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day 19: identity slip up

out-of-context ladrien makeouts ahoy!!!

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I absolutely adore the way you draw Coran's eyes. Like I honestly cannot get enough.

me too dude

never get tired of em

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I struggle to pay for housing and medical care, on what possible basis could it be morally right for the government to take my money and give those things to rapists and murderers for free? That's not "the price we have to pay" for imprisoning them - they broke the law! If they didn't want consequences for their actions, they shouldn't have done those things!

First thing, most people in prison are not rapists and murderers. If you do your reasoning about prison by thinking ‘what do I think the worst people in prison deserve? I guess that’s what prisons should be like’ then that will really suck for the vast majority of prisoners who are not rapists or murderers and the substantial share of people in jail who have not even been convicted of anything. 

95% of people in prison never got a trial - they were advised to plead guilty, which is often the best thing to do even if you’re innocent.

Secondly, I also want you to have access to medical care, and you being denied access to medical care is bad. Saying ‘prisoners being denied access to medical care is wrong’ does not mean it’s fine with me that you struggle to pay for housing and medical care. I want access to basic medical care to be universal. 

Thirdly, if you want the government to spend less money on incarceration, well, making prison conditions less torturous, and ensuring that prisoners when released are able to integrate into society, is going to drive down prison costs in the long run. U.S. prisons make people likelier to commit crimes. Even if you don’t see any moral reasons to change that, it will also save the government money. 

Fourthly, when we send people to prison we make it illegal for them to work for money to support themselves or pay for their own medical needs, and we make it illegal for them to access medical care even if they somehow could pay for it on the $.10 an hour we might allow them to earn, and we subject them to violence. Lots of people think that you have an obligation to people who you strip of their rights and lock in a cage, such as the obligation to feed them and provide them with basic medical care, which you do not have towards people you have not stripped of their rights and locked in a cage.

Fifthly, it is possible that it would benefit your economic situation if you didn’t have to compete with free forced prison labor. I don’t know how many Americans would be benefitted by this, it’s a bit hard to study, but it’s at least possible that you are struggling financially partially because it is cheaper for companies to use free forced labor than to pay employees. 

Sixthly, denying prisoners healthcare is an inefficient way to torture them even if you think torturing them is just! For example, consider a man who gets behind on child support. We lock him up, of course, because he’s a criminal, and he dies, because why would our taxpayers’ hard-won earnings go to insulin for criminals? 

Meanwhile someone who murders someone else but isn’t diabetic doesn’t die! If you think our prison system should be more punitive, that’s one thing, but surely you don’t think it should be more punitive specifically for diabetic people.

Lastly and most importantly, at least to me: 

they broke the law! If they didn’t want consequences for their actions, they shouldn’t have done those things!

I think that this mindset is incredibly harmful and incredibly widespread and if I accomplish anything at all with this blog I want to get people to rethink it.

The law is not just. The law is not right. There are laws that are deeply unjust; there are laws that are impossible not to break if you’re in a sufficiently bad situation; there are innocent people serving long prison sentences because they thought it was better to plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit than risk even harsher sentencing if they lost at trial. The vast majority of people in our prisons did not get a trial. 

I will disagree with you if you say “people who have raped or murdered someone deserve to be slowly tortured to death at taxpayer expense and with a thin veneer of respectability, because, I mean, rapists and murderers, fuck those’. But I understand why you’d feel that way, and I want a legal system that works for you as well as for me. 

But if you say “because people broke the law - because they are criminals - regardless of which laws they broke, or whether those laws should exist at all, or whether the punishment is remotely in line with the crime, or whether they got a fair trial, they do not deserve rights and should be tortured in a horrible inhumane catastrophe of a prison system -”

Well, when I say it like that it sounds terrible, right? But it’s an absurdly common way of thinking. People who broke the law are criminals, and criminals are bad, and if they didn’t want to be denied rights then they shouldn’t have broken the law, and I’m not a criminal, and I’m better than criminals, so why should I care about how we treat criminals?

