is everything alright?”

“Of course it is you moron,” you said teasingly “I’m just happy.”

He smirked “Then in that case let’s get started,” he said in a low voice. Suddenly Pan flipped you so he was on top of you and you were under him. He pressed your lips together again but only for a few seconds before he started leaving small kisses along your jar and down to your neck. You turned your head to the side, giving Pan better access to your neck. You moaned and pulled Pan down against your body as you felt him nip at your neck, leaving a mark.

He chuckled against your skin “Do you like that love?” He asked as he continued leaving small bites up and down your neck.

You nodded your head and rolled your hips up against his “Yes,” you gasped as he groaned and dropped his head against your shoulder at the friction you caused.

With a wave of his hand your corset was gone, leaving you in your blouse and pants. You reached down and tugged at the hem of Pan’s shirt and he sat up and took it off for you before throwing it to the side. You had seen Pan shirtless before but this was different, this time it meant something else and it lit a fire inside of you to think about what was going to happen.

You rolled the two of you over, now on top of Pan and you could see that he was about to object but before he could say anything, you pulled your blouse off, exposing your chest to Pan. His eyes went wide as he took in the sight before him, he reached up and gently cupped your breasts in his hands and squeezed them gently. You moaned and leaned into his touch. “Beautiful,” he whispered “You’re beautiful.” You knew Pan wasn’t affectionate and he rarely said anything nice and so while it was just a couple words, they meant the world to you. You leaned down and kissed him gently however that only lasted for a few seconds as the kiss soon turned heated and needy. Pan was still playing with your breasts as your hands traveled lower, and slipped under the waist and of his pants. Before you could do anything else, he flipped you back over so he was on top of you again.

He smirked down at you “I’m always in charge, you know that,” he said.

You rolled your hips up, desperate for his touch. “Pan please,” you begged.

He started to tug your pants down and you lifted your hips up to make it easier for them. He soon tossed your pants to the side “Who do you belong to?” He said, his voice sounding downright sinful.

“You,” you gasped “I belong to you Pan.” He leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on your lips before pulling off his own pants, leaving both of you in your underwear.

Your heart was racing and all you could think about was Pan. The two of you resumed kissing however this time it was slow and tender, almost loving. Pan’s hands were about your hips and yours were tangled up in his hair.

He slowly began kissing down your body, stopping to spend a little extra time on your breasts before kissing a line down your stomach to your underwear. He glanced up at you and raised an eyebrow, waiting for an objection before he pushed your underwear down your legs.

Your face began to turn red as Pan spread your legs and looked your naked body up and down. You weren’t embarrassed exactly but it was strange having Pan see you naked like this. These thoughts disappeared from your mind when you felt Pan’s lips on your inner thigh. You let out a small gasp and before you even had time to process what was happening, Pan placed a small kiss against your clit. You groaned and tangled a hand in Pan’s hair, holding him in place. He chuckled softly and just the feeling of his breath against you had you moaning. He slowly slid a finger inside of you, moaning softly to himself “So wet for me,” he said quietly as you groaned, arching your back. He began pumping his finger inside of you, slowly at first then picking up speed, his tongue playing with your clit the entire time. Pan added a second finger, slowly stretching you and you could feel your orgasm building in your stomach. You tugged on Pan’s hair as you arched into him “Oh god, I’m close,” you moaned.

Pan immediately stopped everything he was doing causing you to groan at the absolute loss of contact “I know love,” he smirked. He slowly removed his underwear and when it was finally gone, he leaned down and kissed your forehead, you could feel his erection against you. “Y/N, are you ready?” He asked.

You nodded your head and he kissed you as he positioned himself at your entrance before pushing inside of you. You weren’t a virgin by any means but you hadn’t had sex since you had gotten to Neverland so it had been awhile. Pan gave you just a couple seconds to adjust, which was more than you expected before he pulled back and thrust into you again. You let out a loud moan and arched into him.

He set a steady pace and as he was thrusting into you, you reached down with one of your hands and rubbed your clit. When Pan realized what was happening, he quickly pinned your hands over your head with magic. “I’m more than capable of taking care of you love,” he whispered in your ear as he picked up his pace, thrusting into you harder causing you to cry out as he hit your g-spot.

