line down abs

Story time

I have an AU where Mihashi became a VA during college and forgets to tell anyone else from nishiura about it

so its a secret of sorts

but the show he’s VAing for is fairly popular, enough so that every once in awhile Mihashi will get a call from one of his old teammates saying that something reminded them of him and that they felt the need to call

which is pleasant and all

until it gets to abe

who is genuinely irritated by this voice 

because it doesn’t sound right

it’s too rambunctious and flirtatious

and it has no right to remind him of Mihashi, but it does

and he still has a lot of unresolved feelings about mihashi

so a couple months down the line Abe’s irritation with this voice leads to him finally caving and binge watching the show

and it isn’t until he’s too tired/lazy to skip the credits and just lets them roll into the next episode that he sees Mihashi’s name

 the only thing he can think is how the hell can he sound like that and what sorcery did they pull for that to happen


abe is me when I first started watching Free! and couldn’t understand for the life of me why Nagisa’s voice sounded so wrong