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Here’s my cover of Never Wanted to Dance ! I was gonna wait until I got a new amp but …. I really wanted to cover it :p

(But since my amp does fucking suck, listen to this with headphones if you can to hear the bass more, and try to ignore the obnoxious sound of my pick hitting the string, okay… ALSO it sounds like shit if ur listening to it on ur phone :/ )


I went to WizardWorld Comic Con in Columbus Ohio this past weekend. Aside from the amazing vendors and artists there, I got to meet Eliza Taylor and Lindsey Morgan. Who are both wonderful sweet angels by the way. But see, the universe was smiling on me or something because the first day of the Con the universe gave me a story that I seriously won’t ever forget in my life ever. So, here it goes:

I got through Lindsey’s autograph line, and she was wonderful and so so kind. (meanwhile the day before we were in an elevator together) I gave her my artwork I had made her, and she wrote on my signed photo that I’m talented and it made me real happy. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get to Eliza’s autograph line that day, but I did have a photo op with her later.
At the photo op, I showed her my Lexa tattoo (which she got excited about and there was some arm caressing) and we took a really hug-ey picture together. After that, a friend I had met in the line and I went to drop Merch off in her room and then in mine. We stayed and talked with my mom for a bit and then headed to the elevators to go back to the Con. While waiting I casually looked at my pal and said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be really funny if Eliza Taylor or Lindsey Morgan walked out of the elevator?” We shared a laugh, and then 5 whole seconds later…. OUT WALKS ELIZA JANE TAYLOR.

I somehow managed to excitedly say hi to her, and we spoke for a few seconds. I asked her if she wanted the art print I made her, not expecting anything to happen. She said, “yeah! Do you have it with you?” I didn’t. But my mother had sent me a text saying I had left my key in our room. So, I looked at Eliza and said, “Well.. No.. But it’s in my room down the hall, is that.. Okay?”
-dramatic pause-
Eliza said, “Sure! Let’s go get it!”
So, myself, my pal Hilary, and Eliza Taylor walked down the hall to my hotel room. I knocked on the door and all I managed to say was, “Uh mom… I have a surprise…” When my mom opened the door Eliza excitedly said hello, walked on in and gave my mom a hug. Meanwhile I was trying to catch my breath.
Eliza sat down on my bed and took off her heels. I looked for the art print, (which I will post later) and gave it to her along with a small raccoon plush. The print said, “What would Clarke Griffin Do?”
Reading it, Eliza said, “Wow! What would I do..?” To which I said, “I don’t know.. Pull a lot of levers?” To which she responded, “Oh yeah. I do that a lot.” Rolled her eyes and we shared a laugh. My mom offered her some little chocolates and she just sat in my hotel room and we talked about Sailor Moon, the Con, she told me little tidbits about her friendship with Devon Bostick, and living in Vancouver & L.A. She also got excited about me knowing who Candice is. (From her vines if you didn’t know) we took selfies together (the third photo) and then she went to her room after we said goodbyes and I told her I would be at her signing the next day.

Appropriately so, after she had left. I laid down on the floor for like three minutes and Hilary and were in disbelief.
Later that night we ran into each other again as she was going to dinner. Again, she gave my mom and I big hugs.
At her signing the next morning we talked a bit more and she thanked me for hanging out with her, & gave my buddy pal @damnlexa a shout out, and signed two photos for me. (The first started peeling after I got it for whatever reason)

So, after this whole weird, wonderful experience, I can honestly say that Eliza and Lindsey are both fantastic human beings. And anyone who says that Eliza hates her fans is just wrong. She is kind and sweet. She gave me so much time even though she had had a busy day at the con. She talked to me like a real person, not just another crazy fan. She was GENUINE. Lindsey Morgan was GENUINE. And I am still upset about 307 and everything Jason has done after that, but I will support these women & the other actors on that show.

Thank you and that is all.

P.s. @damnlexa & @fr3ight-train were the first and second people I told. It was important.

“Bree? Is that the name ye call your daughter?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. “Why?”

A smile showed briefly on Lindsey’s face. Then he glanced at Jamie, coughed, and buried the smile in his cup.

“It’s a Scots word, Sassenach,” Jamie said, a rather wry smile appearing on his own face. “A bree is a great disturbance.”

-Drums of Autumn