“Fuck, Pan!” You exclaimed as pleasure shot through your body. He continued pounding into you, hitting the same spot over and over. You could feel your orgasm building in your stomach, you felt like you were going to explode. Pan reached down and rubbed small circles against your clit, throwing you over the edge. “Peter!” You yelled as your body was completely overtaken by the most intense orgasm you had ever experienced. Pan thrust into a few more times before he reached his climax. You could feel him releasing inside of you as you came down from your high.

Pan pulled out of you and collapsed beside you, pulling a blanket over the two of you. “If this is what I get for leaving you out of the fight maybe I should do it more often,” he said teasingly.

You scowled and pushed playfully at his chest “If you do then this will never happen again.”

He chuckled and pulled you against his chest “Whatever you say my Lost Girl.”

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I'm not sure if you're still taking drabble prompts, but here's an idea. Victor grades Yuuri's 'performance' in bed with G.O.E.'s (can be just kissing/more innocent stuff if you're more comfortable w/ that, though o: ). Potentially in public.

I think you’ve got it the wrong way round.  Yuuri grades Viktor’s performance in bed.  ;)  Much more interesting.  Because we all know that Viktor would give Yuuri straight +3.0 G.O.E.s on everything. Because Viktor… he is such an easy sap. ;)

Viktor fell back and heaved a deep breath.  It had been good.  Better than good.  AMAZING.  Wow!  He kicked the covers that had ended up tangled around his calves the rest of the way off and to the foot of the bed.  Covered in a thin sheen of sweat, any fabric felt like it would just cling to his skin.  Summer in Hasetsu wasn’t known for its lack of humidity and how Viktor wished that it was.  “Wow, Yuuri!”  He rolled over to look at his love, finally having enough breath to find words.

Yuuri stretched, his eyes closed and his hands pushing back his hair as he dragged in a deep breath.  He was languid and still so very sexy and if Viktor hadn’t been completely spent, he would have been willing to go again.  He couldn’t get enough of this man.

“It was definitely good.”  Yuuri turned his head and smiled, eyes heavy lidded.

“Just good?”  Viktor pouted.  He knew that Yuuri had enjoyed himself, that wasn’t in doubt, but he’d hoped for a bit more… purple prose about it, he supposed.  

Yuuri chuckled and reached out, his hand skimming over Viktor’s bare stomach and grazing the closely clipped thatch of hair right above his dick which was still semi-hard.  Viktor sucked in a breath.  “You scored a well deserved 101.86.”

Viktor pouted.  That was nowhere near the World Record.  In skating.  Maybe it was in sex?  Should he ask?  Hmmm.  “Could I have done better?”

Yuuri bit his lip before leaning up and over, pressing a line of kisses down Viktor’s stomach.  It was very distracting.  “Your performance was a little rushed and I’d say that your oral execution only received a +2.0 G.O.E.”

Viktor huffed, not entirely sure if it was over the unexpected G.O.E., the note on rushing, or the way that Yuuri’s warm breath felt on his skin as he laughed.

Yuuri hummed.  “Also, you didn’t use my flexibility to its fullest extent, so that definitely knocked a couple G.O.E. points off too.”


Sitting up, Yuuri looked at Viktor and smiled.  It was a bit cheeky, and very adoring.  Viktor could get used to that smile.  Wanted to get used to that smile.  “Your enthusiasm was definitely a +3.0 and your kisses?”  Yuuri leaned close, his lips just a breath away and Viktor had to stop himself from stretching to claim those lips again.

“What about my kisses?” he eventually managed to get out on a breath.

“Mmm.  Definitely a +4.0 G.O.E.”

“Yuuri!”  Viktor reached out and wrapped his arms around Yuuri and tugged him down on top of him, claiming his lips without a second thought and not even sparing a thought for how sticky with sweat they still were.

Leg Day

Originally posted by younglion-seunghoon

Genre: U guessed it, Smut. 18+

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Seunghoon (Winner)

Summary: You test out Seunghoon’s self control after not having been together a while. 

A/N: This is for the person that requested Hoon smut! Sorry it took so long life is a bit hectic at the moment. Thanks soooo much for requesting. <3 (I will prioritize requests over other things, but they might take a while. I’m generally a pretty slow writer too.)

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Good Mornings

Sorry for the delay! T^T but I hope you enjoy!

-Admin Plum

Originally posted by wwonu

“Wonwoo…” You mumble into your pillow.

He ignores you, persistently pressing kisses along your shoulder.  

“Wonwoo, what are you doing?” You giggle as he licks your neck. The cool air he blows against your skin causes the hairs on your arms to stand. He has an arm draped around your waist and fingers caressing the side of your stomach with small circles.

