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what are the relationships between your ocs?? ;00

:D like w each other?

wyatt and layla are sisters! layla was adopted into the doncaster fambly, they call themselves twins fr funsies because they coincidentally have the same birthday sfdgsfgd EXTREMELY CLOSE…severe separation anxiety for a big chunk of their lives

al and kim are roomies! im still adjusting th canon on this bc theyre…my personal ocs but kim is probably al’s guardian angel now :O so he’s gotta live w him lol…great friends too! they help each other out…they laugh a joke around a lot 2gether…brotherly vibes!

best friends…textbook example of “we’re friends but if you wanted to do anythin Else i would be down 👀 “ everyone is chill w it, its no big deal, often end up hyping each other up or daring each other to do stuff they usually wouldnt and getting into trouble sdfgkhghfdk unstoppable forces

STILL TORN OVER WHETHER ITS CANON but these two MIGHT be dating…if not canon then wyatt’s just constantly flustered and nervous around and pining for this cute angel boy which is fun because she’s generally real aloof and stuff and he has absolutely no idea when someone is (badly) flirting w him

the extroverts tht fck it up!!!!! i mean all 4 are best friends w each other and these two get along SO WELL they never get tired of hanging out…each others wingmen…party a lot together especially since the other half of their squad wanna stay home most of the time…also unstoppable forces…also al is huge and layla is itty bitty and i love thinking ab them hanging out

the unlikely duo! love to hang out, layla can convince kim to go do anything in a way that even al cant because she’s so fun he can’t help bt just want to hear her talk about anything forever and feels like its okay to just respond with nods fsdghksdf and he’s her voice of reason half the time! good buds

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Laurent: small yellow kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day

Damen: overly muscled murder puppy king

Nikandros: mom friend not so secretly wondering if it’s time for new friends

Jord: hufflepuff friend continues to try to defend slytherin bff

Charls: dad at teen girl concert just happy to be included

Vannes: lesbian friend getting shit down and staying in her lane

Jokaste: local super villain just trying to get superhero to ask them out

Erasmus: tiny fluffy woodland creature

Lazar: local frat bro surprised that line actually worked

Nicaise: soap opera character on desert island until plot calls for their return

Pallas: sudden burst of confidence not sure the hell it came from either

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do u think arya is going to like dany when they finally meet?

yeah, i think so.  i don’t see really why she wouldn’t.

arya is someone who cares about a lot of the things that dany cares about (specifically–weilding power that comes from rank/status to defend those who need it and don’t have it; arya cares intensely about the smallfolk and their suffering, having suffered along side them; daenerys breaks slavery and she was sold as a slave right in her first chapter of the series).  

i also think that the things that gets arya’s hackles up are, specifically:

  • people who abuse power and justice (which i don’t think dany does)
  • people who want to hurt her family (which i don’t think dany will, even though i think she’ll have to confront what she was told about the starks growing up and what their current situation is, just as the starks are going to have to confront what they knew about rhaegar and aerys growing up and what they see in daenerys)

since i don’t see either of those things in dany, and on top of that you have arya who

  • generally likes people, especially when people treat her with respect
  • is respectful of women and what they suffer at the hands of society
  • has a huge heart and is very empathetic

i’m inclined to think that she’d like dany.

i think they have different methods of how they handle the things that they’re both passionate about.  but i think they’re passionate about the same things.

BTS Masterlist | Reactions and Texts 💌 (THIS IS THE OLD MASTERLIST | I MADE A NEW ONE)

Updates: Every Saturday and Sunday
Last Updated: September 8, 2017



  • S/O or GF = Girlfriend or Significant Other 
  •  BFF = Best Friend 

Angst: *A* | Mature: *M* | Humor: *H* | Regular: *R* | Fluff: *F*

- You play Softball (S/O or GF) *R*

- You being bisexual (BFF) *R*

- You taking their food (S/O or GF) *H*

- You being cold (S/O or GF) *F*

- You “trying” to dance (S/O or GF) *H*

- You getting them matching sweaters (S/O or GF) *F*

- Going on a date at night in the Park (S/O or GF) *F*

- BTS being affectionate and protective over you (BFF) *H*

- You having severe headache (S/O or GF) *R*

- You having sleep paralysis (S/O or GF) *R*

- You having menstrual cramps (S/O or GF) *R*

- BTS arguing with you while they are driving (S/O or GF) *H*

- BTS being mean to you then regretting it (S/O or GF) *A & H*

- You getting hurt by protecting BTS (S/O or GF) *H*

- You wearing a cute animal costume (S/O or GF) *F*

- You being afraid of the sea (S/O or GF) *R*

- You having a confusing comeback with theories as an idol (S/O or GF) *R*

- You crying out of nowhere during a fight (S/O or GF) *A*

- You being pregnant (S/O or GF) *F*

- You look like a badass but is actually soft inside (S/O or GF) *R*

- You speaking 5 languages including Korean (S/O or GF) *R*

- You being severely sick and depressed while they are on tour (S/O or GF) *A & F*