The law is not just. Lots of things are illegal which shouldn’t be, and lots of punishments are more severe than the crime warrants, and almost no one gets a trial anymore, and whatever you think should happen to rapists and murderers, I beg you to realize that our system is not just doing that to rapists and murderers, it is doing that to everyone, and it gets away with it because people keep thinking ‘well, they’re criminals. In a world where people stopped automatically writing off anyone who has broken any U.S. law, regardless of whether they hurt anyone or did anything wrong or whether their sentence is remotely in line with the crime, as no longer worthy of moral concern, then these things would stop happening. 

I Can’t Lose You Again (One-shot) (Bucky x Reader)

Prompts: “From your prompt list…6, 7, 10, and 12 with Bucky pls? Angst topped with a little fluff?” ~ Requested by Anonymous

6. “I tried to tell her that, but she just wouldn’t listen to me.”

7. “Why did you have to be so reckless? You could have been killed.”

10. “I can’t lose you, you’re all I have.”

12. “I’m dangerous. You can’t be with me.”

Summary: Bucky and the Reader have been dating for several months, and Bucky seems to always put her life at risk. Will this one mission end their relationship or will it only make it stronger?

Warnings: Angst, language, but fluffy ending.

“Damn it!” Steve yelled in your earpiece.

You chuckled to yourself, “Language, Cap.”

Steve huffed in your earpiece. “Y/N, I need you and Barnes to get to the South side of the building. We need to get these civilians to safety.”

You nodded, “Roger that.” You giggled. “Gotta love me some Captain America puns.”

Steve groaned in his earpiece. “C’mon y/n….really?”

You giggle again. “Uh, Steve, I have no idea where Bucky went. He was right behind me the last time I saw him.” 

“What?! Barnes, do you copy?” Steve asked frantically.

You walked slowly around a pillar looking for Bucky. “Buck? Where are you?” You looked around another pillar wondering where the heck your super soldier boyfriend could have gone. “Steve, I have no sight!”

You started to jog towards the west side of the building before you heard Bucky scream in your earpiece. “Little preoccupied at the moment guys!” You smiled at the sound of his voice. “Babe, where are you?” You heard him grunt and punch something. “East side. I’m surrounded by these friggin agents. Oh shit!”

You lost your connection. “Buck?! Steve I gotta help him.” You jogged to the East side of the building and found Bucky trying to fight off 6 Hydra agents. He looked tired and worn out, so you decided to step in and help. You weren’t that great at hand-to-hand fighting and had lost your gun while trying to save a kid from a burning building. You looked towards Bucky, who tried to smile at you. “Had to take all the fun away, huh, Barnes?” you joked.

He snapped an agent’s neck before turning to you. “Now would I do that, Doll?” He winked at you before grabbing another agent. He turned to see more agents coming. “Y/N, you shouldn’t be here. There are too many agents and I don’t want you getting hurt.” You rolled your eyes at his attempt to push you away. “Bucky, I told you before. I’m NOT leaving you. I love you too much to let you fight this on your own.” 

Meanwhile you were trying to fight off a beefy agent that was taller than Steve. He threw a punch to your rib causing you yelp in pain. Your breathing hitched for a second before you regained strength. You went to swing at the guy, but he was too quick for you. Grabbing his knife, he slashed at you. You jumped back, missing the knife by an inch. Luck. You grabbed a nearby pole and swung at him. He dodged it pretty quickly. What the heck do you do now?

The only thing you could think of was to kick him. You raised your right leg and kicked him hard in the gut. He groaned in pain, but quickly regained all strength. He raised his huge fist and punched your head, causing you to fall on your back. This time you couldn’t dodge the knife that he sliced into your stomach. He dug in deep to make sure you didn’t move. You groaned and your vision started to go blurry. You clutched your side as an attempt to stop the blood. “Buckkkyyy….????” You called out weakly.

Bucky rushed over to you, grabbed the guy by the neck and slammed him hard down on the ground. “Y/N? Talk to me, Doll.” He lifted your weak body onto his lap. “Steve? Y/N is down. Call the quinjet!” 

