lindseys face

selfie party?? selfie party!!!

in honor of all y’alls’ BEAUTIFUL FACES: why don’t we have a selfie party!? 



  • post your selfie and tag me in it! (so i can reblog it) 
  • tag it as “cc selfie party” too (just in case tagging me acts weird)
  • mbf me
  • reblog this post to spread it too!
  • you don’t have to, but it would be super nice of you to reblog other people’s selfies if they’re participating 

And last but not least, if no one participates (I will cry) we’ll all just have to pretend this never happened. <3 

Let me spread your wonderfulness!!! 



Here’s my cover of What Do They Know! Sorry I always take forever to upload new covers. But, I move around a lot more in this one like I’ve wanted to even though my cord sucks ! :D

(Ignore the part where I miss the string completely near the end … blegh.)


Here’s my cover of Never Wanted to Dance ! I was gonna wait until I got a new amp but …. I really wanted to cover it :p

(But since my amp does fucking suck, listen to this with headphones if you can to hear the bass more, and try to ignore the obnoxious sound of my pick hitting the string, okay… ALSO it sounds like shit if ur listening to it on ur phone :/ )