You glance at the digital clock on your bedside table and groan. There was nothing better to wake up to than Wonwoo’s kisses, but it was only six in the morning and you had had a long night. You want nothing more than go back, but your boyfriend was being a little needy.

“Morning beautiful,” he whispers as you turn to face him. You return the smile and gaze into his eyes. You only intended it for a quick peck, bus as soon as your lips meet Wonwoo’s he had you trapped, the gravity of his lips is inescapable.

You didn’t notice Wonwoo trapping you under his body until his hands were pinning your wrists onto the bed.  He pulls off the cover hiding your body from his sight and the look in his eyes darkens.

“So gorgeous,” he murmurs.

“Thanks baby, but it’s too early for this. Can we wait until I’m fed?” You know what he wants. You want it too but you weren’t sure if you could keep up. He didn’t exactly make last night easy on you…
“Don’t worry babe,” he leans down and moves the hair away from your shoulder. He was so close. Every time he spoke his lips would brush your skin ever so lightly and his breath would send tingles through all of your nerves. But the implications of his words had you quivering in delight, “I’ll make sure you’re fed.”

He caresses your neck with his plump lips, pressing kisses all the way to the middle of your breasts where he spends a delicious amount of time paying close attention to each mound. He kisses them, rolling each nipple in between his teeth one after the other, hands kneading and groping whichever breast was unoccupied by his mouth. And just like that your resistance crumbles. It’s not fair; he knows that’s your weakness. Your hands start to do his bidding, falling down back, all previous thoughts disappearing into thin air along with your sanity.

He chuckles at the disappointed whine that you emit when his releases your nipple from his mouth but you don’t have enough time to demand him to continue because before long, he licks a line down to your stomach and repositions himself in between your legs.

Then he dips his head, tongue poking out in slow motion before giving your core a long, leisurely lick that has you throwing your head back in satisfaction. “Oh!” you moan, concentrating on not squeezing Wonwoo’s head between your thighs as his tongue busies itself with your folds.

His presses a hand under your thighs and spreads your legs wider, clamping his mouth around your clit. He kisses your lips as if they were the pair on your face and it has you writhing underneath him.  In a husky plea you call out his name when he plunges a finger inside of you. He’s gentle at first, in and out, in and out in a rhythmic pattern while his devious tongue continuous its ministrations on your clit.  

Then one finger becomes two and soon enough you find yourself pulling him up by the shoulders to smack your lips against his in a needy, searing kiss. His fingers speed up and he loses his rhythm but it doesn’t matter, not when he’s got you begging for release, the sound of your sweet, sweet moans going straight to his member. It’s thick and hard and more than ready to feel your tight, walls clench around it but Wonwoo is patient. Good things come to those who wait and the feeling of your nails scraping down his back and the sound of you whimpering his name is enough of a distraction to hold him back.

You let out another groan when you open your eyes and see Wonwoo kneeling in front of you, his swollen cock ready to go. He meets your gaze and he’s waiting for your signal. But you don’t give him one, instead you push him down until he’s flat on his back and you straddle his hips, grasping his cock in your hand and giving it a few light pumps.

“Oh shit,” he curses when he feels your wet slit press down on his lower half. Your hands are splayed on his chest while his find purchase on your waist. You lick the length of his neck and swirl your tongue around each of his nipple, earning yourself a light groan.

“Please baby, I need you,” he pleads through half-lidded eyes and you can’t help but give him what he wants because he looks at you with such intent that it’s exhilarating.
“Say no more,” you whisper as you slip onto his erection. You feel his chest rise sharply as he takes in a quick breath. Your hands slide from his chest to his clutch shoulder and his grip around your waist is almost painful.

“Y/N!” He gasps as you pound into him. He bucks his hips into yours and he’s glad he waited to please you because fuck- you feel so damned good around him. But because he had to hold himself back he doesn’t know how long he can last. Especially when your grip on him was so blissfully mind-blowing.

You move your hands on the bed, in between his head and grip the sheets in your fists as you worked hard to reach the end, that familiar euphoria that only he could bring you. You were close and by the way he tugged you down for another kiss, you could guess that he was too.

You open your eyes and see his warm, brown orbs piercing yours and they’re speaking to you, telling you the things his mouth wouldn’t be able to comprehend. Then you break and stars are bursting in your vision and the only thing you can feel is the adrenaline bursting throughout your body as Wonwoo manages to hold you up for a few more pumps before he finished with a loud yell of your name.