“Is she going to be ok? Do I need to call Bruce too?” 

“I don’t know. I’m trying to regain her consciousness. She got stabbed and is losing a lot of blood. From the looks of it, she got a nasty blow to her rib.” He lifted your face gently. “Y/N? C’mon babe, don’t quit on me now.” He pressed his hand over yours, that was clutching your side. “Y/N…babe. Look at me.” He started to sob as the world around you turned black.


You woke up in the hospital room back at the Stark Tower, from hearing voices around you. “How is she, Bruce?” From what you could hear, you could tell it was Steve’s voice. “Well, from the X-ray scans, she got a cracked rib. I stitched her side up where she was stabbed. She is lucky to be alive considering the amount of blood she lost. What exactly happened?” 

Steve sighed and sat down in a chair. You heard Bucky clear his throat. “She  found me on the East side of a building, fighting off a punch of agents. She flat out hates it when I’m in those situations cause she gets so worried about losing me. So, she helped me out by trying to fight off the agents…with no weapons might I add.” 

Bruce sighed. “Bucky, you know she isn’t trained that well in hand-to-hand combat. She could have been killed right then and there.” 

Bucky chuckled softly. “I tried to tell her that, but she just wouldn’t listen to me.” You physically moved at this point, causing the guys to rush over to your bedside. Bucky was the first to talk. “Hey Doll, how are you feeling?” You smiled at his handsome face. “I feel like I was punched once or twice.” This got a chuckle from Steve and Bruce. 

Steve patted Bucky on the shoulder. “We’ll give you two some privacy.” After Bruce and Steve walked out, Bucky turned to you and grabbed your hand. “Y/N, you scared me so much. Why did you have to be so reckless? You could have been killed.” You squeezed his hand reassuringly. “Buck, seeing you in danger scares the shit out of me. You mean the world to me and being your girlfriend only makes those feelings stronger. I can’t lose you.”

He smiled and rubbed his thumb across your cheekbone. “I know, babe, it’s just…I can’t lose you. You’re all that I have.” He bent down and kissed your lips softly. You twirled your fingers in his chestnut locks, pulling him closer to you. He put a hand on the side of your face so he could deepen the kiss. Moments like these you cherished with Bucky, because you never knew when it would be the last time you’d see him. 

Breathless, he pulled apart from you and rested his forehead on yours. “I love you, y/n. I love you too much.“ He pulled away from your grasp and buried his face in his hands. There was something wrong. You sat up in the hospital bed and swung your legs over Bucky’s lap, and pulled his upper body to your chest. “Babe, what’s going on?” He cried softly. “I’m dangerous, y/n. You shouldn’t be with me. I have put you in danger way too many times.”

He tried to pull away again but you wouldn’t let him. “James Buchanan Barnes. There has never been a single moment where I regret being with you. I love you no matter what. I love you when we are sitting on the couch watching Netflix or when we are fighting off some psycho-ass Hydra agents. You are my everything, James.” You pressed a soft kiss to his temple and rested your head on his shoulder. 

He looked down at you and smiled softly. “You mean that?” You chuckled and gently cupped his face. “I mean every word. You’re mine for forever.” You leaned in to kiss him, but he grabbed your waist and threw you back down on the bed. You giggled as he hovered over you. Kissing you deeply, he began to unbutton his shirt. “I love you, y/n. And I’m going to show you just how much I love you.” He buried his face in the crook of your neck, trailing soft kisses along your neck. “I love you too, Sergeant.” 

You and Bucky were the couple to be, and no matter what danger you faced…you were with each other til the end of the line. :)


That was SO much fun to write!!! Like and leave comments!!!!!!! Thank you loves!


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In light of Hannibal’s “mic drop” line...

AU/headcanon where Hannibal can recite entire passages of Dante in the original Italian but is complete shit when it comes to pop culture. He tries to make up for this deficiency by slipping pop culture references and slang into his conversations. Some attempts are… more successful than others.

