The few times I’ve met Eva O'Neill, she’s always had a smile on her face and is a social professional. For example:

One time we ran into each other by chance together in Central Stockholm. Eva was in the company of Madeleine, Leonore and Nicolas. This was just days after Nicolas had come into the world and the first outdoor walk for Madeleine since the birth of the baby.

We stood for a while and talked about the weather and of course the little newborn prince:

- I am the proudest grandmother, said Eva.

Suddenly she pointed to my right hand. In my hand, I had by coincidence two copies of the biography of Princess Madeleine as I wrote in connection with the wedding in 2013.

This day I was on my way to a meeting and would hand over the books. Chance made me ran into the book’s protagonist and her mother in law. The odds on it?

- It is a book about your daughter, I said when Eva asked. Here you get your own signed copy, I said and wrote in the book to Chris’s mother.

- But I can not speak Swedish, said Eva a bit apologetic.

Then Madeleine chimed in:

- It does not matter. I can read the book together with you!

—  Johan T Lindwall, author of a autobiography about Princess Madeleine when asked of Chris O’Neill’s mother, Eva, and when he ran into Eva, Madeleine and the kids shortly after Nicolas’ birth in 2015 when speaking with Svenskdam.
Mad Moxxi visits Gearbox Software

Disclaimer: This is a long, LONG read. My tour of Gearbox Software was a dream come true and I feel it would be positively criminal to leave anything out. Except for the super secret bits for Gearbox eyes only. ;) This tour was so awesome and mind-blowing that I may be mixing up some minor details regarding what was on floor 11 and what was on floor 12, but I assure you despite the floor it was all there and more! I was pretty quiet and took less pictures than I hoped because surprise! I’m actually kind of shy and was pretty nervous. Not to mention I wasn’t sure what was off limits to photography and felt it was better to be safe than sorry! Grab a snack, sit back, click Read More and enjoy the tale.


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Crown Princess Victoria has been asked about the exciting time in her family, full of great events and announcements, including becoming a “faster” [paternal aunt] for the first time. She said that it feels great and she’s sure that it’ll be “obviously a lot of fun”. Sure, just a month after the birth of her own, second, child. 

Video: Expressen, S. Lindwall

Christening Drinking Game

So @duchessofostergotlands , @myfavoriteroyals​ and I are making a drinking game of articles we expect for tomorrows Christening- feel free to add! (Note- we don’t suggest you actually do this because you WILL end up with alcohol poisoning- perhaps drink juice)

  1. Comparing Sofia and Madeleine’s clothing prices
  2. Finding the smallest photo and claiming that Madeleine and Sofia were throwing Shade at one another
  3. King’s Sisters don’t like Sofia and that is why they are not attending
  4. People complaining about Leonore being ‘wild’ or kids running around
  5. Sofia’s past (especially in the US or UK mags)
  6. If it’s the daily mail, some random and irrelevant connection to Kate
  7. Foreign royals not attending because of Sofia’s past
  8. People finding something to complain about Chris for
  9. Someone complaining that one or more of the females in attendance were dressed inappropriately for the event
  10. Johan T Lindwall will write one or all of the above