You collapse next to him, panting and barely able to catch your breath. You trace the outline of his face and he pulls you closer, stroking your hair until your eyes begin to feel heavy.

“Good Morning,” he mutters as he kisses your forehead. He reaches down to cover your bare forms with a blanket and you rolls your eyes, “You already said that, dolt,” you murmur, nuzzling your face into his shoulder.

“Oh, did I?” He laughs, “Must’ve forgotten. See, I had this really great view a few seconds ago and- ouch!”

“Stop it!” You laugh, whacking his arm in embarrassment. You hide your face in his shoulder blades but you couldn’t stop the smile that erupts on your lips as a sense of gratitude overcomes you.

You are so lucky to have Wonwoo. No one had ever showered you with as much love as he did and no one else could compare to how he made you feel. He made you feel like a goddess, spoiling you and pleasuring you as often as he could. Which in all honesty isn’t as much as you’d hope it to be, but mornings like this remind you that no matter how long or far apart you are from each other, it’s all worth it just as long as you’re together.

So this is kinda for three different people? It’s for @ladydrace, because I shamelessly copied something from her ficlet Two Negatives (which you should all read because it’s A+), but it’s also for @okamiaki who started talking to me about bamf!Stiles which quickly devolded into porn, and also for @pale-silver-comb, who introduced me to the wonderful world of bottom!Derek.

TL;DR: These three are fantastic people and I love them

KINK LIST: bottom!Derek, orgasm denial, biting, fingering, praise kink, magical bondage, breeding (blink and you miss it)

Title: Tell Me What You Want Until It Hurts

They don’t do this a lot; when they fuck it’s mostly quick and rough. Punishing. Kisses tasting like blood, nails scratching down sides, marking each other, a silent, ‘we’re both alive, we’re here.’

Sometimes though, on special occasions, Derek lets Stiles take him apart. Lets Stiles pin him against the bed, fit his fingers inside until Derek’s crying.

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Conjugal Visits: Part 6-On the Edge

Title: On the Edge

Summary:  Dean and the reader have a purely “friends with benefits” arrangement. One that comes with an interesting twist. Every time they get together, it has to be different. Different positions, different kinks, anything new that they’ve never done before. Dean likes to joke that the time he and reader spend together is tantamount to the conjugal visits prisoners were allowed with their spouses, only once or twice a month, for a few hours at a time. Conjugal Visits Master Post.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 2732

Warnings: NSFW, explicit language, explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, edging, fingering, oral sex (male and female receiving)  

Author’s Note: I’ll just be over here, waiting.

Originally posted by hunterchesters

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Baby Boy -Jaebum- *smut*

Originally posted by markjin

Title: Baby Boy
Pairing: Jaebum + Reader

Plot: Jaebum just looks too good whilst sleeping.
Warning: Fem!Dom, sex obviously, bondage, pet names (baby girl, baby boy) , oral, blah blah.
A/N: This is my first sex smut I;m sorry if it’s bad oh my. Also, I’m sorry it’s so late but my family had a lot of problems in the last month, and I had no time to write. However, I have 2 chapters of Dangerous and the Yugyeom crush scenario ready to go up to say sorry.
Requested by: Anon 

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Can I request a jealous dominant Jin smut scenario where you're at a school reunion in the states and guys kept complimenting you left and right and some called Jin a girl and you(being the outgoing friendly fun person that you are) just thought they were joking around and the leads Jin to prove thayr you're his and that he's a man

Here you go! Umm… I tried to write some plot for this, but the smut ended up being long enough that I just sort of had an explanation within the smut XD I’m not very good at writing smut.  But yeah, here this nonsense is XD -Avery

Originally posted by jinkooks

dominant jin

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Drabble #2-Dean

Pairing: DeanxReader

Word count: 461

“DEEEEEAAAN!” I screamed his name hoping that somehow he would hear me and save me. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to go in alone but I just couldn’t stop myself. There were only supposed to be two demons. Instead there were six. They easily overpowered me and now I was chained up against the wall in the basement of the house they were staying in. “NO PLEASE STO-” I cut myself off with a blood curdling scream as the demon sliced a line down my stomach with the knife they took from me. My arms ached and there was blood all over my stomach from all the cuts the demon had given me. It was weeks before I was saved. Weeks of pain and torture.