- You being little (little space) and them being your daddy (caregiver)  (S/O or GF) *F*



-You get your period and you need stuff: Part One , Part Two

-BTS gives you their number: Part One , Part Two

-BTS as your roommates: Rap line , Vocal line (BFF)


-Jin gets lonely and wants you to come home when you’re out with your friends (S/O or GF)

Namjoon/Rap Monster:

-Namjoon trys to get you to date Taehyung ft.Taehyung (BFF)

-Poly relationship with Hoseok (J-hope) and Namjoon (Rap Mon) (S/O or GF)

-Namjoon rejects you but then regrets it because he panicked (BFF)

-Namjoon drunk texts you (Girlfriend) (S/O or GF)


-You ask Hoseok to come cuddle with you (S/O or GF)

-Poly relationship with Hoseok (J-hope) and Namjoon (Rap Mon) (S/O or GF)


-Yoongi doesn’t want to go on a trip (S/O or GF)

-Yoongi has been canceling your date plans due to work (S/O or GF)

-Daily texts with Boyfriend Yoongi (S/O or GF)

-Poly realtionship between you and Taegi (S/O or GF)


-Boyfriend Jimin is Jealous Ft. Jungkook (S/O or GF)

-Poly relationship between you and Jikook (S/O or GF)

-You accidently sext Jimin instead of Jungkook  (BFF)


-Daily texts with Boyfriend Taehyung (S/O or GF)

-Poly realtionship between you and Taegi (S/O or GF)

-Taehyung wants you to come over while he’s sick  (BFF)


-Jungkook’s version about being insecure (S/O or GF)

-Jungkook’s version of you going into labor (S/O or GF)

-Jungkook cheats on you with Lisa (Blackpink): Part one , Part two (S/O or GF)

-Jungkook confesses to you (BFF)

-Meme war with Boyfriend Jungkook (S/O or GF)

-Poly relationship between you and Jikook (S/O or GF)

-Jungkook asks if you want food (BFF)

-Daily Texts with Jungkook (S/O or GF)

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i recently started iscribble and i'm not handling it very well? is there any tips you can give me? its all very strange and new but i like it! thank you for reading this!!!

iscribble is actually very hard !! but even as a restricted user (since youre new) theres so much you can do with the basic tools available. (theyre p much the only ones i use) my tips for beginners is to not take it too seriously and have fun and just play with every tool till u figure out which one works best for your style ! 
i use pen tool, line tool, and area picker (blending) 

example of line tool:

area picker: your BFF for blending

BOTH!! jazz hands

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Levihan for the ship thing ?

Who was the one to propose: 
Neither would propose. They’d just walk past the courthouse one day, go in and come out suddenly married.

Who stressed more over wedding planning:
There was no planning! It was just… “guess we’re married now.” “nice.”

Who decorated the house:
Levi tries but Hanji messes up the feng shui with all their random crap.

Who does the cooking:
Levi. Hanji is gets distracted too easily for serious meal cooking.

Who is more organized:
Are you kidding? Levi.

Who suggested kids first:

Who’s the cuddler:
They’re both sleep cuddlers. They go to bed back to back and wake up in a tangle of limbs.

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
It goes both ways.

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:
They like to go to pool halls and poker games and swindle people out of their monies.

Who comes home drunk at 3am:
Levi carries drunk Hanji home at 3am, usually a little tipsy himself.

Who kills the spiders:
Hanji thinks spiders are cute and leaves them be, so Levi is left to smoosh them.

Who falls asleep first:
Whichever of these night owls actually climbs into bed first, I suppose.

A headcanon:
Levi and Hanji were longtime friends before the line between BFFs and lovers was blurred… somehow, somewhere. Whatever, it was a natural progression, they don’t worry about it.

Their relationship summed up in a gif:

Do they have any “rituals”?
Big shared bubble baths on Friday nights so Levi can wash and deep condition Hanji’s hair

Who has the most patience?
They have about the same amount, which is not much.



