in honor of Danny and Lindsey’s 200th vlog, here’s a ridiculously long, updated compilation of all of Lindsey’s “as always” from the very first time she did it in vlog #37 to vlog #200. (click here to see the first compilation I made)

if you haven’t subscribed to the DLV yet, please do so! if you have already subscribed, you should share it with a friend :) Danny and Lindsey are extremely close to 200,000 subscribers and they really deserve it. (plus, Lindsey’s going to dye her hair pink when they hit 200k and if that’s not a reason to subscribe then I don’t know what is)


meet DLV

in support of trying to get Danny and Lindsey to 200,000 subscribers, I thought I’d make this little thing! (you should totally check out my “meet we the kings” version also) if you haven’t subscribed to their channel yet, please do so! support Lindsey’s dream of becoming a pink-haired mermaid and help them get to 200k subscribers ;)

also, thank you to everyone who responded to my post about why people should subscribe :)


Someone made a video of Lindsey Bell’s ‘As Always’ quotes!!