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erin, do you think they're really going to write off raven from the show? there doesn't seem to be much hope for her surviving this season :-(

Well, I do think that Raven is going to be in season 5 bc of Lindsey’s little slip up when they announced they would be back for a season 5. Then you can see her kinda panicking to keep the “mystery” alive:

However, they may have ended Raven’s arc in an “open” state before they launch and go up into space. They may have thought that they wouldn’t be getting a season 5 and wouldn’t have to deal with writing her off. They could also write her off by having her “final act” be to join the rocket to the command center and save her friends, then she could have some sort of final seizure that kills her. One last space walk. However, with everything….i think Raven might be around for season 5. But, then I think about other things Lindsey has said and her looking for projects that makes me think that Raven isn’t? But there is so much stuff bts that goes on with scheduling, I won’t try to read too much into that. But yeah, as of right now…i think Raven will be alive by the end of the season.