Their crush is another members younger sister (no gif)

Your online best friends and when you finally meet you’re shorter than expected (around 5′2″) (no gif)

Ripping skirt in public (no gif)

S/O always taking selfies (no gif)

S/O hates selfies (no gif)

S/O wears dress and makeup for the first time (tomboy) (no gif)

You have the same birthday but a year younger

You’re online best friends and when you finally get to meet youre taller than expected (around 5′7″)

Girlfriend has a fever and accidentally calls him “oppa” even though she is a year older

S/O is always sick on holidays

Girlfriend surprises them on a variety show as a guest

Girlfriend only listens to 50′s and 60′s music

Members have a younger sister and she comes to the dorm in tears one night, because she found out her boyfriend of 9 months has been cheating on her/ been in a 4 year relationship and lied about it. He also lied to the sister saying she meant more to him than just sex, and he took her virginity too

S/O gets a message from their ex saying “I Love You” but she hasn’t talked to them for months

Girlfriend brings members on a date

Being surprised with their favorite food

They’re out walking in the city with their s/o, and their s/o  jumps onto their backs and playfully demands a piggy back ride

Their normally chill and modest girlfriend suddenly gets very turned on and becomes very promiscuous

 Another member accidentally reveals their secret relationship

They catch their younger sister almost kissing another member

Co-hosting with secret s/o

S/O gets a good grade on an exam (no gif)

Their sister is secretly gay and they catch her kissing another girl (no gif)

S/O has a panic attack (no gif)


To be with someone quiet that only speaks about 15/20 sentences a day

Like giving oral

Have a partner who is usually very energetic/happy and bubbly in front of people but very sad/depressed and gloomy behind it all

Be a protective father

Date a debater

Date a red head

Care about being called oppa by their older friend/girlfriend

Have a girlfriend that regresses (that’s like Cg/l)

Kiss in the rain

Call their s/o kitten

Date a non Asian foreigner 

Sexually experienced and why

Like neck kisses


Yoongi ghost au



Ice Breaker


Two a New Year

Thigh High 

This is War


Jimin gets jealous of your friendship with Taehyung

Maknae Line: Suga is your bff and they get jealous

Jimin Taehyung Jungkook 

Jungkook: Broken Paradise 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 (½) Part 5 (2/2)

S/O adopts a cat and forgets to tell them

Yoongi: Another Horror Story

Intro Part 1 Part 2 Part 3(no text) Part 3.5

Seokjin Angst

Jungkook: Song Prank Gone Wrong

Yoongi: Backing out of your first time together


Telling Yoongi you’re pregnant

Taehyung: Missing you on tour

Namjoon: Cheering you on for exams


Seokjin(1)  Seokjin/Jungkook Jimin(1)  Hoseok(1) Namjoon(1)


Park date with Jimin

Workout with Jungkook

Nap with Yoongi

Date with Taehyung

Dancing with Hoseok


You speak to them in English

Crush is scared and wants to hold hands

GF being bullied


Slow dance with their partner

Date an easy going laid back person

Kiss in the rain

Let their s/o get away with stealing their food

Fall for someone who dyes their hair


Types of younger brothers



Something Catty


Be more suited for a girl who is almost like an opposite of Leo- has a bubbly and outgoing side but as you get to know her,shes actually quite quiet and introverted


Their girlfriend saving their life from a crazed fan and getting badly injured in the process

S/O gets a message from their ex saying “I Love You” but hasn’t talked to them in months 

GF has green eyes

GF is a gifted artist

Telling them they should break up playfully but instead they took it seriously

S/O is stalked and attacked by an anti-fan

They think you cheated but you didn’t


A Lonely Place


You give them cute nicknames in Spanish


ChanBaek: Everyday text


Chanyeol missing you



You fail an exam and he teases you

Every Gotham Character and why I feel bad for them

Jim Gordon: Jim just really wants to protect Gotham, no matter how many times he kills a threat, another one pops up in 2 seconds later. Jim just cant catch a break.

Selina Kyle: Selina just wants a life where she doesnt have to worry about surviving. She wants people to be able to take her seriously but wrenches keep getting thrown in the way. Selina just wants to live.

Harvey Bullock: Harvey has the same goal as Jim, to keep Gotham safe. However, it gets complicated when you are worried about your job being on the line, and your bff Jims life being on the line. Harvey just wants his brother to stay alive.

Victor Zsasz: Cant really feel bad for him. He seems like he is just enjoying a life of murder

Alfred Pennyworth: Poor Alfred. All he wants is for Bruce to not get himself killed. He is just worrying constantly about that young man and just cant seem to keep up with him. Alfred just wants his boy safe.

Edward Nygma: I guess you can feel bad that his, best quality is temporarily gone? I mean it was his best quality to him but to us it was his most annoying quality. Just let Ed do his riddles (Please dont)

Ivy Pepper: Seriously, this girl has the easiest expectations. She just wanted to be treated nicely and respected. And literally NO ONE gave her that. Help Ivy become a queen and kill all these hoes

Bruce Wayne: 4 seasons in and I still feel bad that he lost his parents.

Oswald Cobblepot: Still kind of feel bad that he lost his mom…. But other than that he kind of deserved everything that has happened to him. 

Tabitha Galavan: She has literally lost everyone who was important to her. Her girlfriend and boyfriend? Let Tabitha have a family.

Barbara Kean: Shes just crazy