3rd person P.O.V.

“Y/N?!?!” As soon as Dean heard y/n scream his name he was out of bed and running to her room with his gun in his hand; not knowing if she was being attacked or not. Once he got to her room he burst through the door and quickly checked her room making sure she was safe. When he was sure she was safe he looked at her sleeping form and relaxed slightly only to tense back up when she whimpered in her sleep. Dean had never heard her sound so terrified like he did when she said, “Don’t hurt me, please! I’m sorry!” His heart broke hearing her say those words. Dean put the gun down and started to gently shake her awake.

 Reader’s P.O.V.

I was ripped from my dreams to find Dean at my bedside and I immediately knew what had happened. I let my head fall back onto the pillow and whispered, “I woke you up didn’t I? I’m sorry Dean. I didn’t mean to.” Dean lifted me head back up so that I was looking him in the eye. “You were dreaming about the demons weren’t you? Hey, it’s ok, they can’t hurt you anymore.” Dean seemed to contemplate something before he climbed into bed with me. “De? What are you doing?” I rolled over to watch him climb in under the covers with me. “I know it’s hard for you to fall asleep again after you’ve had one of these nightmares and I know that you don’t really like sleeping alone so I’m going to hold you until you fall asleep. And don’t try to deny it, sweetheart. I know you.” Smiling slightly, I cuddled into his chest and felt safer than I had ever felt. “Thank you, Dean. You don’t know how much this means to me.” “Don’t worry about it, kiddo. I’m here to help. Even if I have to sleep with you every night. I’ll always be here to help.”

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Teacher named Daddy - Jimin - Pt 3-

Part 3 of “Teacher Named Daddy” for (@xxsaskia1xx)

