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Quotes from PurCon 3

Another convention, another quote compilation. (Most of them were written down by yours truly but I couldn’t have done it without these people who live tweeted some of the things the cast said: xFrancy002, hollowcas, Catt_Mohen, odetolizzy, KirschKid, KeptinOnZeBridg, kellysparrow, mishainmydreams and _pigglywiggly.

Opening panel
Rich: I’ve never heard the German language sound so pervy when you say it.
Sebastian (in a pervy voice): Oh yes, we’re gonna have fun together.

Gil and Sebastian
Sebastian (to us): How are you?
Us: Woooo!
Sebastian (to Gil): How are you?
Gil: I’m scared.

Sebastian (sees people leave for Briana and Kim’s photo op): Aaah! Schweinhund! Arschloch!

Sebastian: Did you see The Man in the High Castle? Did you like my German accent? (There are some people who react somewhat negatively.) You are scheisse!

Sebastian (is going through the rows): She just said, (in an awestruck voice) “Oh my god, he touched me.”

Sebastian (from the other end of the panel room): Hello front row! (Front rows wave back.) Fuck you!

Sebastian (talking about Jensen): Everybody gets pregnant in five seconds. (in a high-pitched voice) Oh, my vagina!

Gil: We were working on that scene and Jared and Jensen were doing research on the computer and they turned it around [so I could see the screen] and there was this giant picture of a naked man.

Sebastian (about touching Gil’s arm): I touched it. I felt it. It was good.

Kim and Briana
Briana: I would love to play Crowley. Well, not anymore.

Matt and Ruth
Ruth (talking about the most difficult scene she’s had to do, in a very soft voice): That’s when she tells him– (sees people coming back from a photo op, now dead in the eye) you’re late.

Ruth (talking about Jensen): It’s like looking into the sun.

Rich and Rob
Rich: Cookie Ashley [Chuchichästli].

Fan: You’re my favourite actor ever.
Rich: That woman knows quality.

Rich: I hope you’re happy now, Rob. You made her cry.

Rob: Let me talk about Gabriel as a son. (…) And Michael, of course, my good son.

Rob (watching people leave): They’re really upset about this, Rich.

Rob and Rich: What, there is a guy! (start singing) A guy in the room, a person with a penis (…)!

Rich: You know, I think it would be an ice musical. (People start leaving for Sebastian’s photo op.) Oh Jesus, it wouldn’t be an ice musical! (There’s some babbling, then) GOD DAMMIT!

Fan: If you could be God and Gabriel for one night what would you do?
There’s a long silence.
Rich (bewildered): We are God and Gabriel.

Rich: We all want to ride Sam.

Rich: If you wanna imitate Sebastian–that’s really easy. Find a stationary object and hump it.

Raffle with Kim
Kim: Monika, I hope this sells for a lot on ebay for you.

Auction with Gil and Sebastian
Seb (talking about Rob’s banner): You can sleep with Rob!

Two women have been trying to outbid each other for some minutes now.
Ruth: Maybe they should just wrestle for it.

Matt has put on Rich’s shirt as pants.
Matt: There’s usually just one dick in there. (…) Fifty euros for my two dick shirt!

Sebastian said, “Gil read the book on the loo” and there are only two bidders left.
Sebastian: It’s gonna be a battle of wills. A battle of the toilets. (silence, then) Think of the toilet!

Sebastian: 250 over there in Antarctica! (He means the far end of the panel room.) It must be very cold there. Your nipples must be hard.

The Antarctica bidder just lost.
Sebastian (to the bidder): And your nipples were hard but not hard enough.

Sebastian (talking about Matt’s banner): Holy shit, I wanna fuck him. I mean, who doesn’t. (…) Meine Vagina is on fire!

Sebastian (talking about Matt): He looks like he was built by a toy company. Or a sex shop.

Sebastian: You saved a lot of dogs, cats and rats today … Rats are nice people, too!

Gil and Sebastian
Gil: Jensen told me to say yes when they’d call me. He said, they’d call to ask me about doing conventions and I should just say yes. And I wasn’t even sure they’d call because the episode I was on hadn’t even aired yet. But he just said, “Don’t worry, you’re a Winchester.”

Gil: Being on Supernatural was amazing but the conventions are honestly the best part.

Sebastian: Balthazar would come back as Castiel’s lover. And–wait for it–Castiel would be bottom.
Gil: Obviously.

Sebastian (talking about Balthazar/Castiel fanfiction): You know, when [Misha] and I fake kissed … The nipples got very hard very quickly.

Sebastian: Oh I remember her! She was the funny-feisty one yesterday!
Fan: Thank you, I guess.

Sebastian makes a sexual reference after a fan asked a question.
Gil: She just told you she was a minor!
Sebastian: Oh, a minor! I thought she said she worked in a coal mine!

Sebastian: Entschuldigung für mein Vulgaritat!

