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Hi there,sorry if this is too much but can u make a drawing tutorial on how to make a face maybe? Thank you

Take into account that I am self taught, all of this is something that helps me sometimes when I don’t know how to reach the angle I’m looking for so, First of all draw the lines that will place your character’s features on the right angle. The pink lines for the eyes, nose and mouth. (you can draw the shape of the head before or after making the lines. I already had them here but that’s not okay, these lines should guide you in the process of drawing the head too)

Now it’s a lot easier to have all in the right place. What I do next is a quick line art to see how it goes so far… (look I added the eyebrows in the next pic, it is what will give your character the expression you are aiming for… can you see the it? how eyebrows are so important.

It seems everything goes right so what’s next is to go for a serious lineart, add details… play with expressions. Also don’t hesitate to correct weird shapes or little things that don’t look quite right.

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your art is so beautiful! if you dont mind me asking, what brush/program did you use for your recent art? i really like the way the line art looks :00

>u> Thanks! I use Drawpile which is a free drawing software that can also support real-time collaboration between artists (you can do simultaneous collaborationsss)! You can download the program here:

It’s a really, really nice program and I find it easier to use than Photoshop (only use it to make blur effects now hahaha). This program gives you a lot of control over how you want your brushes to be like:

There are several settings, and I usually stick to this type of setting (I pretty much use only one brush for everything ranging from painting to line-arting). I did make a small brush demonstration several months ago:

:’D I need to update it tho, since there a few more techniques I’ve discovered since then (such as line recoloring :3).

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Hey, i was just searchin random stuff on tumblr and dunno how i ended here, and. Your draws are so freakin beautiful -the Aokise ones especially (i love them so much)-. I'd like to know if you have any special tecnique(?) Ps: i'm so sure that i'm going to regret all the time so well spent here tomorrow morning... (T_T)

Heyo~ My gosh, thanks so much for the compliment! Hmmm special technique… I don’t think it’s a special technique per se, but I can show you the workflow and stuff I find useful when doing a lineart:

1) I usually like to start with a basic sketch of the pose and the rough angle of the head.

This is the stage where (if you’re drawing digitally on Photoshop) your best friend is the Free Transform Tool (my sketches are rarely to never exactly how I want them to be so I’m pretty thankful for this little tool here) - feel free to resize, rearrange and warp all your lines to make sure the basic structure looks more or less like how you want it to look.  

2) I’ll draw the facial features and try to trim down or add some bulk to the sketch. This is also where the hair starts to come in.

Note: I usually separate my layers into “Hair Outline” and “Face Outline” when I’m editing the head so that I can erase the hair/ facial features separately without having to accidentally erase his eye while trying to get the hair to look right. (I usually have a gazillion layers within a single picture, below is just a portion of the layers I’ve created for this picture):

3) Now that the basic sketchy lines have been mapped out, it gets a lot easier to do the lining for the piece.

Note: Not that I actually do this much, but it helps to have a variety of different lines in a single piece:

4) THE BEST PART (in my opinion): You get to do whatever you want to do with this~ Colour/Shade/Screentone/Design - run wild and run free!

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May I ask how do you do your drawings? Is it photoshop? For example for your avatar, what's the brush setting. Also, whats that shading technique you used for the Mew? The one so comic-esque. Thanks for your time.

Sure! I’m always happy to answer any questions~ So, I mainly use Paint Tool Sai lately and then I use Photoshop CS2 for touching up. I have 2 primary styles of coloring: Painted-Lineless and Hard-Lined. My Mew avatar would be an example of one of my hard-lined drawings. I mainly use 2 brushes and 2 erasers in Sai:

I really like using round brushes with soft ends for sketching as well as soft coloring and blending. So for my Mew drawing, I used my soft brush, Luke, for the initial sketch:

After I finish the sketch, I draw the line art using my hard brush, Guy, and then I smooth out and shape the lines in places I see fit:

When doing a hard colored picture, I’ll use Guy. I’ll do blocky, sharp shading like this:

Now, this is a point where I’ll take the drawing over to Photoshop. To make the pixel-y pattern, I like using Photoshop because it’s a lot easier to use the pixel brush there. You can find the brush here, I have it set to 2 px to make a larger block:

And then I just checker it to make more depth in the shading. However, this is a stylistic choice specific to my 151 Pokemon Challenge I’ve been working on. It’s really useful for creating that retro kind of look on a drawing!