It was graduation day, you had finally got through your school life successfully dating Mr. Park Jimin without anyone knowing. Sure it was a struggle, you had to run and hide every once in a while, you had to miss out on the ‘bragging about boyfriends with the gals’ situation and you had to do everything in your power to stop your parents seeing Jimin at parents evenings but all of that was totally worth it, and now you where excited to start your new life with your boyfriend, after this last day of being your teacher. You gathered in your classroom, sitting in your assigned seats for the last day, not doing any work but simply listening to Jimin’s voice as he said “Okay guys, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for being a great class, I wish you well in the future. I hope you set out and accomplish everything you want to and enjoy adulthood.” He said as he clicked and twisted a pen in his hands, he knew that he could tease you like this, allowing you to watch what his talented fingers where capable of, he looked round at you smirking slightly so that only you could see it. Your eyes widened as your legs squeezed closed, your palms becoming sweaty as you where completely focused on him and only him. “Since it’s your last day, i’ll allow you guys to talk amongst yourselves, whilst I come round to say my goodbyes” He said smiling round to everyone before turning to his computer and filling in the register. You made small talk with the other girls in the class, most of them just talking about how they’d miss Mr.Park’s amazing looks, you simply nodded along with them, you couldn’t feel the same way, not when you had a two week holiday to Jeju island booked for the next day, with him. You had been doodling in your notebook, paying no attention to your surroundings, until you heard a deep voice “What are you guys up to?” talking to you and the two girls sitting next to you. You jumped at the voice, as you where awoke from your day dream. “Doodling, Sir” you said cute and politely, knowing how much your little school girl act turns him on, he took a deep breath in, swallowing hard as he leaned over your desk slightly, “And what are you doodling Saskia?” he asked, picking up your notebook to reveal a picture of him, sitting on a his desk his tie loosened and hair messy. He looked down at you and smirked. He took a pen to your page, scribbling something down before handing it do you and walking past to talk to the two girls, you where talking to earlier. You looked at the page he just handed to you. “Your drawing of Daddy is so pretty! You’ll get your reward tonight Baby” your face went as red as the hair on Jimins head as you quickly flipped the page. After a long, blush filled 50 minutes your first and last period of your school life had came to an end as you rushed to the locker room, putting your graduation cloak on, making your way to the assembly hall, many teachers, students, parents and friends stood in the hall as you each got your certificates and had officially graduated from your school of six years. The ceremony was emotional and dragged on for just a little too long but never the less you enjoyed it, you had seen your parents while Jimin waited outside to talk to other parents, you had worked well in hiding his profession for almost year or more now so one last day wasn’t going to be very difficult. It was late after the ceremony and from what you could tell you and Jimin where the only ones other than the cleaners that where still in the school. You walked together round to his class room, when you entered he locked the door before backing you up against the oak desk and laying you down. “It’s about time I thanked you for your little drawing today, but If I remember correctly…you caused Daddy to have a little accident, so for that well…My baby has to be punished” he said, whispering into your ear. Your breathing hitched slightly as he kissed you, slowly sliding his tongue along the bottom of your lip, biting slightly, causing you to whimper, opening your mouth allowing him entrance, he didn’t take the entrance and instead moved on to your neck, sucking small purple patterns down to the collar of your shirt. He slowly slid your tie off, giving you a small peck on your lips before undoing the first button of your shirt, taking the piece of now revealed skin into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it to create a deep shaded pattern all the way down to your breasts. From there he was quick to undo and remove your shirt, leaving you in your white lace bra. He unclipped your bra, kissing your breasts, and biting your nipple slightly causing you to yelp out in both pain and pleasure. “Thats right baby, nice and vocal” He said continuing to kiss and nip your left breast while palming the other. He moved further down licking and kissing lines down your stomach until reaching the hem of your skirt. Before he touched you he unbuckled his belt, pushing you up to the top of the desk, “arms up” he said, using his thick leather belt to tie your hands around the desk leg. “I want my princess to feel everything.” He said as your world became black, Jimin wrapping his tie tighty over your eyes. You could sense him, and everything he was doing. He rose your hips, sliding your skirt and panties down your legs, leaving your thigh high socks, for the ‘little girl’ image in his head. He took your legs, spreading them wide so he could see your glistening heat. “Already so wet for me baby” He said, you could see the smirk on his face, even if you could really see him. Without warning his lips began to attack your thighs, sucking harshly on the tender skin reaching close to your women hood. You groaned in frustration at the fact he was touching you everywhere excluding where you needed him most. “Daddy….Stop teasing” You whined. “Patience babygirl” he spoke, loosing all contact of him before screaming out as he plunged two fingers into your soaking core. “Ah Daddy!!” You screamed as he began curling his fingers into your sweet spot, You attempted to raise your hips, meeting his fingers with his thrusts but his free hand took to your hip bone, holding you still as he added number three and began to finger fuck you, his hand gliding in and out of your soft walls. As your body shook beneath his touch, He quickened his pace, before pinching and rubbing harsh circles into your clit, it wasn’t long before your first release, cummimg all over his fingers and and mildly down your thigh. He took his fingers, soaked in your juices and sucked your taste off of them. “My baby tastes so good” he said licking the last drops from his fingers, you couldn’t see what was happening but because your sense of hearing was heightened you could hear him, sucking on his fingers. “Daddy’s hungry for more” He said, you felt him grip your thighs, the fluffiness of his hair tickling your torso as you felt his flat tongue delve into your folds, you could feel his tongue, like sand paper up your sensitive walls the feeling of his tongue inside you was pleasurable but the feeling of him sucking and biting on your clit was even better, he devoured your pussy as if it was his last meal and he never failed to clean the plate, washing it away with a second overpowering orgasm, he cleaned around your folds but left the inside of your heat soaking. You heard a zip going down, followed by a few slaps of skin, It was Jimin pumping his shaft, getting ready to slide into you. Within 3 pumps of his hand he was ready, he slid you down the desk by your hips and spread your legs to maximum capacity as he ran the tip over your 2nd set of lips. “Uhh.. Daddy please, I need you” You whimpered and moaned. “As you wish, Princess” He said as he slid his hard dick into your soaked folds, he stopped giving you time to adjust to his length. “Okay Daddy, you can move” You said, wrapping your legs around his torso. You wished nothing more than to be able to watch him fuck you senseless but you knew you had plenty of time to do that when you where in Jeju. You could feel him almost struggle to move as to how tight you where but his slick hip movements made it slightly easier for him to move. “Faster Daddy, faster” You screamed, coming close to your third orgasm, you could feel his thrusts becoming sloppy, realising he was ready. He sped up his pace, taking his thumb once more to your clit and rubbing hard circles, this was all you needed to send you over the edge, cumming onto his thick shaft as he released his warm seed into you. He pulled out, reaching over to his desk to get some tissues. Cleaning you up, before untying you. “I love you so much Saskia” he said kissing your head. “I love you too, Mr. Park” You said snuggling into his chest. Only moments before the door unlocked. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!” The voice screamed, shit! you both thought, it was non other than the head teacher.