Gil: Do you wanna go to Mars?
Sebastian: Who the fuck would wanna go to Mars?! (…) Your balls would freeze in an instant!

Sebastian (points at upper body): I’m half Scottish, (points at loins) half French.

Sebastian: My mum was born in 1939 and she looks great.
Fan (from the audience): My mum too!
Sebastian: Oh, your father too!

Sebastian (to a fan): Do you understand everything?
Gil: Unfortunately.

Sebastian: I am wearing special underwear for old people. So you know, when I say, I’m just shitting, I really mean it.
And of course, Gil is cracking up in the background.

Gil: I’m gonna dream about this panel on my flight back to America.
Sebastian: Dream or nightmare?

Gil asked people whether they’ve ever been to Texas and somebody told them they’ve been to El Paso.
Gil: El Paso? You think it was nice? Oh that’s sweet. Nobody ever says that about El Paso!

Kim, Briana and Ruth
Kim: The good thing about sitting on the floor is … you can’t fall off it.

Ruth: Wait, so there’s porn and then there’s trashporn?! (…) I’m so confused by that trash porn.

Kim: It’s so funny you think that the boys are the dirty ones on Supernatural.

Kim: I ship Jody with literally everybody.

Kim (about women and representation): Fuck, we don’t matter!

Ruth: My heaven looks like hell. (…) I’d be sitting on a red sofa and throw Lindt chocolate papers at a naked Mark Pellegrino.

Kim: If my happiness depends on what other people think about me, I’m fucked.

Kim: I wanted to be a boss. It didn’t really matter of what. I just wanted to be the boss.

Kim: I wanted to become an English teacher but you have to be outgoing and entertaining so I took acting classes in college when I was nineteen aaand I still haven’t become an English teacher.

Fan: How would alternate universe Rowena be like?
Ruth: Ich kann jetzt nicht darüber sprechen, es ist viel zu schmerzhaft.

Kim: It breaks my heart that I live in a world where people can’t be who they truly are.

Matt, Richard and Rob
Apparently, the guys are having problems pronouncing the word “nephilim” so they decided to say “heffalump” instead.
Rich: Jesus is a heffalump.

Fan: Why do your characters always die?
Rich: Because contrary to popular belief you can have too much Dick in your life.

Rich (talking about Sabriel): Let the fans do what the fans wanna do.
Rob: Why am I not in on this?
Rich: You do know I’m your son?

Fan: What happened to your French twitter account, Rich?
Rich: Who? Oh, that’s not me, he just looks like me! But he will probably tweet later today because he just remembered he had that account.

Rob: There you got it. God has spoken.

Not a fuck customers but a thank customers. How bout something nice for once.

TLDR at the end.

So I was at work yesterday, doing my usual shit in the books department when a customer comes up to me and deadass goes “Hi, I’m so sorry to bother you, but I was just wondering if there’s any chance I could possibly get any spare cardboard boxes that you guys don’t need? Only if it’s okay.” And so of course I’m like yeah totally and take her to the doors to the back dock and get her to wait a sec while I see if we have any.

Of course it’s 2 days from stock take so I couldn’t touch any of the book stock on the pallets but there are boxes of books laying around in the brown builds and so I end up finding her a couple. So I take them out to her and say “I’ve got some more out the back that I can give you, I just need to empty the stock out of them. So if you want to leave your trolley here and go for a wander or do some shopping while you wait, I’ll get you the boxes and it saves you being stuck here.” She hardcore thanks me again (the full thank you so much I’ve been so stressed because im moving but you’re amazing thank you) and says she’ll be back in about 30 mins.

I go back onto the dock and I’m filling her trolley with all these unneeded boxes, would have been around 20, leave a sticky note on it saying hope these help and telling staff not to touch them before I head back to my section to keep filling.

She found me in books again, full on hunted me down and gives me a 12 dollar bag of Lindt chocolates because I “was so kind and wonderful”.

I was actually shocked. She was the best customer I’ve ever helped in my life.

TLDR: A customer bought me relatively expensive chocolates because I gave her some cardboard boxes. Was flabbergasted.

What to Eat While Writing

Anonymous asked: “Might be a weird question but do you have a favorite writing snack? Something that fills you up when you write but doesn’t make you gain 10 pounds every 100 words…”

This is such a great question! The thing about writing is that it often becomes a habit. You get into some “writing rituals” and some times they can quickly turn into bad dieting decisions. I’ve been there. I used to write with a bag of Lindt chocolate truffles at my desk and - well, I ate the whole bag. I didn’t even realize it, I was writing and just suddenly, the bag was empty and I had a terrible stomach ache. I recommend avoiding that one. 

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you have not known true suffering until you’ve eaten the last of your lindt chocolates and stared at the container, empty, its very existence taunting you and reminding you of your own gluttony and greed.

anonymous asked:

I've been seriously traumatised by a comic book. I need some family fluff, don't even care if it's canon or an AU.

