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2016 Cosplay Recap!
Between traveling to 25 conventions, working with McCall Patterns to release 9 new patterns, expanding my Cosplay Fabrics line for Jo-Ann Fabrics, and running my company, there were only little pockets of days to binge craft, and thus I did not make as many costumes as other years.
Still, I am really happy with the projects I was able to finish, and I have at least 3 new costumes in progress, so you can be sure to expect new cosplay content very soon!

Can you guess which in progress costumes I’m working on right now, based on the teasers in the video? Comment with your guess below!

As always, thank you so much for your encouragement and support!

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there’s this really gorgeous dude in my english film class and i can literally feel myself starting to descend into stalkerish mode and i do not like it


95z vs Hoseok

Okay so I said I would talk about this line the other day, then I became a big ball of nerves and chickened out of it. But I know at least two of you are interested in my thoughts so okay fine here I go…

Luffy’s never really brought up his status before. He doesn’t go around bragging about his bounty or the fact that he’s considered a Super Rookie, or all the things he’s accomplished. The only status he talks about his how he WANTS to be the Pirate King. He doesn’t care what other people call him, or things of that nature.

He also doesn’t seem to care too much about other people’s status. He doesn’t care if you’re a captain, a Warlord of the Sea, an Admiral, or an Emperor, he will kick your ass if he has to; and he won’t see you as a superior either, just as a bigger target. He will fight you even if it kills him.

What makes this line so important in my eyes is that Luffy is not only acknowledging his status as one of the pirates in the “Worst Generation”, but also acknowledging Law’s status as one too, and that he and Law are equals. Luffy is such an uncontrollable force of energy that most of the time people can’t keep up. Then there’s Law who can, and Luffy actually acknowledges how in-tune he and Law are.

It’s such a different contrast than most pirates in the show are used to. “There are two ways to survive on this sea: Affiliate yourself with an Emperor, or try to be one.” also applies to all pirates in general. You’re either a captain, or a subordinate, and Luffy likes being captain. Yet he fully acknowledges and accepts Law as his equal.

PENTAGON Pretty Pretty

  • Jinho - 14.5%
    18.1 seconds
  • Wooseok - 14.2%
    17.7 seconds
  • Hui - 11.4%
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  • Yan An - 10.3%
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  • Hongseok - 9.8%
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  • Kino - 9.3%
    11.6 seconds
  • Yeo One - 8.4%
    10.5 seconds
  • E’Dawn - 7.4%
    9.2 seconds
  • Yuto - 7.2%
    9.0 seconds
  • Shinwon - 7%
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In London, a Fashion Show Becomes a Sandwich Factory

In a presentation space at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, the designer Molly Goddard was turning a group of models in party dresses into a no-nonsense sandwich production line. 

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