That’s the gist of how I tackle a hard-shaded drawing. Now, I tackle a lineless, painted style drawing a bit differently. I’ll use my Sableye drawing for example. I still start off sketching with my soft brush, Luke:

But after that, I put a rough, base coloring underneath and maybe clean it up just a little bit:

From this point, I merge the two layers together so that I only have one and I’ll “paint” on it with Luke and clean up edges with my soft eraser, Asch.

After I’m done with the character, I’ll put in a background and ta-da!

So that’s my process in a nutshell. Sorry if it’s not super informative, but I hope this helps a bit!


…Aaaand basically that’s what I think will happen before the theme song in the next episode (in Gravity Falls style, because it’s so much easier to draw, lmao).


Sea Dragons

I think there’s about 40 odd hours of work in this, working from sketch to refined re-line, inking, then colouring and rendering. Very fun project. I would love to do more pieces like this over time, since working traditional is a lot easier for me right now vs. digital due to my leg. 

Done with copic markers. I tried my best to edit the final scan to closely represent the colours in person – some of my WIP photos give a better idea though!

Piece is for sale, minimum offer of $80 or up pre-shipping. Will ship international. Would look great matted and framed! Email if interested ( [at]

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YOUR ART IS SO GOOD!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It's kind of funny because I'm not super into hetalia (bc of the fandom://) but your art makes me love the characters even more. also, do you have any tips on drawing body's because I struggling to figure out how they work haha. LAST QUESTION, I don't know if someone asked this already but is Rod gonna be in the comic anytime soon??? I'm rlly curious

Thanks dude! (and yeah the hetalia fandom can get pretty annoying ^^’) 

Uuh I’m not very good at teaching people how I draw but when it comes to drawing bodies I use a lot of circles :0

I feel like that makes it easier to draw body parts bending and stuff like that. I think that if you’re a beginner at drawing or really want the body to look right you should always make a sketch like this with lines to guide you before you start drawing details.

I’d say the best way to become good at drawing is by looking at photos of real people or other people’s art styles and learn from it!

And finally, about the comic, it’s on hiatus right now and I’m honestly worried if I’ll have the energy to keep drawing it. But if I do I’ll probably change some of the story parts which means I’m no longer very sure what characters will show up. I get loads of messages asking if or when certain characters will show up but I prefer not to answer them since I haven’t completely decided everything yet 

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How do you draw faces? I can never seem to get them to be emotional or in a style that matches anything at all? (oops only asking bc?? your art?? is amazing how??

ahh thank you omg! this is a big questions but my first piece of advice is just draw a lot of faces!! draw TONS of faces! (and study artists you admire)

in terms of my own personal style i guess i just start out by simplifying the heck out of all faces

in my opinion this makes it WAY easier to draw strong/expressive emotions, a good exercise is looking at pictures of people making strong expressions and drawing them simplified (if that’s the style you’re going for)

i used to do those lines across the face that help you keep the proportions correct but i stopped as my style developed (i actually feel hindered when i do them now) so i just go freestyle like an art hippie

then with actually drawing emotions i dont really have a how to guide since each expression is so different but i will say i try to exaggerate a lot it not only ads expressiveness to your characters but it makes things more visually interesting

imo you can never go too big really try to push the expression, eyebrows are REALLY important, and the size of the characters pupils actually has a lot of affect those two things are my favorites to play with

and dont be afraid to make your more pretty or feminine characters look ugly when they emote!!! (dont be afraid to make anyone look ugly but especially feminine characters)

it just takes a lot of playing around and discovering your own style!! be fearless!!!


So heres my last ditch attempt

I currently have enough in my bank account for rent and food for less then two months, excepting things I still need to buy for the new apartment, for class, and if I end up needing to repair my keyboard on my laptop or not. Im looking for work right now, but if I could get commissions it would make my life a hell of a lot easier.

Sketch: $5

Lines: $10

Flats: $15

Shading: $20

Half off for head shots and double for additional character

Please send me an ask if you want a commission, and if I don’t get back to you in 24 hours tumblr ate it please send it again

And even if you cant buy something can you please signal boost, it helps a lot

Thank you

(ottpop) kate

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So many asks of credit... Maybe you should put it in your profile description??? Just so people could find out easier.

I have it in bold on almost every sub-page of my blog, including the page for the main comic, and my page about my drawing stuff, and my about me page.

I just added a secondary line about asking for permissions, I’ll add more stuff about credit, but the main thing here is that I want to know WHERE my stuff is.

EDIT: To clarify, I have “DON’T CROP OR REPOST MY ART” on basically every sub-page of my blog. And have now added lots of “ASK FOR PERMISSION BEFORE DOING ANYTHING” because saying something like “please credit” could lead to people assuming they can do it without saying anything if they just link back. And… while that’d work for many people it does not work for me.