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Jax x Reader based off the following request:

“Hi! May I please request an imagine where the reader feels like jax only wants her for sex so she decides to move on from him to someone else, and when he sees that he decides to tell her the truth of how he really feels about her? Thank you 😊😊❤️”

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The sunlight bleeding through the window pulls you from your slumber, your eyes squinting as you try to adjust to the brightness. Turning to your side, you wish you could say you were surprised that your boyfriend wasn’t there, but in fact, you were used to it.

You and Jax had been seeing each other for around three months, after the two of you flirting for ages and then finally deciding to give things a go. However, things didn’t seem to be living up to your expectations.

You understood that you’d probably see him less, depending on whatever was happening with the MC, but it seemed like the only time he ever saw you was when he was feeling horny. He’d show up, you’d melt under his touch, he’d get off and then you’d wake up with him nowhere in sight, the pillow he’d been vacating as cold as ice.

Shaking your head in disappointment, you scold yourself for hoping that last night might’ve been different; it never is.

Refusing to continue feeling used and thrown to the side by the man who is supposed to make you feel the exact opposite, you pull back the sheets, jumping out of bed and going to get ready.

After showering, putting on some makeup and wearing your favourite jeans and shirt, you decide to go for a walk, hoping it will lift your spirits.

“Morning, (Y/N)!” You turn to the side, your hand sheltering your eyes as you see your neighbour, Chris, waving at you. Smiling, you walk over, deciding to try and make conversation for once. He’s fancied you since you moved in, but is quite a shy guy, the complete opposite to -

Before you think his name, you throw yourself into conversation, knowing that your task of distracting yourself might prove more difficult than you first thought. “Morning. Going someplace nice?”

“Not really, I’m just going to grab some coffee from down the block.” He stutters slightly as he talks to you, a light blush creeping up onto his cheeks. “Do you want to join me?”

Ready to turn his offer down like you usually do, you stop yourself, deciding that it will be nice to hang out with some new company for a change. “I’d like that, if that’s okay with you.”

“Really? I mean, yeah, that’s cool.” he replies, his best attempt at being smooth. You smirk, gesturing for him to lead the way.

The coffee shop is beautiful, quaint, soft melodic music playing through the speakers. Claiming a table in the window, Chris offers to get you your drink, not taking no for an answer. You look outside as you sit, the sun shining brightly onto the street.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” you whisper, noticing a certain group of bikers lining their motors up across the street. A cup being placed on the table brings your attention back inside, you smiling warmly at Chris as he sits down opposite you. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” he responds, his eyes meeting yours over his mug. You take a sip of your drink, the warmth of the liquid soothing you, your eyes returning to the men outside. They head into one of the shops, relief coursing through you, not wanting to see the President right now. “Is that your boyfriends club?”

“What?” you hum, not really paying attention to his words, running them over in your head and realising what he asked you. “Oh, yeah, well kind of. Sorry, just got a lot on my mind.”

He waves off your apology, you feeling like a bitch for not even paying attention to the sweet man across from you. “Don’t mention it. I’m not a stalker by the way, I just see him leaving your house sometimes. His sound of his bike little hard to block out.”

“Yeah, it is pretty loud.” you laugh half heartedly, your fingertips tracing the rim of your cup, your plan to rid Jax from your mind completely out the window. He’s all you can think about. He’s intoxicating, and you scold yourself for thinking you could stop wanting him so easily.

“You know, I’ve been told I’m quite a good listener.” Chris states, smiling comfortingly at you, as if he can see right through you. “If you ever need to talk about anything, I’m here to listen.”

Reaching across the table, you place your hand on top of his, not knowing that they were the words you needed to hear. “Thank you, Chris.”

“My, my, my. Isn’t this cosy.” you pull your hand back, as if you’ve been scalded, as you hear Jax’s voice beside your table. Looking up, you watch as his tongue runs over his bottom lip, a sadistic smile on his face.

“We’re just having coffee, Jax. He’s a friend.” you argue, finishing your drink and standing up. “Thank you for this, Chris. See you around.”

