Hey everyone! Here he is!

Had a bit of difficulty with this guy, and had to redo him at least once because of the mess I put him in, but I learned a lot through the process.

I also saved some layers so I can share with everyone my steps soon.

Anyways I should be moving on to the final mega digivolution, WarGreymon and then I want to do Gabumon’s forms.

I hope you all enjoy and have great 2014!

Hello people! I doodled a Digimon the other day, and if I did a good job some of you fans may recognize him.

Well it’s Agumon from Digimon, and if I had more time I would totally go full out rendering him, but for now all I have now is this sketch. Soon though…soon.

Anyways, thank you all for looking and I hope you all enjoy!

“I ate Santa, and all your candy canes too.”

Happy Holidays all! I have not bothered  to create Holiday art in a while, so this year I went all out. I am not the best with typing  because I usually end up staring at the screen for 5 minutes to try and figure out one sentence that feels just right, so I apologize if I can’t come up with anything more than thank you. So thank you all for everything; the comments, the likes, the friendships, everything! You all are the best!

I wish you all a Happy Holidays! And the Wugu does too.


Hey everyone, don’t have anything very good to share today, but since I have nothing else to share I might as well post it.

I have been doing a lot of studies lately, and I have discovered that I really suck at them. In an attempt to fix that, I going to keep doing them until they suck less.

I am learning a lot from them, so here’s hoping the next batch will be alright. If you all have any suggestions let me know, because I seriously would love to hear them.

Thanks for looking!