lindsey way


Happy (late) 10 year anniversary Gerard and Lindsey! - September 3, 2007

“She’s the most inspiring person in the world to me. She means so much to us and never ceases to amaze me with her kindness and talent. My best friend, my sweetheart, my missing piece, and the best mother I could possibly imagine for our daughter… I love you forever!”

“I love the way he holds Bandit and is never too busy to look at something she drew. I love the way he sticks his tongue out a little when he paints. I love the way he’s scared of tattoos but constantly marvels at mine. I love his tiny teeth. I love how whenever someone tells him he’s talented he changes the subject. There’s nothing I don’t love. I have the perfect marriage with the perfect man.”

Real shit who gives a fuck if young girls on the Internet dress/act/resemble Lindsey it’s called developing an identity. People have been taking bits from their idols for decades. I can’t tell you the amount of Frank Iero, Kurt Cobain, Robert Smith lookalike boys there are on the Internet but yet I don’t see people giving them too much hassle?? And on another note Lindsey didn’t invent jumping on stage and wearing plaid skirts. Bottom line is let kids do whatever the fuck they want while they can, nothing is orginal and enjoy life damn

Things Lindsey Way is:

  • A musician 
  • An Artist 

  • A killer bassist 

  • An energetic and engaging human being 

  • Intelligent 

  • A mother 

  • A wife 

  • A beautiful human being with a kind and loving heart 

Things Lindsey Way is not: 

  • An extension of her husband 
  • Someone who would be unknown if it wasn't for her husband 
  • Garbage you can just call ‘Gerard Ways Wife’ because you’re a shit journalist that probably had to fight the urge to make the headline ‘KURT COBAIN’S DAUGHTER AND GERARD WAYS WIFE HAVE ART EXHIBIT TOGETHER’ for an attempt to get clicks on your shitty site