He looks between you and Jax, the look in his eyes enforcing that he’s there if you need him. Nodding in recognition, you leave the shop, a moody Jax hot on your trail. “Something you’re not telling me?”

You spin sharply on your heels, glaring at the man in front of you. “What? You jealous that there’s males out there that actually want to talk to me?”

“What are you talking about?” Jax questions, his brows knitted in confusion. You scoff, laughing sarcastically, your fingers running through your fringe.

“Haven’t you noticed something about whatever this is, hm?” you ask, gesturing between the two of you. He shrugs his shoulders, his hands shoved in his pockets. “You only come around to sleep with me, Jax. That’s the only time I ever see you.”

His mouth parts in surprise, the cogs in his brain moving, the puzzle solving itself. He reaches out for you, you stepping back, trying to keep his touch from meddling with your focus.

“No, Jax! We don’t talk, we don’t communicate. We barely look each other in the eyes unless it’s during sex.” You feel your body getting lighter as you vent, the weight on your shoulders getting slightly less heavy. “I like you, Jackson, but when I stepped into this, I didn’t expect it to be the way it is.”

He sighs deeply, looking around the street and itching at his facial hair, cursing under his breath. He steps towards you hesitantly, gently grasping your hands in his own, you letting him as he caresses your skin.

“I’m sorry I made you feel like this, (Y/N). I’ve just been so hung up on club shit, my mom, Clay.” You feel guilt creep up on you, realising you’ve probably been a little selfish about the whole situation. “I want this, babe, I want us to work. Let me try again, prove it to you.”

His eyes are nothing but genuine as he breathes you in, his words the same. You play with the rings on his digits, you timidly slipping your fingers between his larger ones before squeezing reassuringly. “It’s not just up to you. I should’ve just told you how I felt-“

His lips cover yours, his hands cradling the sides of your face as he kisses you passionately, his actions telling you what words can’t. You lose yourself in him, all of your negative thoughts washing away under his spell.

He pulls away slowly, placing a final deep kiss on your lips, his forehead resting upon yours. “Okay?”

Beaming, you wrap your arms around his waist, “Okay.”

Kiwi Biker is very small and I enjoy that

Mint Choco looks like he isn’t but his feet are aligned as close to right as I could, and I didn’t count Kiwi Biker’s helmet

Adult coloring books pfft who wants to color mandalas when you can find coloring pages of old cartoons:

but but if I remember anything from the little art classes I’ve had it’s never to cut your drawing on joints or waist, it looks weird. Unless you’re drawing Darth Maul after Obi-Wan, I guess. Anyhow, where are my crayons?

I always did have trouble coloring inside the lines.

NWC #12

Posting this late but here y’all go!! <3 

Pairing: USUK 
Words: 4,163
Rating: T
AU: Human/soulmate AU
Genre: Romance/drama
Summary: Years ago, Arthur Kirkland ran from his soulmate just after their watches fell off. In the present day, he’s a successful businessman who has recently hired a new PA—his soulmate, Alfred Jones. 
(Alt. summary b/c I was trying to make that one kind of like a normal book summary but I wanted to add more details, so here’s a non-”professional” one: Arthur Kirkland runs away from his soulmate without letting him see his face, however he has seen his soulmate. Years later, Francis hires a new PA for him, which turns out to be his soulmate.)
A/N: This is a bit of a longer one! Was trying to do something different! Kinda sucks but oh well. 

Arthur glanced around the small park from his seat at the fountain, looking around impatiently. His foot, clad in a pair of freshly tailed oxfords, tapped impatiently against the pavement and he pulled the sleeve of his suit jacket back in order to get a look at his wrist. As always, the small electronic device embedded in his wrist read the same: August 1st, 2014, 3:23 PM. He sighed and looked to his other wrist, upon which was a watch displaying the actual time: 3:21 PM.

