lindsaurrrrrrrrrr  asked:

Do you ever wear hats? If so, what is your favorite type of hat to wear? I'm asking in terms of fashion, not function.

I don’t wear hats…can wigs count?? Because I collected hair/wigs like it was no one’s business. Just a few:


Diana Ross, 2007


I don’t even know, 2005


Foxy Brown, 2009


Happy Halloween, rockstars!

Today is a day to dress up like a boss, eat all the candy and feel no shame about either. We’ll get back on the fitness and health horse tomorrow…today, have FUN.

Also, I trust you all produced some seriously badace costumes and will post epic pictures within the next couple days, yes? (I’m hoping at least one of you decided to be a T-Rex; I’ve already seen a rainbow unicorn butterfly today, and that would just be icing on my All Hallow’s Eve cake.)

Enjoy lindsore’s favorite holiday, you crazy cats and diamond dogs!

Tumblr Crushes: I haven’t done this in awhile! 

  • regainingmymoxy - A gem. A funny, open and honest gem. Has (re)discovered a love  of biking, and I’m super excited to read all about it .
  • spareunderthemat - Alex is conquering the world and I enjoy reading all about it. 
  • lindsore - Super smart, super funny, I kind of want her to be my BFF. Warning: Do NOT call her quirky. 
  • stuckinrunningmode - She’s killing her 10ks! Witty and afraid of pliers! 
  • proj3tmol - I’ve just started following her but, from what I’ve seen, she is super dedicated to being active. Also, today is her wedding anniversary! :)
  • markicksass - I don’t care what she says, it’s a dog blog! :) Along with running, she practices Krav Maga and THAT makes her a bad a** in my book. 
  • kevsfatfight - A c25k grad! He finished his first 5k this summer and has been doing WORK ever since.
  • jbizzle329 - Rock star! I enjoy her blog for the fitness, the fun, and the education (she’s a teacher) posts. 
  • missmarisol - An inspiration! She’s lost over 100 lbs so far and is currently working on the c25k program. Also? She sings songs by Ginuwine at karaoke! GOLD STAR. 

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