Hey everyone! He is finally done, here is Wargreymon! It took me a while, mainly due to commissions but I took advantage of time off during my post wisdom teeth removal and for clients to respond back to finish this one up. Now it’s on to Gabumon and all his Digivolutions, which I am really looking forward too (No more scales, yay!).

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy and thank you all for looking!

Hey everyone! Here he is!

Had a bit of difficulty with this guy, and had to redo him at least once because of the mess I put him in, but I learned a lot through the process.

I also saved some layers so I can share with everyone my steps soon.

Anyways I should be moving on to the final mega digivolution, WarGreymon and then I want to do Gabumon’s forms.

I hope you all enjoy and have great 2014!

Okay, sorry everyone for the spam but this last version of this piece was not as good as I thought it was (it’s not bad at all, but I could do better), and now I am really happy with how this version turned out now (thanks William!). There is no more dead skin, more dreads, and now there is a background. I’ll keep the previous two versions so people can look at them as work in progress’s, but this one is the final, promise. ;)

WIP 1:

WIP 2:

Anyways, say hello to Squid 3.0, the coolest of the cool dread dragons.

I hope you all enjoy and thank you for looking!


Hey everyone, here are some doodles of a creature I am calling the Draco Tengu (totally my take on Chinese Dragons). I am solidifying this guy because I thought he looked too goofy and discombobulated before.

The bottom is the direction I am going with him now, the top two were a little too lizard like for my taste. I am doing a few paintings of him so if you like him like I do look forward to seeing more!

Thanks for looking and I hope you all enjoy!


Friday drawing, working on perspective and transforming a Carowyrm into Lego’s or Minecraft. I told you I wasn’t done with shapes yet!

Carowyrm (aka Derp or Turkey Dragon):

Also, posted these two head shots yesterday on Facebook of a sculpture I am working on. This guy is the Flamboyant Wyvern Chick, you might remember him for a couple of posts back.

Progress is coming along awesome, I’ll keep posting more progress shots.

Thanks for looking and I hope you all enjoy!

Hello people! I doodled a Digimon the other day, and if I did a good job some of you fans may recognize him.

Well it’s Agumon from Digimon, and if I had more time I would totally go full out rendering him, but for now all I have now is this sketch. Soon though…soon.

Anyways, thank you all for looking and I hope you all enjoy!


Hey everyone! Over the past week I have been posting a number of paintings of my species the Wugu over on Facebook, Blogger, DeviantART, etc., so here’s my chance to post them all here!

Also, some people asked to see the whole collection of Wugu’s since some people missed it, so here you all go!

Anyways, that is all for now. Thank you all for looking and I hope you all enjoy!

“I ate Santa, and all your candy canes too.”

Happy Holidays all! I have not bothered  to create Holiday art in a while, so this year I went all out. I am not the best with typing  because I usually end up staring at the screen for 5 minutes to try and figure out one sentence that feels just right, so I apologize if I can’t come up with anything more than thank you. So thank you all for everything; the comments, the likes, the friendships, everything! You all are the best!

I wish you all a Happy Holidays! And the Wugu does too.