I still cannot admit that you have disabled me. 1.2.2016 I know I need to live by this hope of am art wife one day, neurologist apt. out 3 months down the line and I need something out of this neurologist really- just my original Prescription restored.
At times I lash into biting My hand. It’s awfully embaressing but my Psychiatrist is working on it. I need something solid i need something exact on what this is I waited years to come back into social media and NOW only if i type will anyone know my condition. My best friend will never love me again because of my condition i am shame and I was brilliant on School of Visual Arts track before. @31 my life is basically ruined but not my T.v. show. (The visual axis)
now the Reflektor era of little nemo on Hbo.

Joshua Lindwall,
Know that you will always be my friend. I will always miss you. I am sorry i wasn’t around thosr years schitzophrenia made me homeless and i lost touch with everyone i love. I love you friend and miss you.
-christopher mastronardi
school of visual arts