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For the three sentence thing: Sherlolly Fantastic Beasts au please :)

Sherlock: *feeding the Occamy*
Mary: *reading his mind* She’s a taker.
Sherlock: *looks up* Sorry?
Mary: *nods at Irene’s photograph* I can tell. You need a giver.
Molly: *approaches; pleasant* Anything I can do?
Mary: *smug*

send a ship, an au and I’ll write a three sentence fic something

Jehanparnasse Wedding

[Continuation of this ficlet once requested by @montparnassee, because I am weak for weddings. Modern AU, trans Montparnasse, ~ 1.2k ]

Montparnasse amusedly watches Grantaire’s progress through the ballroom on his way back from the bar. He barely manages to avoid being hit in the face, twice. First by Bahorel and then by Gueulemer, who have surprisingly similar styles of dancing.

“There you go,” Grantaire grins when he’s finally made it safely across the room. “Something frightfully expensive you won’t remember drinking in the morning.” He sits down next to Montparnasse and holds out his hand.

Montparnasse takes the offered glass but he shakes his head at Grantaire. “No,” he says. “I’m going to remember every single thing.” It sounds like a vow. Well, it’s a day for vows.

“Hm,” Grantaire hums approvingly.

They both take a sip in silence. Montparnasse searches for the glimmer of white in the colourful crowd and smiles when he spots Jehan. They are dancing with Claquesous, who is wearing neither mask nor sunglasses and despite this still looks remarkably good-humoured.

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Collar X Malice - Spoiler Free Mini Review

It’s probably no secret that I loved Collar x Malice. But I wanted to give a quick overview on what I thought of it since I got a lot of questions about the game

  • + A rich and engaging story that offers a lot of secrets to uncover. I just have to praise the story because I enjoyed every second. The themes are interesting, for example revenge is a very important and recurring topic. There’s a big emphasize on the fine line between justice and crime, how an action that one considers unforgivable might be seen as justificable by another due to different circumstances. It was very interesting to investigate all of the different cases, uncovering new information with each route until everything came together in the end. There was a good balance between funny and emotional moments. I laughed a lot and almost cried as well. The experience left me thoroughly satisfied and I thought a lot about the plot even after I finished the game
  • + Strong and capable MC. Ichika (name can be changed) was amazing. She’s a very kind and sweet person but won’t hesitate to act or speak up when the time calls for it. What I liked the most is that she manages to support her love interests in a way that helps them to face themselves. No “ magically cured by love” situations, they mutually support each other. Another plus is that she doesn’t just kick back to let herself be courted, Ichika actively pursues the guys herself as well
  • + Great Main Cast with even better development. I love every. single. guy. in this game. Each one has a very interesting personality and struggles with overcoming different problems. I’m not even going to say more because it’s way too complex and I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s best to experience them for yourself
  • + Interesting Supporting Characters. From your rebellious younger brother, to funny friends and intriguing villains. Depending on the route the focus on whom you’ll interact with more always shift a little, which creates a nice variety. Even the “villains” are very distinct and I enjoyed learning about their motives
  • + Immersive Atmosphere. The art is gorgeous and the aesthetics fit the plot very well. Music was nice and helped to set the mood
  • - No way to check which endings are missing
  • - The game does have some typos here and there and I saw a name mix-up. But with a VN of this size that’s almost impossible to avoid
  • - There’s no fandisk ajdbhnewnsaj

I have a feeling that this might be my Otoge of the year, I definitely recommend it!

Well, it was a long day. I had to cheer myself up so I grabbed my (dying) graphic tablet.

The quote is from Robin Williams’ stand up from 2009 (Weapons of Self Destruction). Best pickup line EVER! Robin, thanks for putting a smile on my face. The world misses you so badly!

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are you another Star Vs fan who isn't a hardcore starco shipper? there's very few of us.

Platonic starco is more my thing, yeah. Their quirky dynamic is my jaaaaaam.

(also I’m sure there are more folks than you think who appreciate this friendship, they’re probably just not as vocal/active about it :) )