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(@daily-pompom-oricorio) "Oh my-!" Lindy quickly rushes over to the egg, looking around for its parents. "Hello? Is anyone else here?" Her attention shifts back to the egg, her face full of worry. "Why would anyone abandon such a precious gift?" Using her large pom-poms, she gingerly lifts the egg and holds it close. "I'll keep you safe and warm, little one."

There seems to be something written on the Egg…

The wind picks up and there’s a sudden cry in the sky.

“Sorry, I’m late! But in my defense this isn’t a small place!”
The new ‘mon takes a sec to catch their breath and straightens themselves.

“Are you in need of something?”

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Elias Lindholm - Arguments

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Word Count: 1500

Warnings: Drinking, Cursing, I wrote half of this while intoxicated so excuse me

This seems to be a reoccurring problem now. Elias would return from a road trip, then continue to only hang out with his teammates instead of you. You know, the teammates he was just on the road trip with? You’ve complained to him once before and that resulted in him taking you out once during the home week. One time.

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