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Cheesy Pickup Line Tori.

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I absolutely adore the way you draw Coran's eyes. Like I honestly cannot get enough.

me too dude

never get tired of em

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In light of Hannibal’s “mic drop” line...

AU/headcanon where Hannibal can recite entire passages of Dante in the original Italian but is complete shit when it comes to pop culture. He tries to make up for this deficiency by slipping pop culture references and slang into his conversations. Some attempts are… more successful than others.

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are you another Star Vs fan who isn't a hardcore starco shipper? there's very few of us.

Platonic starco is more my thing, yeah. Their quirky dynamic is my jaaaaaam.

(also I’m sure there are more folks than you think who appreciate this friendship, they’re probably just not as vocal/active about it :) )

Well, it was a long day. I had to cheer myself up so I grabbed my (dying) graphic tablet.

The quote is from Robin Williams’ stand up from 2009 (Weapons of Self Destruction). Best pickup line EVER! Robin, thanks for putting a smile on my face. The world misses you so badly!

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It’s Myers roof dust, all the hotels use it now. It diverts the sun’s rays. Keeps the utility bills down in the summer.

The streets of Rome after dark

A fresco painting of game players in a tavern on the Via di Mercurio in Pompeii

Rome was a place of narrow alleyways, a labyrinth of lanes and passageways. There was no street lighting, nowhere to throw your excrement and no police force.

The real city was the backstreets and they should be avoided after the lights went out or you risked being mugged and robbed by any group of thugs that came along.

Most rich people avoided going out after dark unless they were accompanied by private security team of slaves or their “long retinue of attendants”. The only public protection you could hope for was the paramilitary force of the night watch, the vigiles.

Exactly what these watchmen did and how effective they were is unclear. They were split into battalions across the city and their main duty was to look out for fires breaking out.

If you were a crime victim, you had no other option than to defend yourself. One particularly tricky case discussed in an ancient handbook on Roman law proves the line between crime and self-defense was very thim. The case concerns a shop-keeper who kept his business open at night and left a lamp on the counter, which faced onto the street. A man came down the street and pinched the lamp, and the man in the shop went after him, and a brawl ensued. The thief was carrying a weapon – a piece of rope with a lump of metal at the end – and he coshed the shop-keeper, who retaliated and knocked out the eye of the thief.

This presented Roman lawyers with a tricky question: was the shopkeeper liable for the injury?

Still, night-time Rome wasn’t just dangerous. There was also fun to be had in the clubs, taverns and bars late at night, if you dared to go out that is.