Arthur hoped for a moment that perhaps his soulmate would be late—or perhaps not even show up at all—and scoffed at himself for such ridiculous thoughts. Unfortunately for him, it was simply impossible for that to happen. A soulmate was never late, nor was it possible for them not to show up. To his disappointment, someone would most certainly arrive with the next two minutes, most likely expecting Arthur to eagerly jump into his waiting arms.

Arthur felt sorry for whoever the bloke was. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, really; it was only that he had much more important things on his mind than soulmates, and he couldn’t be bothered to try and keep up a relationship with someone at the present—not if he wanted to be the CEO of his own company before his thirtieth birthday. A soulmate was a distraction. A heartwarming, dreamy, romantic distraction, but a distraction nonetheless. And Arthur couldn’t afford to make room for any distractions in his life. There were far more important things than love.

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Request: Can you write a request where you move to Charming and you move next to Juice and you guys start crushing on each other
Request: Can you write an imagine where you new in town and you run into Happy accidentally and spill coffee all over yourself 

The music filled the air and cut through the cool night as you drove, all windows down, and your hand drifting out the window.
You sung along, well yelled along, as you drove, embracing the fresh air and the starry night.
Your eyes flicked to the sign on the left of the road.
‘Welcome To Charming, Our Name Says It All!”  
You scoffed and reached into your bag on the passengers seat and grabbed out a cigarette.
You lit it as you drove and breathed in the smoke, letting it mix with the cool Californian air.
You pulled up at the traffic lights just as your Beyonces ‘Formation’ came on the radio station.
“Yaaaaass bitch!” You said to yourself as you turned the volume up and lifted the cigarette to your lips.
Your music drowned out the sound of the dozen bikes that roe up behind your car, and you didn’t notice them pull up on either side of you.
You were in your zone, singing and dancing to the song as you waited for the lights to change.
You only noticed when you went to tap the ash of your smoke that there was a line of bikers, all watching you with amused looks on their faces.
“Shit.” You muttered.
You weren’t sure what to do so you did the only thing you could think off: You raised two fingers and saluted to the biker on your left.
He smirked and saluted back at you, before revving his engine and driving forward.
You watched as the other bikers followed him, each of them saluting to you as they passed and you shrunk into your seat, your cheeks going red and you wished the car would swallow you whole.
The honk of the car behind you brought you back to reality and you cursed again, realising the light had turned green and you drove into the heart of Charming.

You pilled into the apartment complex and parked to the side.
Leaning over the steering wheel you looked up at the apartments and sighed.
The Californian Dream. You thought to yourself as you looked at the row of shitty flats.
You knew you wouldn’t be able to afford much but the photos online had made this place look a lot nicer. Still, it was in a pretty decent neighbourhood and it couldn’t be that bad.
You slid out of the seat and headed to the small office.
The man inside passed you your key and you passed him the first months rent, and he pointed to your new home.
You walked back to your car and pulled the duffel bag out of the back before locking it and heading to your apartment.
You could unpack the rest of your belongings in the morning, for now, you needed a shower and sleep.
You had been driving all day and you were tired, it had been a long week.
You had broken up with your boyfriend after finding out he had been cheating on you for the last five months. Then, you’d been fired from your job, because you had spent the night in your car and slept through your alarm. You had tried to call your family but none of them could, or wanted, to help you.
You had spent all week online looking for  job when finally you found one, waitressing in a diner. The American Dream. And, to top it all  off, the diner was in a small town called Charming, in California.
You had decided to take a positive attitude and embrace the change, and you’d packed up all your stuff and driven here.
You opened the door to your new apartment and looked around, a pout on your face as you looked at the bare room.
You flicked the light on and dumped your bag on the floor.
Welcome Home.” You sighed to yourself and headed for the bathroom.

