Greymon is covered in a rhinoceros-beetle-esque shell and spews flames from its mouth. SkullGreymon puts too much importance on fighting, but it clings to life despite its body rotting. It launches organic missiles from its spinal cord. MetalGreymon has offensive power that rivals that of a nuclear warhead. It slashes enemies with its tethered trident-arm. WarGreymon is equipped with the strongest shield and can gather the energy within the atmosphere to concentrate into one spot and fire it as an extremely dense fireball.

DIGIMON, by Lindsey Wakefield.

Calumon bears the Zero Unit on its forehead, shining whenever it releases the light of Digivolution that allows others to evolve to the Mega level. Guilmon has a Digital Hazard mark, which is inscribed on those who have the potential to cause massive damage to computer data. Guilmon can destroy rocks with its tough claws, drill through its target with them, or spit powerful flames.

Guilmon and Calumon, by Lindsey Wakefield.