Less ‘family’, more ‘fluff’ in this case, Anon:

‘Follow the steps to the stars’, the note read, its linked script almost perfectly written across the cream page.

Climbing the steep steps, Claire tucked the last cryptic clue into the front pocket of her jeans. She had spent nearly half the night happily trotting all over Glasgow in search of these little snippets, each one more difficult than the last.

But knowing him as she did, it wasn’t hard for her to break the code and find the next.

With Valentines fast approaching, Claire had been eager to know what had been planned for her, but he had been incredibly savvy this year and had managed to keep it all a secret until the last minute.

She had started on the bench by the Clyde where they had first met all those months ago, worked her way through the city to the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art where he had taken her to a very strange opening on their first date and into Queen Street train station where they’d had their first kiss. He had carefully hidden all of his wee notes, a tiny Lindt chocolate buried in the centre of the paper –her favourites.

Now, twenty clues down and one to go, Claire found herself hiking through the very desolate mausoleum, the stars twinkling in the sky above her. Just as the clue had described.

Burrowing her frigid hands into the fur lined pockets of her coat, she pulled the thick material around her chest, her scarf dangling around her neck, swaying to and fro in the light evening breeze.

Ahead she could hear the light fluttering of music as it floated through the air towards her, guiding her forwards. The beautiful melodious piano cut through the silence, gradually getting louder and louder as she turned the final corner, weaving through the larger tombs as the ostentatious crypts began to dwarf her.

Reaching the central shrine, Claire’s heart picked up pace, the cold air prickling the back of her throat as she swallowed.

There, written in candles across the risen grass mound at the base of the thick brick tomb, lay a message that stole the oxygen from her lungs and caused moisture to spring in her eyes.

“Oh…my…” she sighed, her hands shaking uncontrollably as she pulled them from her pockets and rubbed her eyes, as if she might suddenly wake up to discover that it had all been a dream.

“It’s real, Claire,” Jamie whispered, stepping out from behind the crypt, a fresh bunch of chrysanthemums sitting prettily between his clasped hands. “What do ye say, sassenach, will ye?”

Glancing between the glowing words and Jamie, Claire shuffled her feet in the gravel, the sound of the crunching echoing in her ears as she breathed in a number of jagged breaths.

“But w-we’ve…” she began, trying to steady the thrum of her pulse.

“I ken that, aye? But does that really matter?”

Shaking her head, Claire closed the gap between them, letting the tears fall as she placed her cold hands over his warm ones, sniffling as she tried to find the words.

Behind them the small tea lights sparked, the wind dancing through the flames of the message that read:

‘Claire, will you marry me?’

Jesus…H Roosevelt Christ, Jamie Fraser. You’re mad. And I love the bones of you…”

“So, is that a–?”

“Yes,” she interrupted, not wanting him to impatiently take her acceptance from her, “it means yes, of course, yes…always *yes*.”

anonymous asked:

HELLO!! White Day is over but can I request GOM+Takao+Izuki preparing and/or giving their s/o White Day chocolate please (;▽;)

I know this is like…late, but hey it’s White Day today still is here asdfghjkl and so sorry that they’re short ;; Happy White Day! (*’∀’人)♡



He was smiling as he stood in the kitchen, leaned over the cupboard. His mother was standing on the doorway, looking at her son with a gentle and warm smile before she approached him.

“Who is this for?” She asked even though she already knew the answer.

“It’s for [Name]-san.” He answered and took one chocolate with white chocolate hearts on top. “How is it?” he asked as his mother took and ate it.

She let out a hum, Kuroko growing nervous, before her lips turned up in a smile. “They’re tasty and lovely.” she said and caressed his hair, Kuroko’s shoulders slumping in relief. “Don’t worry, Tetsuya, they’ll love it, because you made it with your heart and them in your thoughts.” she placed a soft kiss on top of his head. “And that is all that should matter.”


He bit his lips nervously as he stood in front of you, suddenly feeling very small and stupid. You looked at him confused when you spotted his lips moving, mouthing something under his breath and the only thing you could understand was ‘stupid’. You frowned at his choice of words and were about to speak, but all you saw was a small bag in front of your eyes.

“I…” he started only to take the bag away, hiding it behind his back. “Never mind, they’re not good…” he laughed.

A small smile spread over your lips as you took a step forward and reached for his hand, taking the bag. He tried taking it back, but you were faster. Turning away from him, you looked inside, you eyes wide. “Did you made it?” You asked, looking at him.

“I know they’re not good,” he started once again, his nervousness showing even more as he leaned from one foot to another, his hands flying around as he tried to explain, “and I’ll completely understand if you don’t want to eat them, but I tried my best and you really don’t have to eat them too. Like I know they look awful, but I just wanted to-”

Before he could end his sentence, you grabbed him by his tie and pulled him down in a kiss, shutting him up.

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