You woke to the sound of birds chirping and you groaned and pulled the pillow over your head. You were not a morning person.
But the birds in Charming certainly were and after a good ten minutes of trying to sleep through the noise you finally got up.
After showering and pulling on your booty shorts and your old white band t-shirt you pulled your hair into a top knot and slipped on your boots.
You grabbed your cigarettes and your cash and locked the apartment, deciding to walk and get a look at Charming.
You walked along Main St, looking in the store fronts and smiling at the locals.
They all seemed friendly enough and you welcomed the sight of the small cafe. You headed inside and ordered a coffee.
You grabbed the takeaway cup and handed the man behind the counter the cash, smiling warmly at him before walking into the street.
The sun was fast to get to work and the heat was warm against your skin.
You walked absentmindly, sipping at the coffee and studying the small town.
You turned the corner and suddenly your coffee was all over you.
Your shirt was soaked and you felt the coffee dripping dorn your legs.
“Im so sorry!” You gushed as you looked into the cold face of the man you had just walked into.
He wore a white shirt beneath a leather butte and luckily for him, your coffee had only gone over you.
He rolled a toothpick between his lips as his dark eyes stared down at you.
He began to smirk as his eyes dropped lower and you looked down too.
You blushed as you realised your old white band t-shirt was soaked, and see-through, the coffee deciding to show off your best assets.

You covered yourself with your hands, blushing deeply.
“Wait here.” The man spoke lowly, his voice husky.
You watched as he stepped into the alley and pulled the leather of his shoulders. He lifted the shirt from his body and was left standing in a white singlet. Your eyes practically jumped out of your head as you eyed his sculpted muscles beneath the tight tank and the strong, tattoo filled arms.
He slid his arms back through his leather and moved towards you, holding out his shirt.
Your faces blank as you stared at the shirt he held out and you heard him laugh highly.
“Take it, girl.” He said, his raspy voice full of warmth.
You looked up at him and accepted the shirt, smiling warmly at him.
“Im Happy.”
Your brows furrowed together. “Uh Im..wet?” You said awkwardly and he smirked, lust filling his eyes.
You blushed when you realised what you said and he leaned closer to you.
“My name is Happy.” He explained.
“Oh,uh, (y/n).” You said, your cheeks darkening.
“Nice to meet you.” He said.
“You too, and thanks for the shirt, I really appreciate it. Have you got a card or something I can take so I can give it back to you?” You gushed as you pulled the shirt over your head.
You hadn’t realised that he had walked away and you stood, dumbstruck as you looked around you, his large shirt swallowing you as you looked for him.
You couldn’t see him and you sighed, tucking the shirt into your shorts and walking towards home.

You finally reached the apartment complex and you walked to your door, fumbling with the keys.
You struggled to get the key in the door when you heard someone clear their throat behind you.
You turned and saw a young guy standing there, around your age.
His face was warm and friendly and he smiled widely at you.
“You new?” He asked, his voice friendly.
“Yeah, moved in last night.” You replied.
Your eyes studied his mohawk and the tattoos on his scalp.
“Im Juice.” He smiled and held out his hand.
“(y/n).” You smiled and shook his hand, enjoying the warmth of his soft skin.
“I live next door, if you need anything.” He smiled at you.
You thanked him and nodded.
You turned back towards your door when you heard him call your name.
You looked back at him and he stood with a cheeky grin before saluting to you.
Your cheeks flushed pink and buried your face in your hands as he laughed.
He grinned at you before walking into his house. “Welcome to Charming.”

I am going to make this a series, I hope you like it 😘

You can be just the way you are.
You don’t need to change anything.
Say what you want to say
Do what you want to do
Just be smiling by my side.
Marry me.


“Build a fort with us,” Jax and Opie cheesed as they plopped down on the couch, you being squished between them.

“No,” you blantly replied, continuing your attention to your book.

“Build a fort with us,” they repeated.

Their faces so close to either side of you that out of your peripheral you could see the giant grins.

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Common Sense (Drabble Challenge)

58. “I’m just a guy with a wife, two kids, and a Harley.” + Chanyeol

Giving Chanyeol the leather jacket had been one of the worst mistakes of your life. Allowing him to buy the matching motorcycle boots had been a close second.

‘Can you please just walk normally?’ you pleaded. He stomped loudly into the bar with you, emphasizing his brand new footwear.

‘This is normal,’ Chanyeol insisted. ‘Normal for a biker.’

‘No, no, it’s not.’

Chanyeol ignored you and plodded loudly to the table the hostess showed you to.

‘It totally is,’ he said. ‘I’ll prove it.’

He boldly stomp-walked all the way over to the bar populated by grizzled veterans of the establishment. Their appearance toed the line between biker gang and trucker.

Chanyeol sat down on a bar stool beside the toughest looking one with multiple tattoos and a long grey beard.

‘What do you want?’ the man said intimidatingly.

‘I’m just a guy with a wife, two kids, and a Harley,’ Chanyeol said, playing his role so well you almost fell off your own stool laughing.

‘Is that so?’

Chanyeol nodded and yawned before ordering his drink.

‘Well, Just-a-Guy,’ the man said, ‘maybe you’d better get back to your girlfriend over there before you get mixed up in something a little too rough for ya.’

Chanyeol stood in a hurry, dropping the act like a hot rock. His eyes were wide with fright.

‘And if I were you,’ the man continued. ‘I’d listen to her more often. She’s the only one out of you two with a lick of common sense.’

Chanyeol turned beet red as he returned to your table.

You opened your mouth, but he interrupted you.

‘If you say, “I told you so,” I’m going to make you regret it,’ he threatened.

‘You wouldn’t if you had that common sense he was talking about,’ you retorted.

anonymous asked:

Pt.1:Jeannine agree with you that RFI is "biker Taylor" - I feel like people are reaching to reverse the lineup based on one word instead of overall context. A few thoughts: I see the satire/media angle, but I also think that like with LWYMMD, Taylor's owning her own role in her reputation as well here. I think this is her, post-last summer giving us insight into competing feelings she has when meeting someone new (Joe), falling for him & trying to figure out how it will be different this time.

Pt.2: OTOH she’s in a better place than WD - she still believes in love/a future to the point where she can see it in her dreams & she’s confident “I KNOW I’m going to be with you.” Where WD Taylor was planning for when it ended & hoping the guy remembered her well, RFI Taylor is literally RFI & trusts it. & the beauty in that evolution of confidence & love is reflected in the lyrics/melody of the chorus (biker Taylor fits that confidence too). Part of the verses/reputation IMO is still Taylor

Pt.3: too - I don’t think it’s all media. She’s owning that she did things differently in the past & it led in-part to the idea that she “loves ‘em & leaves 'em”, that they were for attention. Here though she’s wised up & her “bad ass” self is not going to let that happen this time. The “ranson/vendetta” she’s keeping - Joe will just be hers, not for the media. This is why to me she’s not caged Taylor here - she’s in charge with Joe on board - & keeping themselves away from/above that noise.

Great thoughts here that i havent necessarily read yet outlined like this. I definitely agree that this song talks about a relationship that she is confident in - very opposite of WD. i do not think its impersonal or some nondescript or fictional relationship - there is a reason she chose to include the specific details in here that she did, and i dont think there would be people fighting over them if it was vague or not real like in say, BS. That was really the exception, not the rule. 

Anyway, there is an aura of confidence in general - and in it lasting and also in that taking is slow was just fine, that it wasnt a risk. And then there is the sexual undertone as well. To me those things could line up with biker taylor; that character in the video didnt have a big role. but i do think it was taylor and her posse coming out of the heist or right after - with a serious glo up. And there is the same #, four, women with her in both scenes. 

As far as your point about owning her reputation, i think a critical thing in this album so far is that there is this line she is dancing around with her reputation in some places.. (not all) where in some places so far she is being so satirical she’s going ‘thats not who i am’ but then at the same time in other spots going ‘but i mean my reputation precedes me so i have to deal with it as if it IS who i am bc that is what people think, so in a sense it is part of who i am’

To me there is nothing about being trapped in this song other than a reference of a jailer - but i think in a metaphoric sense it’s more like, translated as, ‘if im a robber, lock me up and keep me all to yourself’ type of thing. Jail taylor appears unhappy and having her last meal and performing in a gilded cage. there is none of that persona here imo.